The Maine Lights

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I'm back but I won't be long. I just wanted to share another layout with you real quick...this was done early this year before all the mini book madness started. I've said it before and I'm still not sure what in me has changed but lately I have been really enjoying doing 12 x 12 layouts and when I get totally drowned in mini books and other projects it feels like breathing to just do layouts.
So in this layout I really was going after documenting the overall feel of Maine, and something that Maine has a lot of is Lighthouses. I freakin' love the Lights they are historical gems and this country wouldn't be what it is today without their aid and those of the lighthouse keepers.
You may notice that I suck to colors that were very much present in the photo - a few years ago when I tried this something in my brain just clicked and ever since then this is how I start all of my layouts, unless of course I am doing all black and white or a sepia tone types of photo. I typically do that when I am creating a book as a whole and want it to be consistent throughout.
On this layout I also did a bit of stenciling with some textured paste...I freakin' love that stuff too and having that black background gave me a perfect set up for doing it straight from the jar and not having to color it or spray it with a coloring mist later.
I think that what I like best is that I used ideas that I've learned over the years to create this page and that most of the actual embellishment pieces as well as the pattern paper were all from my stash, makes me feel relieved that I was finally able to put those items to good use.
Hope this inspires you as well to use what you have in your stash, nothing in my opinion is to old or outdated but again that's just my may take it or leave it.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for spending a moment with me.
just B


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