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Gold Spark Travel Junker

Hello Hello just poppin' in again real quick like to share this diamond in the rough...
this junker has a more masculine look than any other i have made to date, i plan to make several more to follow suit because i love this guy, i love to travel and he is just perfect for an excursion without the bother of all the frills and lace getting 'dirty'
this guy is a hardback but one of my older ones with the slightly curved spine. he is about 7 x 5 in height and width and his spine is 2 1/4 i believe
his over all look is a distressed brown with a creme dry brushed over the top then dry brushed once again with an antique metallic gold, i absolutely love the cover and then i included the 'travel' running along the outside edge
>> very cool in deed
the inside end covers are just plain with no adornments - very simple and there lending itself more to the masculine side
the pages themselves are your typical junk journal assortments with book pages, old dictionary sheets, tea d…

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