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Hello Hello  I'm back with another quick share, it's a bit late since Valentine's was middle of the week but this is a fun one and I've been wanting to share this for awhile so I'm going for it. I made these card boxes in 2013 for both of my girls for Valentine's Day, as a parent I'm guilty of wanting to spoil my girls any chance I can but I really didn't want to get them chocolate because they didn't need it and I really didn't want to get them another stuff animal that would add to the mess of an over abundance of stuffed animals already so I came up with this idea.  I made little Valentine's cards, about a half a deck's worth. The front of the card is a bit of advice for them or an idea for them to keep in mind  The back of the card is a little gem, something for them to do or something for them to decide or something for them to get.  I made them super simple and kept the reward simple as well  But they loved the entire set  I think that t…

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