Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spiral Bound Mini

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How's the day treatin' ya? Just fine and dandy I hope. I can't complain myself really I've had a pretty darn good day so far and my plan is to make it even better by getting some crafting done later. Maybe some scrappin' or some stampin' or some inkin'...
I'm not rightly sure just yet.
So for now let's just take a look at number five in my Pirates Cheer Mini Series. This mini book is a tried but true type. The covers are done with a medium weight chipboard and the pages are all done with white card stock that I buy at Staples. This is a spiral bound mini using my Cinch binder and some 3/4 o-rings. As a side note, I have found that the Cinch is actually easier to line up holes with than the bind-it-all but for aesthetic purposes I don't really have one that I like better, circle holes are just as good as rectangular holes to me. 
The pages in this mini are super simple, they are just plain white card stock as I mentioned and I left them this way on purpose. For one - you could add a 4 x 6 photo right to the card stock page and then a journal spot on top of it, or two - you could add in some ephemera or some hand writings, or three - and one that I thought would be really cool - is to add some washi tape to your pages and then adhere your photos and/or journaling over the top of that.
You will notice that I did add in a few pieces here and there. There are two of these little pockets/bags in this mini and then I added the twine so that you could stuff a little bit more in that too if you wanted. Also I made a couple of photo tucks at the bottom of a couple of pages, so if you have extra pictures that you'd still like to add then you could double a couple of them up and then stick them down in the tuck and use the twine to help rein them in where they're suppose to be. What do you think of that idea?...pretty good...
The final pieces I added in here were two side tucks that I created using a die cut that I cut in half and I had in mind that this spot would be good for some ephemera. This is the only page of it's kind in the mini which makes it kinda special on it's own and I think that it kinda requires some special pieces to hold on to. If you're worried about it falling through the bottom just grab a couple of paper clips and you shouldn't need to worry anymore.
Also I added in a couple of journaling spots (not pictured here) that I thought would be a perfect place for some more stories. Last but not least I added in a few paperclips to help keep things contained and just whatever they may be needed for.
So there you have it, a 'plain jane' mini that is super simple but could end up being the best little mini full of memories and memorabilia.
just B 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2 Ring CD Mini

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I'm back again...I soon you say that's not like you...well no it's not but I had an extra minute so I thought that I'd share the next in my mini series.
This one I'm calling my favorite, well not really...but it is my second my favorite. 
But really the name is 2 Ring CD Mini and I'm positive once again that you can figure out why.
And yes I do realize that the official names that I am giving each of these minis is not very creative...I guess I used it all up.
So how did I make this one you ask? 
Well I started with a medium weight chip board and cut four pieces: two for my spine and two for a front and back cover. 
Next I covered all the pieces and created the whole as I did so, meaning that once I had it all done outside and inside, it ended up as one piece. 
Then I attached my 2 ring binder  
piece using the brads that came with it. Now I am sure everyone has their own way of attaching this metal piece but my favorite way is to put the prong sides of the brads coming out through the cover which means that they are showing on the spine...BUT...that is where my second spine piece comes in. 
I always cut two spines, one just a tad bit smaller than the actual spine. For this second spine I go ahead and cover the outside of it but don't bother with finishing off the inside because that will actually be what I attach to my book's spine to cover up those brad's prongs that came out from the inside. 
Now the reason I do it this way is because in the end it gives my book two finished sides, the inside has the brad tops and the outside has a cover spine giving it some added support as well if not an architectural flare.
Now as for the pages, this is where CD in the name comes in. One of my favorite things to do with my mini books is to use whatever I can get my hands on and for this particular mini I used clear CD envelopes. They are one of the best things I have ever bought for mini books and I use them a lot. 
For one - they are durable; two - they are clear and already act as a 'page protector' and three - they're just cool. So to get the holes punched I used my Tim Holtz binder punch that fit the 2 ring binder piece that I added in earlier with the brads.
 So far I haven't ever ran into any problems with punching holes into these CD envelopes, I've even used my Zutter Bind-It-All on them before and it's never a problem. 
So there you have it, number four in my Pirates Cheer Mini Series. 
Oh and the reason it's my favorite?...


you see it's like this...

