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Sunburst Junker

Hello Hello Just wanted to pop in really quick and share the next junker. This one has been posted on my youTube channel for awhile and so I will apologize for not getting this posted way sooner. I honestly forgot all about it.

This junker is one of the first few I did after learning Nik the Booksmith's technique and I love it but of course, as with most things we are in process of learning, there are things I will do different in future. That being said, out of all of the first few I've made this one is probably my second favorite, only a step behind 'the Travelor' junker that I posted here a bit ago and will be  blogging about in the very near future.    What makes this one my second favorite? It's quirkiness, this one has an eclectic assortment of papers first of all but then I also added in several bouts of stitching. I have had a long time love of sewing and stitching on pretty much anything but especially papers and when you add on all the cool crochet trims and…

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