Sunday, July 9, 2017

scrap journal -> red and black series

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How are all you lovelies today? Wonderful I hope and soaking up all the wonders this life has to offer!
Today I thought to share what would be best described as a scrap junk journal, there is certainly a  scrapbook feel to it but also very much a junk journal feel. I believe I made this 5 years back maybe even further but I honestly can't remember anymore.
I started off with black chipboard covers, covered them with strips of ticket stubs then used some Tim Holtz tissue paper over the top of that, followed with a Chevron pattern in black paint; after thinking about it a minute I would venture to say that this may have also been one of the first that I created using mixed media techniques without even realizing it fully...humm
For the pages I used white card stock and just went at them with whatever struck my fancy in the moment...many of them have a collage of stamping, some have bits and pieces from other older embellishments that I made a long time ago and some are a collection of scrapbook embellishments that have long since been retired or just out-of-date but being that they were some of my favorites at the time...well...I had to use them.
I also included tabs and tops and transparencies and ribbon and chipboard letters.
Do you remember the metal rimmed tags that were popular ten years ago? Yeah those are in here also, but what's even cooler is that Tim Holtz just released a new product that brings those goodies back.
Remember those little tiny flowers that people would use for kids clothes or doll house crafts, yep they're in here too along with some red trim that I love.
How about those little plastic sequins that were shaped for a time, yep those are in here too.
Here are more of those sequins plus I found the remnants of the sequin punch sheet on a website years ago that I have also included
This page is an example an older embellishment that I had done, I took it from it's old home and adhered it in here instead
This page is just completely random but it does have a hidden pocket behind the top portion (probably not so hidden now that I just told you)
On this page I have brought in some washi tape (who knew that would end up being huge) plus I also have some digital elements...I'm loving all the red and black how about you?
Finally the last page boasts the original paper flowers that Prima introduced many moons ago and I think I also spy with my crafter's eye some baker's twine.
For the back of this scrap junk journal I wanted an actual pocket so I found this plastic sleeve pocket thing at Staples, took off the adhesive strip and then punched the proper holes so that it would fit my book rings.
I like the pocket and the plastic of it kind goes along with all the other plastic pieces throughout the rest of the book.
In the pocket of course I needed something so I created an accordion pocket booklet thingy and added some large tags. 
It's double sided so there is lots and lots of room to journal.
See what I mean?
So there we have it - my scrap junk journal mini book of sorts. I hope that this inspires you to think outside of the lines and just put your favorite pieces all together, you can simplify it more than I did or you can expand on it way more than I did. You could keep with a color scheme like I have done or you could toss that out the window and do multiple colors, say all bright colors or all primary colors...the choice is yours and the options are limitless.
Thanks for taking a peek and I hope that you have a wonderful week ahead, craft when you can, rest when you need, and love as much as possible.
just B

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break Remembered

 Hello Hello
I'm back with a similar project that I shared a little over a week ago. This one happens to be a wee bit smaller at a handy size of 3.25 by 5.25 - that's pretty small but oh so cute and packed full of memories and things that we had going on the week of Spring Break
 My covers are done using medium weight chipboard then covered front/outside first with a silver stripe pattern paper then inside with a black script pattern. For the binding I used book rings but first I used oversize eyelets to give it more strength. I figured being so cute it would get a lot of attention and I want it to last a long while.
 For the pages I used a white card stock and then cut them all to the same height but instead of cutting them all the same in length I decided to try folding them all in a different way with forward and backward motion, some with flip ups and some with flip outs and I'll tell ya I got quite creative with it. I even created pockets for several of the pages by gluing certain sides of the papers together.
As for the contents of the book well...what did I not put in it would probably be more appropriate.
 I have everything from a parking pass and a drink receipt to clothing tags and the little hard plastic tie thingy from a bagel's bag, there are even tiny art pieces my daughter made for me using some paper flowers I gave to sweet that one 
For my hidden social butterfly personality I save lots of inspiration and eye candy and then attempt to do something with all of them here I have Instagram screenshots that I printed off plus Pinterest photos that I saved and printed off as well.
There's a vintage hair clip that I saved from among my grandma's stuff and then a Beenie Boo name tag that I saved for my daughter. I have scrapbook papers and ephemera pieces and photos from my own camera roll so as I mentioned it is quite full of stuff...I call em' memories. 
Here is a page that flips out with photos of our borax project -> we were trying to grow our own crystals...yeah not something I would recommend unless you have a degree in science or perhaps chemistry...thankfully I only made the glass measuring cup explode and not the entire kitchen...geez the things we'll try for our (NOT)
Here is a pocket page that I stuck a drawing in and it looks like maybe a screen shot or two 
 This page has a flap that flips up on both sides of the page
 front side flap flip

