Thursday, October 6, 2011

LIFE - unscripted

Okay peeps, I have another mini to share with you today.  I did this one awhile ago for my youngest daughter, I didn't think it was fair that she still didn't have as many as my oldest, but honestly I don't know that she ever will.  You know what they say is true, you're never quite as on top of things with your second as you are with your my case I don't think I was ever on top of anything, with either, and if I wasn't then...I sure as heck ain't now.  = )
But anyways - here's another of her minis, hope you like!
So here you have it.  I used a mini album idea that I had found on Lizzy's site (forgive me for not finding the actual link to the tutorial-I searched and couldn't find it) a long time ago and I have actually made this particular mini 3 times now.  I will continue to try and find the direct link because this mini is so doable and I like doable, it makes it super simple.
So on the first page I have a photo that I sized to 2x2 and then added some stamped embellishments.  My favorite though is the Tim Holtz film strip ribbon here, added in among all the photo phrases that I stamped in black archival ink and then cut out, just perfect.
Across from that I used my Sizzix square envelop die here to make a pocket so that I could add a little tiny journaling spot, then used my bracket punch to make the pull out handle for the spot.  On it I stamped a sentiment about little girls and then added a cute little girly brad at the top of the pull to add 'bling'- that and I tend to like lots of stuff in my minis.  On the front of the pocket I stamped the letters & the journal tag and cut them out and added them on also.
Here's a close up of the journaling spot with the bracket punched piece as the 'pull'
For the next pages I used several punches, couple of stamps that I stamped in black archival ink and then cut out, and used some ribbons & metal pieces to top it all off.
On this side I have the ticket punch that I staggered in a stair step pattern, then added a crochet lace and a stamped ticket image.  The black ribbon tops off the lace and then in the back I added a butterfly stick pin that I added some seed beads too and the metal brad that sums it all up with one little 'powerful'  I did alcohol ink the butterfly with copper here so that it would match my papers better, it's original red just didn't mesh very well.
On this side I have another 2x2 photo, a tag punch, a stamped image, a paper heart punch, and a metal keyhole with a metal key brad.  As for the key brad I just cut off the little metal prongs on the back of it so that I could hang it as a charm from the keyhole.  And the little pink paper heart, I pierced a single hole in it - then ran a piece of baker's twine through the hole - around the key - back through the hole - and then tied it in a knot in the front.  I really like how it turned out.
For the next set of pages, I have much of the same: a 2x2 photo, stamped images, crochet lace, couple of punches, and a couple of metal pieces.  Love, love, love metal with lace - not sure why - but I do.
Oh goodness - sorry about the lighting in this photo - not sure what happened here.  But as for the page, I have a 2x2 photo of my baby, a stamped image that says so, an arrow punch pointing to her, a crochet lace along the side with a metal button brad to top it off.  You might have noticed that all my photos have a mat, it's just a square punch that's a little bit bigger than the one I used to punch out the photos and then on the photos, I used a small hole punch to cut out the corners of my photos.  I do this a lot so I guess I like how it makes them look.
Here is the opposite page, it has several stamped images that I cut out and distressed.  Once I had them roughed up I inked the edges and them added them on; the 7 gypsies paper clip this is only there for decorating purposes - that & I love 7G.  The crochet lace down the side topped with a punched arrow pointing you to the warning label was that!
Almost done, this is the second to the last set of pages
Love this picture of her little piggies - no doubt that'll be a favorite of mine for a very long time.  Along with the picture I added a journal tag with another 7G's mini clip, a pair of metal feet I think from Making Memories years ago, a stamped image that I did twice & cut out along with another stamped image that I punched out with a circle punch then turned into a charm and hung from the previous stamped piece.  I like it, a lot, wasn't sure how well a paper charm would hold up but so far so good - of course this mini is only 6 months old if that, so...........we'll see.
On this side I had to add the photos where she was grabbing her piggies, love it too.  Then because she was using her hands I thought it would be appropriate to also add in the metal hands by Making Memories.  The stamped sentiment over lapping the red ribbon & metal slide were just add ons to give the page some extra 'umph' - is that a word?
Okay last one... You'll see some familiar things once again.  I think this is probably one of the few minis I've done that have kept a consistent theme throughout the whole of the book, and well.....I love it - might have to start doing this more often, it keeps a good flow.
Here you'll see that envelop pocket that I used earlier in the mini, along with another tiny journaling spot with the bracket punch dubbing as it's 'pull'.  The difference on this one is that I used a metal filigree then added on the clear heart bead to make a hanging charm.  Love it!  I also for this page added a double layer of ribbon, one is the crochet lace under the pocket and then the other is the twill with the printed sentiment on top of the pocket....all in all very cool.
For the last page, I had to get some more of the film strip ribbon in and this is where I actually figured out that twisting it worked magic, so I then redid the first page to match.  To keep the film in place was a bit more challenging which is where the tiny attacher this came in handy.  To finish off the page I added a stamped image and the metal word, again another Making Memories piece from years ago.
Here's the close up to the journal spot on the opposite page, again another stamped image with a girl sentiment.  Love the hanging charm even more every time I see it.
The back of the book and you'll see the gaffer's here tape along the spine, that's what ultimately holds the book together, love my 7 Gypsies stuff; then also one final punch that I used to sign my name on.
A bird's eye view
Here's what it looks like, not very big at all, in fact I think it's 4x4.  On the cover I have lots & lots going on. For starters I have in the very, very back a Tim Holtz regal crest die this in pink, on top of it a added a white piece of fiber to soften it up, then on top of that I stamped the image 'LIFE' - cut it out - distressed it - inked it - and then popped it up on pop dots to give it some dimension and added it.  Along the bottom I added another stamped image that I cut out, then used a couple of felt flower brads that I inked up to tone down so that they would match a whole lot better.  The other pieces you see are a mini clip this from Stampin Up that my girlfriend was so kind to order for me a long time ago, followed by a Tim Holtz muse token this to sum it all up.  The black crochet lace down the left side that you can hardly see was added more just to break up the transition there between the gaffer's tape the pattern paper.
Well that's it, hope you enjoyed checking out my latest post, feel free to leave me a comment any time and please drop in again soon.  Have a great day!
just B...... unscripted

