Wednesday, February 18, 2015

December Daily Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Hello Hello
Fancy meeting you here!
Are you ready? Ready for this torture to be over with? lol... I'm kidding...seriously...but the end is near...seriously!
Okay I'll stop...but wait - first I want to get this out...
"Hallelujah Hallelujah"
yes yes we have finally come full circle with this darn December Daily thing - we are in fact up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and well not to spoil the moment I do however want to warn you that it's not all that grand of a finale, not like I'd like for it to have been but on with the show.
Christmas Eve during the day I mostly wrapped presents since my girls were out with their aunt and I had a moment to myself without their ever watchful eyes so I included a piece of the wrapping paper I used plus the sleeve from my Starbucks coffee that I had gotten earlier in the morning and part of the packing my oldest daughter made herself to wrap her gift to me in. 
On the back side I added in a couple of pieces here and there but I will be going back to add in what everyone else was doing that day while I wrapped gifts. For the start of Christmas Day I have the journal spot to document that story on but otherwise I wanted to leave the opening of this day fairly simple. 
On the back side I used a Santa Doily that I have had in my Christmas stash for years along with one of the tags that was on one of my Christmas presents. I am thinking that I will also add in one of my long journal strips on the far right edge so that I can have a bit more space to document our festivities.
As for the right hand side I used a file folder and made it a mini journal of sorts right smack in the middle of the page, this is where I added a majority of our photos starting on the front cover with a shot of all the gifts sitting in the living room floor. I opted to not show the back side of this page because what I did to close my album is I took the top portion of each envelope that includes the return address along with the postage stamp from each of the Christmas cards we received this year and did something of a collage with those but with the addresses on there I didn't want there to be any privacy issues so I apologize for not showing it but hopefully you understand.
So here is my final album...
it's freakin' huge
that's one area I need to re-evaluate, I tend to never get anything wide enough at the start so either I'm putting to much 'stuff' in which I believe is some of it or I am choosing the wrong album from the start which is also part of it, I'm going to work on this for later this year when I attempt my Week-in-the-Life album hummph...we'll see how it goes.
Hope you are finishing up your own unfinished projects and albums and seeing the good in all of them.
This is probably my most favorite photo of my December Daily being able to see all the bits and pieces hanging out knowing there are some good holiday memories in there (even if not all of them made it in) and that in doing this album I am aware of some new ideas that I will try to incorporate for next time and learning from the mistakes such as my album not being big enough to start and trying to hard to make it right. From now on I just want my albums to be real and maybe this actually is more real than I care to admit but you know what I mean or at least I hope you do. Thanks for stopping by and taking this long journey with me today. Once again if you find you have a hard time with completing projects, like myself, remember it's okay - there is no right or wrong way to do anything that we can call life art it just is.

just B

December Daily 21-23

Hello Hello
We're here again, the third time for today but I've got promises to keep and well I've almost come full circle, so here are a few more pages of my December Daily that I just never seem to finish on time - as if there were a dead line right? Anyways
December 21st - the Nutcracker!!!
 So the 21st was mostly dedicated to documenting our Ballet adventure to The Nutcracker. When I was 8 years old this was my mother's gift to me, taking me to see The Nutcracker, and so this year that was her present to my family as well as my older brother's family, tickets for all of us to go see the performance together.
Again for obvious reasons I am so glad that I was able to document this holiday season within the December Daily project, so many wonderful blessings and I don't ever want to take them for granted. One day soon I need to write out this story and what it meant to me that my mom would do this for my family.
Also for today I included some photos of my Christmas Cactus in bloom. There was a time that I thought I lost this beauty but somehow between my stubbornness and her determination, she has survived to fill me with gratitude once again at all the beauty that surrounds us daily if we take the time to notice.
For the end of day 21 I threw in some random pieces once again to fill in the spaces, eventually I will go back in and do some more journaling.
For December 22 I didn't have much to go on by way of photos or story, being that I had to work up until Christmas Day I didn't get a whole lot documented so I added in what I could and recorded bits and pieces in my calendar the best I could but to no avail. Admittedly it's sorely missing important points within our holiday season but eventually I'm hoping those details will be recalled so that I can go back in and add them.
Again just filling in some blank spaces with the few bits and pieces I did remember to hold onto.
Love this image of Santa, maybe checking his list twice? so I added it in. I also thought to include some more screen shots of things that were catching my attention because I just never know where that 'eye candy' might lead, talk about inspiration, it's literally at the end of my
The ending of the day didn't hold much priority for me in the way of journaling I was tired and cranky from having to work extra over the holidays and so needless to say the journaling portion didn't get done. Maybe sometime soon I'll get it in there but if not - that's okay too I'm trying to remind myself of what I have gotten accomplished not what I have not done yet so I hope you are encouraged to finish whatever you deemed worthy of even starting because sometimes those are the ones that mean the most when they do get complete but remember not to beat yourself up if it doesn't all get done!
Thanks for being patient with me as I finish getting the last of these pages posted, I hope in the process of all of this you are inspired to just do it!
thanks again,
just B