back side flap flip and although it is hard to see it in this photo that page opposite has a slash pocket
 This page is just a regular page but along the side there to the right I added a hidden pocket, then used my tab punch to give me a thumb notch so that it wouldn't be hidden after all
 Here is another flip out and the vintage hair clip actually keeps the page flap shut
 For the inside back cover I did a pattern completely different than the inside of the front cover - no reason really I just picked out one pattern from my scraps that matched sort of and went with it but I'd almost bet that if I hadn't pointed it out you never would have even noticed, so really it doesn't matter. And there's the lesson for today, try not to get so wrapped up in everything looking just 'right' and go for the end all that really matters is that the memories are there to be cherished and shared
thanks so much for taking a look at my project today - I hope that you are inspired to document even the smallest bits and pieces of your story because you matter and down the road it will matter to your loved ones
just B

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Music = Life

Hello Hello
For today I thought that I would share an older project with you. I believe I made this music file about 3 years ago but honestly I can't remember. My reasons behind it are simple...I love music but some music I love more than all others, those are the ones I have stashed in here. If it ever at any point in my life, thus far, made an impact in my life than this is where I document it. I have Tori Amos first and foremost, followed by Dave Mathews Band, the Sundays, Indigo Girls, Mumford and Sons, Stevie Nicks, Jewel and Journey just to name a few. Soon I will be adding in a few new ones -> Sia, Bear McCreary (Outlander), and Ed Sheeran. I think music is life set to melody and harmony or maybe better put - a genre; could be pop at certain times when times are good and things are going your way, could be the blues when you feel overexposed or heartache, I think indie (in my opinion) would be when times are a bit strange or out of the norm. I love music! I love music that makes me think and that requires me to pay attention, I like music that makes me believe that I am not the only one, that I am normal, I like music that allows me breathing room too that sense of calm. 
 Now that I've said all of that, I should get back to the project at hand. So the way that I started this idea was to take Laura Denison's stack the deck idea but in a totally different direction. I used it to create my file base instead of as a book spine. Having the stacked base to hold my mini file folders in place I think is what gave this one enough support to stand on it's own - it's more bottom heavy than the last attempt  plus the fact that I kept it shorter and had quite a few more files added in. 
 Here is a side view of what it looks like with all of the folders adhered in place and the photo below is a closer look at that stacked binding. The way it works is that the two farthest ends are essentially adhered to the same piece of paper, then the next two in are adhered to the same piece of paper, so on and so forth until you get to the very center of the file - there is only about an 1/8 of an inch width between those two center folders but they are adhered to the same piece of paper. Another way to explain it is to think of the letter 'U' - your two files are sitting on both of the sides, the further you get out away from the center the bigger the gap in the bottom of your 'U' is. In the photo the center of my last stacked 'U' is only 1/8 of an inch, the 'U' on the bottom of the stack has about 2 inches of a gap between it's two file folders. Whoo...I hope that made some since to 
Another thing I did with this one is I added two side pieces of elastic so that there was some give in order to get into the folders but not so much that it would alter the structure to much. I adhered the ends down before covering the inside so that they are tucked in and secure. 
Next I added on two Velcro dots to keep that bottom flap in place and to keep the file closed. I like the two together at each corner it seems much more efficient than the double dots above and below one another on the previous project that I shared awhile back.
 Here is a look from the top, as you can probably tell I have it pretty much full and may have to make another one at some point. Now granted, most of the folders only have one file (library card) in them, there might be one or two that have two files in them but soon I think they may all have two or more in'll see how that works out.
 The mini file folder that I used it actually a die that I have in my stash and unfortunately I do not remember who it is by but there are a ton of online shops that more than likely will have something similar. I cut the die out, put it together the normal way and then cut a tiny strip off the bottom to attach to the sides of my stacked 'U' binding.
As for the files themselves, well I used another die in my stash as well as a 'library card' stamp. On one side of my card I stamped the library image (photo above)then on the other side I saved a CD cover image from Google (photo below) printed it out and then adhered it as my photo. 
I love that I can get a hold of images like this so easily for my own personal use so long as I am not stealing it and saying that it's my work. There are a lot of albums that I have bought over the last several years that I buy through iTunes so I don't have access to their covers like I use to when I'd buy the actual CD so this makes a nice replacement.
So there is my music = life file storage box hope you like it and find it an inspiration to record your own life's soundtrack (no pun intended-well maybe)
Thanks for stopping in and I hope you are enjoying life and counting your blessings.
just B

