Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who Are You Again?

Good Day Everyone
Hope everyone has been enjoying a beautiful beginning to Spring.  To celebrate this glorious season I thought that I would share my last holiday project/gift that I did for my best friends two kids.  Starting with Aisling's because hers is bright & sunny which is perfect for today followed by William's. 
I came up with this idea after watching several crafty peeps on you tube and thought....'hey I can do that - I have a couple of fairly good size dies and lots of pretty scrap book papers - shouldn't be too hard'.
Turned out super cute!!!
So this is what I came up with - a butterfly name banner!  I did run into a bit of a problem with the rosette, the original die from Tim Holtz was too big and drowned out the butterfly so to fix the problem I went and got the second rosette die that was released which was small enough to fit just right.
For the letters I used another one of Tim Holtz's long strip dies and did those in white so that they would show up against that bright pink paper.  As for the shiny piece behind the rosette that ironically enough came from Tami's baby shower for Aisling, it is one of those table top crinkle sheets that adds a ton of shine and a bit more protection (at least that's the best description I can think of).  Even then Tami was thinking of me & my obsession and asked if I wanted it to go in my 'scrap' stuff.....ha ha.....little did she know.......

Well that is Aisling's banner, now let's take a peek at Will's banner.  His turned out totally awesome - I stepped it up for this one having no idea that it would be this cool.  For this I used one of my Quik Cut dies and then made my own little pennant and used Tim Holtz's ticket strip die.  Years ago, I mean years ago, I found a 'football texture' speciality paper @ JoAnn's that is still available today and finally thought of a project that would require it's use.
Just thinking about how to build a football is challenging yet here it is - completely realistic and then how to attach  it together....well.....hum....we'll use chain (because the NFL uses chains)...right! and then how do we get crowd participation?  Give them a cheap team souvenir (you know you all have the giant foam hand) my souvenir just happens to be the pennant...which is waaay cooler.  =)
And well now there you have it...a football name banner!
For the pennant I used another Quik Cut die then ran it through an embossing folder, I inked the edges and added it to the end of a fancy toothpick, once it was dry I tied a short piece of baker's twine around the base.  Keeping with the theme is where the ticket stub idea came in because most everyone has to have a physical ticket to get into a game so....there again....I used a Tim Holtz's die to create it.  Not bad if I do say so myself...of course I still think I out thought myself.  I really like this one.
So all in all I did one for Aisling (butterflies) one for both of my nieces (both butterflies) then one for William (the football) and then one for my nephew (the football of course).  Alrighty then...there are my versions of name banners, I hope you like what I came up with and give it a try sometime for might just surprise You!
Thanks as always!
just B

Friday, March 23, 2012

A tailored life

Okay so here I have another Christmas gift that I made for my best friend, thought that I would share this with you today.
I have had the idea to do an altered box for quite sometime now and after completing my first canvas piece, it totally revved me up to try a different medium.  So when I learned that my friend had started sewing her daughter's dresses, I thought that this would be a fine time to try this....proving my support for all things crafty!
(hee hee)
And then of course it also had to have a theme - something pertaining to a seamstress....right?
Keeping that thought in mind I tried to create ephemera pieces that completed my assemble and helped work the theme.
 This one totally rocks - love my needle book - I'm such a clever crafter.
(ha ha)
Have been totally inspired by all the 'dress forms' within the market lately and all the vintage thread labels, it is all just so cool.
I myself at one time use to sew, as in clothing, now I only sew for scrap booking purposes but I still love all the paraphernalia that comes with it and have been known to add 'notions' to an array of projects.
For this particular project they couldn't have been more perfect - they suit it to a T.
Hopefully by peeking at my photos you noticed that I made all the main pages - pockets, and then added an additional slash pocket in the bottom right hand corner to tuck the journaling card in.  This was something I came up with to give the mini more power to hold more photos & memories.
The way I figure it is that the photos can go on the pull out tags then for those pictures that need a little more 'explaining' have the cards to jot down a few thoughts and then...well...after that what you have left is just something beautiful to look at filled with wonderful memories.
Opposite of the slash pockets on three of the pages I did my own 'dresses' - as for the other three pages opposite of their slash pocket I added the 'Today' journaling spot - again one can never have to many jot spots..........humm............I like that 'jot spots'.
So these are the three dresses that I created:
 #1 - two photos up - a hot little black number
#2 - photo above - a brown/tan traffic stopper
and then finally
#3 - photo below - a gorgeous red floral
Since having made these - I have been anxious to try even more ideas that I have seen all over You Tube.  BTW- if I ever go MIA again you can bet I'm either buried alive in Pinterest or glued to You Tube.  In fact I am hoping that here within the next few months I can launch my first video on You Tube, unfortunately right now I am video-editing impaired so if any of you have any suggestions or advice please send it my way I need all the help I can get.
Alright well.....that's it.....hope you like my first attempt at altered art (technically my 2nd attempt) along with the mini that I created.  More importantly I am thrilled that Tami likes it so well, she and her daughter both are excited to fill it up with photos of all the dresses she has made to date.  Yay!!!
Thanks everyone for sharing my passion with me, peek anytime day or night and feel free to comment, I'll gladly take any advice or suggestions you have.
just B

