Wednesday's Gratitude Practice

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I'm back and I apologize for the late posts today just really wanted to get this one and Tuesday's up today so if you missed Tuesday's it's because I just posted it this evening. 
Here's a look at Wednesday, photo on the left and then for today just one blessing that I wrote down on the right. For the photo on the back of this page well I figure it speaks for it's self and I think you'll understand when you get to it.  
I had to take the recycling up to the Community Center because it was almost to the point of overflowing and ended up being one of my blessings. As much as it gets in the way sometimes I am so thankful that there are companies out here who think it's important to recycle and take care of Mother Earth, this is something that even our girls have gotten in the habit of so I am very proud of that.
Plus not only that but our Community Center provides us a really nice gym, pool, and workout area so we are very fortunate to be apart of it. My husband would be considered a gym rat by many, he could live there if I'd let him, me...not so much but I do try to make it a habit (although it's harder and harder everyday to find the energy) because I think the best way to teach our girls is by example and if they see me at least trying to make exercise apart of my routine then maybe someday they'll see the benefit and make it apart of their routine as well and we could all stand to live a whole lot healthier. 
As for the highlights from our day some of the things I mentioned was the fact that it was my day off so I was in charge of getting the girls up this morning and getting them ready for school and then that I didn't get a whole lot accomplished except that I did get a care package in the snail mail to my best friend, also I think I mentioned that I had Parent/Teacher conference last night with my oldest daughter's teacher and then after that while I watched a movie (because I swore I wouldn't watch the baseball game) the Royals unfortunately did not win the World Series.
As for my other photo, do you agree it kinda speaks for it's self? This was the movie I picked up from Red Box on my way home from my P/T conference. I have recently read the book, which this is based on and decided that it would be a good distraction from the 7th game since I did promise a few friends at work that I wouldn't watch it (seems that that would have been a bad thing) Anyways that's what I have for yesterday's gratitude practice, hope you're enjoying this little adventure with me and documenting it as you go along. As I've said before if you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.
Thanks again for peekin'!

just B


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