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Double Flip Junk

Hello Hello B here, just poppin' in quick with another old school piece. I think this one dates back to the early 1800' Actually I have no idea when I made this one sometime ago clearly, I can tell by the paper. I never know how to feel when I look back at things I made years ago, should I be embarrassed or quietly proud, or something else entirely. This piece I'm thinking more along the line of embarrassing only because this is super loud for me, but I was also trying something completely new for me so then I think maybe a bit quietly proud...humm Anyways, this piece sold at one of the last craft fairs I attended before COVID hit, the buyer (if I remember correctly) couldn't hardly wait to give it to the recipient because of the crazy colored pattern paper that I used and then all of the other oddities the I filled it up with, so sometimes I guess stepping outside of our comfort zone pays off, literally in this case So the journal opens with a double flap co

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