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Game Time

Hello everyone!  
I promised that I had another Christmas project to share and so without further ado.....
Here is the Soccer album that I made for my nephew.  I have to say that this kid is super talented when it comes to playing sports, he has done about everything out there too.  His personal favorite is golf (another album that I just finished for his birthday & will share soon) but as a Freshman in high school making the Varsity soccer team, let's just say he's really good at that too.  Aside from being super talented he is also super nice (which makes him really really popular), the fact that I was able to make something special for him makes me happy.
Now I have to admit that even though I played soccer as a kid I don't remember a thing so doing this album (or any sports) was challenging.  My biggest fear was that he wouldn't like it for whatever reason (he is 14-just turned 15) so the way that I went about this was to use Teresa Collins' Sports Edition II here along with the chipboard covers that complete this collection.  I liked the bold color combination it felt more masculine.  Next I grabbed several 8 1/2  X 11 card stock papers that matched some of the patterned papers within the collection and folded them in half making them 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, using my ATG gun here to make those folded half pieces into pockets, I taped down one of the shorter edges and also the longer edge leaving the top open to insert another tabbed piece of card stock.  For the tabs @ the top of each pull out tag, I used my Stampin' Up round tab punch here and adhered them using a double sided red liner tape here.   
As for the pull out tags I used mostly solid colors with only one or two being a piece of the patterned paper, I didn't want to waste the patterns for something that wouldn't really get seen a whole lot so I saved those for within the book.  I also added lots of other product to this album most of it coming from my stash just to fill it in.  I have a really hard time with just paper, even though I love paper, I want my albums to have some kind of interaction with whomever is taking the time to even look at it - kind of like it's their reward for 'stopping to smell the roses' in a manner of speaking.
So for this one I did anything and everything that I could come up with just to make it fun and interesting.  It has so many photo holder options too which is good and lots of room for all those game schedules.  There are things that flip up & pull out, there are pieces that slip in & slide out, there are hidden journaling spots & not so hidden spots, there are tags that hang off and of course those big tags that hang out within.
I decorated the pages as much as I dared - there again it is for a teenage boy - and I didn't want any part of it to look 'girly' so I didn't add any kind of ribbon except for what you see on the book rings and even then I kept those within the color frame of the rest of the album.  Throughout the inside of the album I'm pretty sure I only used twine - either a red/white combo or black/white combo here.  I did use quite a bit of the black/white polka dot smash tape here and several black paper clips that I found @ Staples a long time ago.  I figured both of these last two items were as generic/masculine as I was going to get.
I had also found several stamps within my stash that made for good ephemera pieces, so I stamped them out on white card stock with black archival ink here (this is what I used-had no idea it was discontinued but if you do a Google search it'll bring up lots of other options), cut them out & inked the edges with the same ink and then added them in.
Another element I used was a clear CD envelope because I thought that it would just be cool - I like that you can see the sports schedule but not actually touch it until you pull it out and take a peek - one of the many interactive elements that I enjoy myself as I look through the album.
I then found some of the #8 tags that Tim Holtz here is known for altering here in black instead of the tradition manila and so I opted for adding them in as well.
^ ^ ^ sorry for the blurry photo ^ ^ ^
The last way I added another pocket to the pocket page was to adhere a large coin envelope to the page - again I just thought that it was cool.
In this ^ ^ photo ^ ^ I did add a mini file folder (the second one within the album) with photo mats inside, a journaling spot on top, and one of those hidden spots off to the right side. 
So that's it my first ever sports album and I like it - a lot!
I have to report that my nephew really liked it too - so much so that he asked me to do a 'Golf" album for his birthday (which I just finished about a month ago) I will be sharing that album with you soon.
(hope you enjoyed this post)
^ ^ (gotta always have a little somethin' extra) ^ ^
Thanks for stoppin' in and taking a peek - I so enjoy doing this and even more when I know that others like what I do so please leave me a comment or if you have any questions I'd be happy to chat with you.
just B.......

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Seasons of Change

Good Day All!!!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend - I'm super excited that my brother came up yesterday and helped us get the girl's swing set put together and just in time for Spring break this next week.  Yay - thank you thank you thank you Dave - love you bro....