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Is it the weekend over already?  Oh my....well hopefully everyone had a ball.  Today I want to share with everyone this little cutie that I made for a friend of mine.  Her birthday was last month and I wanted to make something for her (I owed her that) but instead of making her just a simple birthday card, I decided to try out this idea that I've had for awhile, so this is the mini book I came up with.  My inspiration came from Arlene over @ Butterfly Kisses from a mini here that she did.  I thought @ the time that the mini was really a 'mini', turns out that hers is like 6x12 - where as mine here really is a mini, it's maybe 3x4.5 if that.  So when I realized this and knew that there wasn't going to be much room for anything of their own, I decided it would make a great birthday mini.
All in all I think that this one is my new favorite: it is cute, it is teeny tiny, and it has lots & lots of character.  Of course the paper collection I used has been a long time favorite (here), I've used this same collection for several projects.  You can bet that when my friend told me what her favorite colors were, I got excited because I knew that this was going to be the perfect stack to use.  
Here is a top view, as you can see it is thick and full, full, full
Here's a look at the opening page
So on the left side I put a little note to my friend for her special day and then added a couple of butterflies and a flourish with a little ivory rose.
On the right side I added a couple of ephemera pieces: ticket stubs, and some tissue tape, her age (but don't tell her that I told you) and then a little jab about getting older. (heehee)
Here's a look at the next page, love this - that when you open it up you see the whole butterfly!
So on the left side, I have a hidden pocket that I put behind the circle flourish and in it I added a couple of journaling tags: one says, "Happy Birthday", one says, "Make a Wish", then on the back of it, it says, "Wish Big". 
On the right side here I have a stamped image where I wrote her name, then I also added a couple of ephemera pieces: one is a vintage label & then a couple of stamps.  I also added her first name initial and a rose to top it off.
Here is one of the tags that is hiding in that pocket.
Here is the next page
So on the left side I kept it simple, I added her sign in a little word strip.  Then I added in some roses, with a little pearl flourish & bling.
On the right side I used a journal spot and wrote in it some other famous Virgos, thought that would be interesting and fun.
Here is the next to the last page
On the left side I used a flourish frame and added on a calendar spinner, pointing it of course to her birthday month, then added a cute little punched out center to the spinner.
On the right side here I have a vintage label, an arrow pointing to the sign that says, "Happy Birthday"
The last page
On the left side here I added in some paper ephemera; there's another arrow pointing @ the ticket stub, then I also have a stamped image that I punched out, a couple more blank tickets, and then a butterfly with some pearl bling added to her for the body.
On the right side here, which also happens to be the last page, I used another large flourish, a butterfly with the pearl bling body, a couple of the roses, and then another journal spot that I signed like I do with all of the things I make.
The final outcome:  One cute little teeny tiny mini that I absolutely adore and having two little girls, I might be making a few for around here in the next couple of years.
Well I hope all of you have enjoyed my crafty mini, I have lots more on the way to share with you so stop by again soon, and Thanks!  Feel free as always to leave me a comment, I would appreciate your time, thoughts, and feed back.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week in the Life