December Daily 18-20

Hello Hello
I'm back again already yes
I know what you're thinking... "What?...two posts in one day?...have you gone completely mad?" I assure you that I have not, nor have I lost my mind...least not yet but - I did say that I finished my album and I am going to post the completed album today...even if it kills me damn
So where were we? oh 18
So December 18th started off immediately as a Snow Day for both of my girls and being as such we took the day slow and didn't make too much of a fuss.
Of course I did have to include a photo of them all bundled up playing outside. On the right hand side I also included a photo of my view for much of the day as I was up and down the stairs doing laundry as well as other odds and ins.
On the back of the envelope insert I attached a post card I've had in my Christmas stash for years, it seemed to fit in right here so I added it. The next page I left completely for journaling being that we were home all day and other errands didn't get accomplished I figured the least I could do was to not forget about them.
On the back end of day 18 I added in random things just to fill in the spaces. Starting off day 19 I took a photo of our dinner because Friday night is always pizza night in our house, tonight it just happened to be Pizza Hut.
On the back side I included the pay stub of my bonus check from my place of employment, hoping maybe in the years to come I can look back on it and find the joke that I missed 
(it was hardly worth the effort in other words but then again I don't want to seem ungrateful) 
Here you'll see I added in the book cover and a movie image from Divergent and well you know...I had to. Also a good friend of our family  stopped by later that evening to drop off a few gifts that she had had for both of our girls and myself as well so I included the photos that I took while they opened their presents from Aunt Andy, the nickname we've dubbed her with.
On the back side I added a couple more pics from our Advent Calendar Adventures.
Starting off December 20th I used photos of our girls making their annual gingerbread houses. We started this tradition 5 years ago when my little one was born and have enjoyed it every year since then, it's always a good time and a family favorite.
On the back is where I completely started to fall apart, no journaling and nothing written down anywhere so I will be having to go back mentally and try to figure out what was going on in our lives right then and see if I can capture enough to make do.
All in all though I have to say, save for the last 5 days of December this is the best I've ever kept pace with a daily documentation type of project so I am inspired that I do have it in me. Don't get me wrong though I am no where near ready for Project Life or something equally but this has been good for me personally and 'professionally' in a manner of speaking. So hope you all enjoy your day and if you are like myself and find that you have major completion issues, don't fret...there is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to keep heading towards it!
thanks again
just B

December Daily days 15 - 17

Hello Hello
How is everyone? Hopefully warm and cozy if you're any where near me, Old Mr. Winter has returned and without welcome I might add. Oh and my laptop has decided to be quite touchy lately making getting any kind of 'work' done almost impossible. But here I am again and finally with the rest of my December Daily Album...yes I finished it...sorta...I have a ton of journaling to fill in but otherwise I'm calling it done. 
Day 15 starts on the right side of the album and then follows through two full pages.
For the documentation I was actually glad again that this was the year for me to do this project because we had several firsts that I was able to capture including our youngest daughter's first Christmas Concert with her preschool. 
Certainly something worth remembering as she stood up on the stage with all of her classmates and belted out the two songs that they had rehearsed for their portion of the concert, she was the only one anybody could hear and see doing any of the motions that went along with it 
**sniff sniff-I'm a proud momma**
On the back side of the second page I included a journal date sheet that I still need to fill in but I thought it would be cool to include all the fun things that we did over the holiday season and to be able to see them all together in a list form.
On the opposite page we have the girls getting ready to open their Advent Calendar surprise (a little something I threw together before the holidays).
On the back side I decided to include some of the inspiration that I found surfin' the web while out and about. In order for me to fully appreciate it I do a screen shot so that I can go back to them as I have time...I printed a few of those off and included them.
Also for this page I added in a smaller clear page that has in large gold letter the two words:
On the right hand side I included photos of some of the projects I was also working on at the time, most of which became Christmas presents for family members.
For the back I kept it simple. Starting day 17 I included two photos of our daughters filling goodie bags for the older one's dance class' Christmas party.
I also included the packaging from the candy that we included in the goodie bags as well as a shot of the goodie bags before they were filled up.
As for the right hand side here...well by this point I was completely addicted to the movie Divergent and thus have since then read the entire series so of course I had to include that.
As the final page for day 17 I thought to add in some 'everyday' happenings...homework...eekkk! I thought that it may be important too because even though very soon they would be on Christmas break, they still had to finish their class room work and therefore their homework also.
So there you have it...sorry this took so long to post...hope you like and thanks so much for stoppin' in and takin' a peek.
just B