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Memories of May

 Hello Hello
Welcome back, I am excited to share a kind of mini scrap/junk journal with you today. The idea came to me last April which is when I am usually filled with lots of ideas and inspiration. I tend to hibernate during winter and don't get much accomplished but this is also when I am scouring all my social threads looking for ideas to make my own and let me tell you, there are a ton of ideas floating around in cyber space, you all are a creative lot for sure. So this is what I came up with.
The base of my mini is the tab blanks that many people use when filing index cards, I like that they have multiple sizes available which are all cut to a convenient size plus I love the weight of the paper itself, it seems to last a bit longer. Also I added in bits and pieces of other papers here and there to give it more room to add in our memories and to hold all the photos.  
 The binding is just two simple book rings and using my Tim Holtz binder punch made it super easy to punch all the necessary holes quickly. I think for projects like this, ones that are more just for the fun, this is my favorite way to bind them, there is no fuss and no hassle. Also I think this is my favorite way to document the everyday happenings around here. I tend to take a lot of screen shots with my phone and I save pins and I snap pictures, this just seems like the perfect format for me to get those memories out of my phone and into my hands so that we can remember them and enjoy them.

 Some other pieces I used were free digital downloads that I found through Google images. There are some catches for using freebies that I've come to expect and to except. For example several sites made me give an email address first before they would let me download anything, most of the time I am okay with this. Another example is that you may only use the freebie for personal use, which also makes sense since you didn't buy it, I'm okay with this also, but it is important to remember those that are free and can only be used by you. For this I created folders on my computer, the free ones go into one and ones I have paid for go into another. But even still, sometimes even the digital content that you have paid for may still only be used by you...just so you know. 

 Anyhow back to this cute little mini, I had decided to print as many small photos as possible just so that I'd have lots recorded and looking back on this the other day while I was taking new photos, I realized again how much I love this simple jam-packed mini.

 Other things I included were bits and pieces from my stash, just random things that really didn't belong to anything else. Which is where the 'admit one' tickets came in - besides that night we attended our school districts 'End of Year Celebration' which our girls enjoy much more than we really so it fit with the theme of this particular page.

Being that May is the fifth month of the year I decided to include a spot that highlighted the top five days of this month, which is fun to look back on now. I have grudgingly decided that I have a terrible memory when it comes to details, dates and times, names, etc so it's good that I have gotten in the habit of adding in that information with more of my newer pieces.

  The inspiration behind this little mini was actually a scrap book line that I still had a little bit of, most of the papers I had already used but I found a number of the paper pieces and embellishments. Once I had those in place I then filled in where need be with photos and ephemera. I love the yellow and blue combination, to me that will forever represent the month of May

Other bits and pieces I added in were clothing tags mostly and a few ticket stubs, the ones from the zoo for sure - also I made sure to add in what we were listening to on the radio and on our iPods at the time because today's music is here in a flash and then gone it seems with whatever else is in. For me I think that's the curse and the blessing in today's age...nothing lasts, this is my

   As for pictures I took random photos of everything and anything, doesn't mean I have to add them in but just in case I need them they're there. I love my Starbucks and so I have several shots of either my mozzarella and tomato panini or my caffeine fix for the day. I included photos of projects I was working on at the time. I also included a screen pic of other peoples photos that I'd saved from a social media thread, I love the inspiration and so it seemed fitting to add it in as well. I even added in several 'selfies' with me, myself, and my girls! 
So there you have it - a mini scrap/junk journal. Hope you like it and more than anything I hope it will inspire you to get those photos off your phone, off your laptop, off the tablet and into your hands.
Until next time...thanks
just B