I am addicted to Instagram and this would be the perfect mini book for all those insta shots, don't you think?
Well thanks again for comin' by, if you've any questions please ask and I'll answer best I can.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pocket Page Mini

Hello Hello
How's it going? Are ya havin' a good summer? I can't say that ours has been anything spectacular but that's okay, I think the girls are just happy to be able to stay up a bit later and have more sleep-overs. I find it humorous that something as simple as sleeping in the living room floor in their sleeping bag, vegging out with a couple of Disney movies and popping kettle corn can make them so happy.
(I remember those days with fondness)

Okay so today I wanted to share the third mini book in my Pirate Cheer series. This one I am calling my pocket mini and with the name I am positive you can figure out why. I wanted to have a super simple mini for those who are accustom to a pocket type of scrap booking created to make documenting the everyday much easier.
The way that I created my mini is by first covering two pieces of 6 x 8 chipboard for the front and back covers, using my crop-a-dile by We R Memory Keepers I punched two holes in each cover for the book rings and then re-enforced them with extra large eyelets also by We R Memory Keepers. I added in my pages which happen to be from Simple Stories, they are the refill pages for their SN@P Binders. 
Now this did take some planning ahead, being that I knew this is what I wanted my page to be I sized my covers to match my pages, then I also lined up my holes on the refill pages to use as a guide for my covers.
The reason I went with these is because they are super easy to fill up, most online photo sites will print in 3 x 4 photo size now and of course the 4 x 6 is always available, so once you have your prints all you have to do is slide them into a pocket. Then because of this pocket style system there are tons of other products on the market that will help support this type of mini book also. Like these SN@P cards from Simple Stories or these PL journal cards.
Of course you can always make your own too like I have done here using a QuicKutz die called Life. First I cut a printed transparency to 3 x 4 and rounded the corners, then I cut out my 'life' pieces, layered/adhered them onto my transparency and then slid it into a pocket. Yes it's that easy and as I said I minute ago, this type of scrap booking is really popular right now so even in the 3 x 4 size there are a ton of options for steal dies.
Here is another 3 x 4 journal card that I handmade using Tim Holtz Alterations die called Movers and Shapers - this one happens to be the ATC & Corners. After I die cut it from a resist paper, I used a letter punch set that I have had in my stash for ages and punched out the word CHEER, then used a Color Shine in Peach by Heidi Swapp to bring out the pattern in her Resist Paper.

In other varying spots I added in some Project Life 3 x 4 Journal Cards and some of 4 x 6 Grid Cards so that there would be plenty of room for your thoughts and memories.
Once I had all the pages set up, mind you I did leave several pockets empty so that there would be lots and lots of room for photos too, I added in a few paper clips just for the heck of it.
The first page is the only one that isn't necessarily a pocket page, it's just a regular page protector with a card stock photo mat tucked down inside, since I made these with 'cheer leading' in mind I thought this first page would be a great place to show-case an enlarged photo, also I wanted there to be at least one larger page for ephemera just in case it wouldn't fit into one of the smaller pockets.
For the cover I wanted it to be different so again I went with a Tim Holtz Alterations die - this one is called Weathered Clock. I fit it to my cover how I liked cutting off the excess, wrapped some seam binding tape around the whole, tied on an Ideaology  findings piece called word bands, glued several flowers in place and rather liked it right there so that's where I stopped. As for the rings I tied them off with a checker ribbon wrapped in tulle. 
So there you have it, the third in my Pirates Cheer Mini Series. Let me know if you have any questions and I thank you so much for taking a peek.
Here's hoping your weekend starts early!!!

just B

Monday, June 9, 2014

2 Ring Envelope Pocket Mini

Hello Hello
How's it going?
What have you been crafting lately?

