A Haunted Hallow's Eve

Hello Hello
!!Happy Hauntings!!
It's Halloween so what better way to play then to share a couple of my spooky creations for this year.
This is the mini book that I created for my girls memories this year. It is a file blank mini book with 5 tabbed pages that I altered and embellished with lots of spooky elements 
First page has a photo mat on the back side of it and then the tag on the second page is a spot for me to include some details
On the back of the tag I can add another photo in of their costume or maybe the pumpkins we carve later this afternoon
On the back of the second page is another tag that I embellished and then on the back of it another journal spot
For the third page I just kept to embellishments and it being decorative rather than functional
But on the back of it I included another photo mat
As for the fourth page I did the tag thing again and so I have another photo spot, another journal spot and then on the back side of the page yet another embellished tag with another journal spot
You may notice that within these 'tag' pages I did some stencil work on the page it's self - I love how those turned out - then I also did an embossed fence on a piece of acetate so that it could act as a pocket of sorts for my tags and you could still 'get' the scene with the fence showing over whatever is in the pocket
On the last page I did one more photo mat and then called it quits, I felt that it was just perfect at this point and didn't want to alter the overall feel of it any more than need be 
My covers are embossed and then painted over with a metallic copper/gold color, I added two book rings and then tied up some different pieces of ribbon and tulle on them.
Here is the mini book as a whole, 5 tabbed pages with inked up edges and lots of bits & pieces all over and within so that it makes you want to pick it up and look at it, that's 'what' a mini book is for in my opinion, to be picked up, flipped through and admired
Hope you and yours have a happy and safe Halloween full of spooky hauntings and screams of delight!

just B


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