For today I want to share with you a project I did for my sister-in-law, I admit I was a little worried about this being her Christmas present but I think that they turned out really well and she totally loved them.
So cool!
Now it's no secret that I have been a really big fan of 7 Gypsies here for a really long time and last year they came out with these awesome 6 x 6 solo shadowboxes here so I picked up a couple of them not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them.  Well I thought of something a few days after I got them home and ran the idea by my mother-in-law, she in turn told my sister-in-law, and so Viola here you have the 
Seasons of Change.
I did the 4 seasons, each season in their own box and used the large opening for these seasonal pictures I found on-line here.  In fact the very first series you see on that site is the tree line and that is the one I used as the scene in each of my windows to give a real feeling of being in a home & looking out....
My favorite scene in that series is the old tractor, which is pretty much the last one on the page, but what a fantastic collection of photos.  I absolutely loved this photographers vision and thus the inspiration behind my boxes.
Now I will tell you that I was totally stressed out in the process of making these; something about the fact that they are for someone else - makes it all the more important to me that they are done right the first time and well being that this was the first time I've ever even attempted doing 'tray art' - you get the idea...stress....
So the way that I broke down this project is by: first getting an idea - preferably one that is doable, second finding pieces or pictures that help support the idea - okay, then putting it all together - trust me easier said then done. 
 I knew with the seasonal pictures tacked behind the faux windows that my main focus was taken care of almost, the next step was making it seem like you were looking outside from a living room window, so....what do people typically put underneath a window sill? potted plant, an ottoman, a low rise bookcase, some other off the wall art deco piece....?  I can't really say my window sills are only a foot from the base boards so nothing goes underneath mine, but in my girls bedroom's - they each have a small toy chest so I figure pretty much anything goes - then what do the walls look like? painted, wallpapered, some fancy painting technique thing....?  Another really good question - my walls are painted with a flat builder's grade paint still so I'm not sure - then if I use particular items that go along with each season would that complete the overall look of the room....?  Let us hope so.
Aside from the main focus, I also had 3 smaller boxes to fill in so I tried to come up with things that would happen during each of those particular seasons, so for example: in my Spring box (the top photo) I have a bird's nest in the top box, then golf stuff in the middle box, and then the bottom box has a wash tub full of Spring blooms; for inside the living room I put a potted plant along with a sun hat laid upon a wooden step stool.  I followed this same idea for the other 3 seasons as well and came up with 4 really cool seasonal 'art trays'.
Well there you have it, another one of my Christmas ideas that actually worked out...Yay!
Hope you all enjoyed checkin' it out, let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts so leave me a comment.  Be sure to check back in a few days, I have another Christmas gift that I made to share with all of you, thanks again for peeking.
just B 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Holidays

Hello to all of you Happy Peeps out there...and even those that aren't so....
I have a great project to share with you today.  About a year ago now I went on a weekend scrap book retreat and one of the gals had given me this half mish mash of an album that she had started in a class years ago and never finished, she warned me that it was a mess and had several pieces missing - including the back cover.
Well as luck would have it I loved the color combination and was excited by the challenge so I told her that I would be happy to give it a 'go' - let me tell you - it turned into a wonderful mini album...let me show you.
Turns out even though it was a complete mess (she wasn't lying) it had some solid bones and a really good flow to it so really all I had to do was fill in the gaps and give it a bit of a face lift.
So for starters I made a back cover, I cut a piece of chipboard to size then mixed & messed with my paints until I came up with a color that matched all the papers.  As for the bits & pieces she had given me along with the mini I just used those to finish the pages where she left off.
Here's a quick look at some of those inside pages
Most of these pages were already done they just needed a little bit of 'bling'.
I also added a bit of sheer ribbon to some of the pages too
and I think a couple of silk rosettes
a few word stickers here & there
and some other paper elements that I found in my stash that actually matched as well
and there you have it - a pretty darn cute mini that I was able to save 
here is a look at the back cover that I did have to do from scratch, I put a few pockets on it just so that it would be a bit more useful - what do you think of my paint color - it's a pretty close match I think.
couple of the tags that pull out for journaling or photos.
Here's the front cover that was pretty much already done for me except for a few additions; 
the "Happy Holidays" rub-on, the silver ribbon, the rosettes, and the ribbons along the rings as well as the rings.  As I said all in all I think that it turned out awesome, so much so that I decided to gift it this past Christmas, hope my Aunt likes it and is able to fill it full of photos & memories.
Well thanks for bearing with me, even though this post is way late (my excuse is Pinterest-it's addictive) but never fear I finally got it up here.  Hope you liked my mini and feel free to peek anytime.
just B