The Cook's Book 2

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Just a quick share today
I wanted to show you...
The Cook's Book Junker!
 It is your typical junk journal except geared towards preserving family recipes or your own works of art in the kitchen.
 I included several pockets with blank recipe cards to make it faster to add them in but you can add in your own as well or take out what I put it and use all of your own
I've included some vintage digital images that are all kitchen/cooking related 
 Also included some textural pieces just to add character
 Of course we also have your standard junk journal papers, most of them have been tea dyed
 I also wanted to make sure there was plenty of white space to add in your own ephemera, whether it's a picture of Grandma with a written copy of her recipe or your own photo with a picture of your dish
 One of the textural pieces I mentioned and a journal tag
 I included several tuck spots too in case you didn't have time to jot anything down at that particular moment you could still add it in and have it in waiting
As I mentioned your typical tea dyed junk journal papers 
 The back cover I left plain except for my maker's tag.
In total there are four signatures and over 120 writing pages. With endless possibilities this is the perfect family heirloom piece to gift to Grandma or Mom for any occasion.
It is my hope to have my mom pass her's (that I made for her for Christmas) along to me some day filled with her own recipes, my Grandma Pauline's recipes, and both of my great grandmother's as well; then in time I can pass it along to one of my daughters.
I do hope you'll check it out on my Etsy if you are interested and I thank you for stopping in and taking a wee peek.

just B


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