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Baby Fox

Hello Hello Thanks for joining me today - I want to share with all of you a baby forest animal theme album I made several years back with an emphasis on the fox character - he's so cute This was a custom order and the one who ordered it never ended up paying me for it - as a crafter this is a hard blow because we put our heart and soul into projects and do try very hard to give the customer what they ask for so needless to say, she never received the album, I was frustrated for a while until I finally decided to put it out at a craft fair. I ended up selling it to a lady who was more than happy to have found it so all is well that ends well. Now I'm at peace to share But I digress, let's take a look at this big boy (it is quite a hefty book) if I remember correctly it has ten pages counting front and back that's twenty in all plus a booklet in the middle - that's a lot The way I decided to create this album is with a spiral spine to make turning the pages

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