Good Day Everyone
Hope everyone is having a good week.  Here in the Midwest we are the enjoying the signs of Fall, and although Spring is my very favorite season, Fall is most certainly the runner up - love watching all the leaves  change their color + the cooler weather is usually a very welcome relief.  So for today I am going to share with you my Week in the Life project that Ali Edwards started many years ago here.  It is going to sound really bad of me but I must admit this isn't one of my favorites, only because it takes a lot of time & effort, but the reason I do it anyways is because I believe that it is important to document our here & now (not only for my girl's sake but for future reference).  So to spare all of you the very long & drawn out week that I documented the last week of July, I am just going to give you the overview.  

This is my opening page, I have done most of my picture layouts in Photoshop Elements.  I am by no means a digital scrapper but for this project along with the December Daily project just the sheer number of photos that I take and expect to use makes the hybrid pages so much easier (for the most part anyhow-unfortunately I am very slow when it comes to using PSE probably because I don't use it enough, I oughta practice a bit more then I could say that & it'd really be true, but you get the idea).  Anyhow, on here I used a photo strip to get a few more pictures added to the overall project and then eventually I will use one of my slick writers to put journaling on the little recipe card (because I print @ home with the photos, I use photo paper - it's not a shiny paper but it still requires a special pen to write on which is what a slick writer is (here).
The way I set up my days goes as follows: the first page is two photos in opposite corners along with two pattern papers in the remaining opposite corners.  There really is no reason for the pattern paper except to keep an overall continued theme within the book, in fact I use the same two patterns all the way throughout. Then the last element I gave to this page was the date circled, with the day of the week circling that.  I liked this because it seems like I have a title page for the beginning of each day, which ultimately I needed because I have several pages per day and some days have more pages than others, so this is good.  I apologize in advance for the 'bird' my wonderful husband gave me when I told him that I'd be doing this project & that it would require me taking lots & lots of photos of us - including him...... I guess he didn't like that idea very much but oh well.  It's my hobby and I'll annoy him if I want to (heehee).  

So here is what the second page looks like, I used the free PDF download that Ali had offered on her site for this project specifically and I'll tell it seemed to make all the difference this year.  She actually offered two different types of charts: the first being an hour by hour list, so that you could fill in what you did that hour, on the hour or within that hour; the second was for specific things - i.e. observations, overheard, gratitude, favorite moment, as well as what you ate for all 3 meals.  As you can see from this photo and the next page's photo, these were huge to me because what I did was print them all out (14 pages in all-both charts for all 7 days) put them in a 3-ring binder so that I was able to go to the same spot all week and know exactly where to write down all the happenings  for each one of our days, for the entire week!  That was huge in helping me to succeed with this project so "Thanks Ali".

So here is my third page using that second chart that Ali was so kind to release to the general public, and boy did I use it.  I think I have every single spot filled in, in almost all of my chart pages, just because it was so easy to do this year with the help of these two simple little tools.  I'll tell ya, just like a Chef will, the right tools makes all the's the same for crafting, or building, or scrapbooking.  

So here is my fourth page and not everyday has this page, this is just something extra I threw in.  For some reason I was in a mood to write, the week of this project and so if I found that I had something on my mind that went along with the whole idea of this book then I rewrote it on the right size of notebook paper and just added it in.  Speaking of which, not sure if I mentioned that the binder I used this year is from Target, I picked it up almost a year ago and was waiting for just the right thing to add to it.  I love it and thought that it'd make a great home for this project.  Not only is it a 3-ring binder with page protectors available, it is also only 6x9 in size...roughly and it happens to have a cool black graphic pattern on the hard plastic covers that I actually like.  I have since looked for more of this same binder @ my local Target stores but to no avail.  Oh well all the more happy with my choice to use it for this project. 

