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Happy Weekend to All!
Here's a sweet project that I want to share with you today, I am calling it, 'Baby's Story Box'.
The box it's self is done using some mixed media techniques that I have learned in the last year or so and I have to tell ya I am hooked. I am loving the texture and dimension and color and totally makes me happy.
Inside the box I created 12 story files to be used throughout the length of time that mom decides. These particular files I did not date as I did on the first 'story box' that I made earlier this year, which you can see here and here. Instead I left them blank and then gave mom some ideas on how to label them herself later when she decides how she will file the stories. Some of the ideas I gave her were: 
milestones/family time/favorite places/school days-because no new parent thinks about school/family and friends-or she could break these down into two groups/holidays
So what I did do is made a blank file, decorated the outside of each and added a journal tuck to the front; then I added in several journal spots plus an additional spot to maybe date the photos that are stored here until the stories can be told either through a layout or a mini book.
So essentially it keeps the story with the correct photos so that when the time comes to document that story it can all be found in one place, now there may not be room to include larger ephemera pieces but if it's clothing tags, ticket stubs, receipts, things of that nature they should fit just fine with the photos and then all you'd need is the inspiration to create the story by whatever way you 'do your thing'.
I did add a couple of decorative elements to the outside and fussied it up a bit to match baby's room and color scheme but all in all you could do the same idea without all the fuss. You could honestly use any kind of recipe box, use a blank sheet of printer paper jot your story on it, fold it in half and stick the photos into the paper and then file it away until you find the extra time to tell the story. Thinking about it now I wish I had thought of this years ago when my oldest daughter was little then maybe now when I am attempting to go back and tell those older stories I had something in my own words to jump from.
Oh well such is life right? Any ways I hope this gets you to thinking on how to store your memories from the point of capture to the point of create, I think this might be an answer and one that I might just have to start using myself to store the stories I may end up documenting in the future.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep those stories close to heart. Thanks for spending your time with me and I'll see ya soon.

just B


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