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Hello Hello
How is everyone today?
I'm hopeful that Monday went off without a hitch for most of you.
Today I wanted to share this little gem that I made with Gratitude in mind. I mentioned a few weeks back that I think it is important to practice being grateful because it's when we are practicing this daily that we can learn to count our blessings. 
So much of our daily lives is composed of getting here and getting there, getting this and that done, much less the piles of 'to-do' lists when we finally make it home in the evening. Sometimes it gets really hard to see the good stuff when there is so much other stuff in the way.
This little book was created with that in mind. I made it pocket/purse size to start with and then I made it all fancy and then I made it with lots and lots of spots to jot down a quick 'thank-you' or rather lots of places to count our blessings. 
You could also add a few small photos of those people and places that you love so much, possibly even some of the things that you love and don't even really think about. As some of you may know here about a month ago I was having technical laptop crashed...well to top that off maybe a week later my cell phone was destroyed...
all is well and fine now but I can almost bet that both of these two things that even I take for granted will be on my gratitude list this year because I was completely lost with out one of them much less both of them.
So the mini is an envelope style using the hidden hinge system that I really like and for this particular one I only used three envelopes. My thinking is that this one would be good for like a weekend get-away gratitude mini. Everyone in their right mind likes to get-away right? I know I sure do and how cool would it be to document what you are grateful for while away from the pressures of normal life? I think it would be an awesome treasure for those really tough days when nothing is going right and everything else is going wrong...pick this little guy up and flip through him and viola maybe things aren't so bad after all.
Look at all this real estate...tons of room to really get down what you are thinking and thanking. The one I have started for myself is actually seven pages (envelopes) so that I can attempt to document everyday in a given week or I may shake it up and document a day here and there but covering the whole month...I haven't decided yet.
But there you have it and what better way than to start a list today. My list starts with my husband, both of my daughters, my new Samsung Galaxy, and my old Dell!
Thanks for stoppin' in and I hope you have a wonderful week. And I apologize that I did not get my crafty project posted late last week as I said I would - my new goal will be to get that up this week... hopefully by Thursday so if you're curious make sure to stop in then.
Thanks again!
just B


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