On this next page, what are we on... #5, I added lots of ephemera pieces.  Anything & everything - just whatever I could get my hands on, if it even remotely helped me tell a broader story then in it went.  These pieces here are actually the tags from a new suit that my husband finally got out of the bag.  Also on here I added this library card with a quick recap of a conversation that my daughter & her friend had about my husband.  Things like that, what other people say &/or do, especially coming from my own daughter(s), is just priceless and so worth documenting to me.  I even thought about going through some of the ephemera and adding a bit more of the story that way - like why I chose the corn husk I put in, most people would just assume that we really like corn (which we do) but unless I add to that piece that my father-in-law grew it - you would never know it and that's a shame because that's a fairly significant piece of our story.

Alright so here we are on page six, and it's more ephemera; more tags from yet another suit, also a prescription label that was for my husband.  Here also is another way I could go back in and tell an even more complete story...why did he need this prescription?, what had happened prior to getting this filled?, will there be more to the story afterwards?, these are all the questions I could go back in and ask myself if I wanted to tell a more fulfilling story.  Another thought I just had is what if I created a separate layout for some of these extra stories, and just added them to our family yearly album, that'd be a great way to document the details without having all the extra work added to this already big project.  I really like the second idea better, I'm always @ a struggle when it comes to doing just regular everyday layouts, I never know what to include, now I have a whole book of possibilities. 

So here we are on the last page for Monday in my week in the life album, yep still Monday.  This also happens to be something else I did for each day, a 5x7 photo.  I did this on purpose, for one - I just really like the large photos mixed in with the smaller ones, and two - it acts like a closing page for that particular day, which as you probably can guess....... I like.  Also, now that I'm seeing this again after having put this away for awhile, I really like being able to 'see' the subject.  In this photo for example, I happened to get lucky enough to get this shot of my daughter with her laughing, an absolutely adorable laugh that we only see when the neighbor's dog comes over for a visit and starts kissing her like crazy.  Because of this picture you're able to see a side of her that we rarely see and I love that.  Don't get me wrong, she is always happy and laughs a lot, but usually the camera is nowhere in sight and we're the ones making her laugh and therefore too tied up in the moment to get a picture!

Okay so here we are again with the two photos in opposite corners and then the two pattern papers in the remaining opposite corners, this is the start of the next day in my week in the life album.  As the two circles in the middle of the page states, this is Tuesday the 26th.  As I mentioned earlier I think, all of my days are set up the same, so Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - so on and so forth, are all going to look just like this except with different photos and  the correct date & day.  Then the follow page is going to be the first chart that goes by the hour, followed by the next page having the second chart that tracks meals and special moments, etc. - all ending with the 5x7 photo from that day.

However, as anything & everything, I do have some exceptions.  Some days have extra journal entries because I felt the need to write.  One of them happens to be about selling our previous home, which still effects us even today, the fact is well....we haven't sold it yet.  This particular entry is about how we almost had it sold & then the guy backed out and now we're back to square one.  Is it worth putting in here, maybe - maybe not, it isn't all that much fun to read because I'm a little pissy about the whole thing but then again, it is apart of our story and how we got to where we are today.  The second journal entry is about my affection for Deadliest Catch which is a document series on Discovery Channel (here).  In the last season Captain Phil Harris passed away, so this was the first season since the beginning of the series that he hasn't been apart of it and I admit I had a hard time watching it, even as much as I like it, it was hard.  Seems crazy, but these guys are like family now after 5+ years on TV.

Here was another exception that I added to the very back of my album.  It turns out that we had a birthday party to go to that Saturday so this was the little treat bag from that and inside of it I included some artwork from my oldest daughter, the fact that we also happen to like Tangled very much was just a fluke.... so in it went.  As for the artwork I included, I think one of the pieces was a coloring page from the doctor's office that my 5 year old did.

Finally here is the last thing that I included in my book.  This is the Archiver's journal (here), the front page of it is missing because that's the page with all the coupons on it, but the rest of it I just punched holes in and added it right into my binder.

Whew that was a lot of information.......but I think we finally got through it all.  So what do you all think of my Week in the Life album?  I'm happy with it, like I said earlier, there are lots of ways I could have made it even more in depth but being that this book is already a really big project, that just wasn't possible for me this time around.  But the good news is that if I need some more layouts to do of our year this year what a great place for me to go to get those extra stories, because there's quite a few to choose from in there that I wish I had the time to document even now, but oh well maybe soon.
Thanks to all of you who came along for this journey, I hope that you enjoyed your time with me and maybe even been a little inspired to document your own stories.  Stop by again, anytime!
just B.............