I can only wish that I was crafting right now...
I've actually been fairly busy lately so...
I haven't done a whole lot.
I have managed to get some organizing done though, it was on the verge of becoming chaotic, so thank goodness that is checked off my 'to do' list. Now hopefully I can get back to crafting soon.
Here is the next style in my mini book series that I made for Pirates Cheer here in my hometown. For those of you who don't the months of March and April I made 65 mini books to sell at a local venue here in my hometown. Quite a feat if I do say so myself and even though I haven't sold them all yet I'm really glad I took the challenge.
Here is the second in my series. I am calling this one a 2 ring envelope pocket mini because all the pages are pockets that are made out of envelopes. I won't swear that my pages are not made just like Laura's over @ Follow the Paper Trail on YouTube but I just can't remember, I know that is where I first got the idea so I
owe her some credit.
I started with making the covers out of chipboard, covered them with pattern paper, finished the inside with a black cardstock, then added the 2 ring binder from Tim Holtz's Ideaology line. The way I add my binder in is by putting the two prongs ending up on the outside of the book because there I can secure them a bit better and then I can cover them with an extra spine piece which is also made from chipboard and covered either with the pattern paper or a solid cardstock. Aside from that it makes the inside a bit cleaner and looks more polished I think.
Now for those pages I mentioned a minute ago, what I did was take some regular size business envelopes and seal them then cut the short ends off of both sides, leaving me a long tube that I could stick my hand through. Next I had to decide where to fold it at, not in half that wouldn't do, instead I folded it at about 1/3  up from the bottom this essentially created my page. The envelopes that I used already had a bit of decoration on them so I just used that to my advantage. On the opposite side though I did use a black & white pattern paper from a stack that I'd purchased specifically for this project. 
For the pockets I did create some tags, our colors here are orange & black so that is what I went with. I did not want to make any of the mini books to specific to Cheer Leading in case others were interested in them too so I settled on just doing them with our Pirate colors.
The binding is well...unique. In order for my pages to turn correctly on the rings I had to come up with a way that did not involve punching the holes in my pocket pages. So what I came up with was adding in an extra piece in between where my envelope folded up. When I added it in I gave myself about 3/4 inch of 'hang off' to work with and that is where I punched the holes, surprisingly adding in this extra piece also added a bit more strength to the pages themselves. Then to finish off the 'rough edge' that's where the pattern paper actually came in, I used it to cover up the top half of the extra piece. Hopefully all of that made since to you. 
Now when I added that binding piece in I didn't use just any piece of paper, in fact I didn't even use cardstock; I knew it had to be something really durable to hold the weight of the page so what I ended up using was a 'make your own' blank flash card. Odd huh? I know but so far it seems to have worked well for this binding system, thank goodness.
So there you have it, number two in my mini book series. I do hope that you like it. If you have any questions please feel free to comment me and I will answer to the best of my memory (lol).

I sure hope you are having a good start to your week and enjoying yourself, thanks for taking another peek! 
just B

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Flipped Out Mini

Hello Hello
Hope everyone is off to a fun filled summer, enjoying the time inside or outside doing what you love.
Today I wanted to share with you one of the mini books that I made for Pirates Cheer here in my hometown. This one I am calling:
Flipped Out Mini
This mini is made using the 6 by 9 office envelopes. There are 6 pages total and tons of pockets to add photos and private notes.
For the envelopes I sealed off the open end of it and then cut about an 1/8 of an inch from each end, essentially creating a paper tube.
Then I took my score board and with the long side up against the top of it I scored at 3 inches and then again at 7 inches. That gave me 3 panels essentially to work with.
The first panel is 3 inches wide and 6 inches tall. The 3 inch panel will be adhered to the back of the envelope that sits in front of it. With the ends of the folded envelope having been cut off previously, this will create the first pocket.
The next panel is 4 by 6 which is perfect for a photo, also this is the panel that is the back for the next envelope to be adhered to.
The third and final panel is that 2 inch by 6 inch strip...this little guy will be folded in creating a flap, of course with the end of it having been cut off previously too, it also gives us another pocket...a somewhat hidden pocket.
Now when you get as many pages as you want - the two end envelopes (the front & the back) will be adhered to a pre-covered (just one side for both covers) slightly larger than 4 by 6 inch piece of chip board.
Once you have the covers on correctly you will want to finish off the inside of the front cover (the envelope panel should cover the entire inside of the back cover). For this I use just a piece of whatever pattern I've been working with throughout. I like to 'tuck' my pattern into that first pocket because it makes it look a lot nicer with a cleaner finish.
In this photo above you can really tell what I mean, the flower pattern is my finishing piece and it is tucked into the white portion of the envelop. That strip of black is just to give the top part of that envelope some extra support and act as a finishing piece as well or even a journaling spot.
The center panel is where you would adhere your photo (4 by 6) and then the right side is that flap panel where you could add more photos or some ephemera or some journaling or just whatever you deem worthy.
For my closure (because this album tends to spread open I like adding the closure piece to keep all the contents contained) I used two bull nose clips from Tim Holtz' Ideaology line and connected them using a silver chain, one clip clips to the front cover and the other clip clips to the back cover.
One final embellishment you could add if you so desire is a cover over your spine. Because of the way this album is bound, on the spine all you see is all the envelopes so I choose to cover my spines with a 2 inch by 6 inch piece of gem fabric. My wet glue (Beacon 527) is a multi-use type of glue and it works perfect for adhering this on. When you do so though, make sure you only glue whatever you are using to the cover pieces only, don't get it on the envelopes because then your book won't open correctly.

Hope you like...and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks so much!
just B