Tuesday's Gratitude Practice

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How's it going? Any of you practicing gratitude this week or maybe more of you are following along with Ali and doing her Week in the Life album? Either way good for you!
Here is my practice from Tuesday, again I have my opening flap that I'll eventually figure out what to do with and then here is the main page, with the flap open we see on the left a picture of my husband and our 4 year old. Then on the right you'll see where I documented some things from each photo what struck me as being a 'blessing' of sorts.
So lets start there, in the photo I see of course my wonderful husband and I also mention what a great dad he is and even though these sound almost generic to me, it is no less true. The magical part of scrap booking is that if I decide to later on I can delve deeper into what it means to be a good dad and how I feel about being his wife. Also from the other photo (on the back side of this page) I mention how awesome it has been for our Kansas City Royals to have won the Pennant and to be playing in the World Series...people this hasn't happened since I was 11 years old...that was 29 years ago...so this is a very big deal for all of us even remotely close to Kansas City (my hometown) Then also from the first photo I mention that we have had some wonderful sunny days here in the Midwest and well I don't know about you but I love sunny days when I can throw open a couple of windows and let the fresh air in so that's certainly been a blessing in my book.
Now on to the journal portion of our day, as I mentioned in earlier posts I am only writing down the highlights from our day. So in here I have that my husband & I got up early for work and had to get our girls up to so that we could take them to the babysitters; then I also mention that after work we had to go back to the sitters to pick up the little one because the older one will come home on the school bus. I mention what time I had dinner ready and then that we got "booed" by one of our neighbors and so now it was our turn to go "boo" a few other neighbors.
Here is the other photo that gives the Royals 6th game final score, I have to say that even though I am disappointed that our boys lost the final game I am very proud of their accomplishment this year as a team. They played tough, they played smart, but most importantly they played as a 'Team' and that really is what matters most.
So there you have it, a look into my 'Gratitude's' for Tuesday. Now I realize that there are a dozen more things I could have written down, probably even should have written down but this is just what was on my mind (our mind's) as I sat down to write it out and so that's what I went with and well it's good. Next year I have no doubt that there will be some things that are the same but then again maybe not, but I'll decide then what is important to capture at that time just like I have done here.
Hope you are enjoying your own adventures into 'practicing gratitude' and getting them written down somewhere, I honestly do believe that it does the body good...heart-soul-mind
Thanks for stopping in again today and make sure to check back this weekend where I'll be wrapping this up and sharing some other goodies with you.

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