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Handmade Gift - revisited

Hello Hello So I'm back today to share with all of you a simple yet unique graduation gift, I created this coupon book for my oldest daughter for her birthday several years back and surprisingly she has mentioned it several times since then - hinting around that she wants another one - so I take that to mean that she liked it a whole lot. Of course I've no doubt she'll want teen-age appropriate coupons now: date w/friends to the movie theater, a week free of household chores including the weekend either before or after (yes we believe in our girls having chores - absolutely), a weekend sleepover w/5 of her best friends... ...until I figure out which one I'm willing to sacrifice, my sanity or my pocket book, I have not made another Moving forward, the way that I made this is simple...I took card stock and cut it down to the size I wanted keeping in mind that the left 'binding' side would need to be left over when the coupon was torn out; so to accomplish …

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