Monday, October 24, 2016

For Tonight

Hello Hello
How is everyone? Wonderful I hope and if you're in my neck of the world, enjoying the Autumn weather I hope. This past weekend was absolutely beautiful outside, low 70's with sunshine and a light breeze...perfect in my opinion.
So I'm thinking that since it seems I have absolutely no time to myself these days that I would let you in on what's really going on around here. 

outside my is dark, the season has come upon us where the days are getting shorter and the sun sinks lower earlier and earlier

i am thinking...about everything that has to get done and everything that I want to get done and hardly ever do these two list collide so then I will have to decide what is actually more responsibilities or my sanity... Hum?

i am thankful for...the peace and quiet, sometimes I just crave silence. Hot tea too. I am also greatly enjoying the changing colors, Autumn is one of my most favorite seasons because of all the colors and seeing them just makes me happy

from the kitchen...a fore mentioned 'hot tea' from my still-new-to-me Keurig, store bought mini Fall cupcakes that are pretty tasty, and later this week it'll be time to can FIL brought me 20+ lbs. of tomatoes this past weekend, thankfully they are green enough to last for several more days until I have time to make it and then can it all...but in the end...all good stuff  

i am wearing...gray...I am not sure what it is about the color gray but it has been one of my favorites for many, many years. I have always been a lover of a good thunderstorm and so maybe I subconsciously relate the two...?

i am creating...well I am currently working on some Christmas card ideas but we'll see if they actually come to pass. And this weekend, after canning salsa-if there's time left, I will be starting on the foundation pages for my 'December Daily'. This is a project that I do every other year for the simple fact that it is exhausting to me. I always love going back through them several years later but to do this every year seems crazy to me. Of course on the opposite year of doing this project I do 'A Week in the Life' which I suppose is just as daunting but doesn't seem near as time consuming.  

i am be running around like a mad woman this weekend; between canning salsa and carving pumpkins and running errands and cleaning the house and getting foundation pages's gonna be nuts...I need another day added to my weekend I

i am reading...two books currently: 
The From-Aways by C J Hauser
I like that it's written from the perspective of two outsiders who have claimed this small town as their own and are trying to preserve their way life they've heard about in stories and songs, while fighting against some of their own families who actually are considered 'locals' 
The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
I just started this one over the weekend and I am already hooked, it is intriguing and thought provoking. I am absolutely in awe at how Yann describes the animals that Pi grows up with and the detail in which he describes certain aspects, it's...almost unnerving how well he can write you into the surroundings and such. I am excited to finish this one for sure

i am hearing...nothing as much but just moments ago my husband called to let me know that he is on his way home. He refs high school soccer and had two district games tonight about an hour and a half away from our home and since he knows how well I worry he was just touching base...deep breath... exhale...sigh...I love this man, one day I hope to be as thoughtful as he is.

around the house...oh my goodness don't look too close if you come is filthy...but I promise cleaning is on my 'to do' list for this weekend and as bad as it is there is no way that I won't do it, that's just how I am. In fact I will probably clean before I ever even start my salsa...
But as for what's in my immediate line of vision...well I have school papers stacked up behind me on the floor in two little tidy piles, I have my 'everything' bag sitting at my feet which holds my planner and my book and my notebooks and my Origami Owl catalog that I am so gonna order out of this next month so I can call it my birthday, behind me and off to my left is the trash can with the trash waiting patiently to be taken out either tonight or most likely in the morning as we head to the bus stop, and then last but not least is my porcelain doll that my grandma bought for me when I was 8 or 9 I think - sitting in her little wooden high chair here in the kitchen with me    

one of my favorite things...sleep 
I have found that working 40+ hours a week is exhausting (recently I changed careers and went from 30 hours a week as a part-time employee to full time working 40+ a week) so anytime I can get quality shuteye...seems almost a luxury/lazy, there is always so much to do and so many places to go and people to see and on and on and did it get to this??? Whoever thought of working 40 hours a week? Maybe they should be shot...just an idea...not joking
My other favorite thing when the first one doesn't pan out is: COFFEE

a few plans for the rest of the week...hum...I think we covered this but in case I missed it:
*clean house
*make and can salsa
*carve pumpkins
*run errands
*start foundation pages for my December Daily Album
*...make more COFFEE

a photo to share...from my lunch break today...yes I drive over to our local cemetery to sit while I eat my lunch...I do this often...I find this place to be relaxing and the most quiet being close to town...remember I said that I sometimes crave the silence... you go...I like that my mind has time to breathe, whether it be to read my book of choice or listen to the rustling of the leaves or close my eyes for a bit or even listen to music quietly...this seems to be enough for me to enjoy the rest of my day
So there it is, this is what's been going on in a nutshell, trying to get use to the new job with the additional hours, figuring out a new routine that works for all of us, eventually getting back to square one so that I can start from scratch and maybe actually do some meal-planning again (that would be nice) and then when all that is said and done, hopefully have a little bit of time left over for me.
Hope you all are doing lovely and enjoying your own time in the ways that matter to you, I thank you for checking in and hope to be getting some projects rephotographed soon so that I can share those with you.
Thanks again!

just B 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review: What Alice Forgot

Hello Hello
I'm here I'm here...or well everywhere at once I think. Got the girls started back up in school here a couple of weeks ago and I got myself a new job. I will say that getting a new job in your early 40's after doing the same thing for the last 18 years has been a struggle and although I've been at the new job now about a month, I'm still not use to the hours and the schedule and the never having any time to myself anymore...I mean do you people do this every single day? I can hardly find the time to read...and I'm about to lose my freakin' mind. Now admittedly I have been spoiled for quite sometime only working 30-32 hours a week and I appreciated every one of those hours I didn't have to work but this 40+ hours a week is for the birds...trying to decide what my next course of action should be. Being that I haven't had time to even read (as mentioned above) one can assume that I have not been able to scrap either and that would be a fair assumption so in order to keep up with my own desires and demands (this blog being a bit of both) I have decided to share my Goodreads reviews with you so that maybe there is a bit for everyone. 

Not sure which of you out there do read, nor for that matter what you read but I thought that this would be a good time to try this hair-brained idea out...lucky you! So to get us started I threw one on here that I read several months ago and really enjoyed and being that this is a new idea I will probably only share with you the books that I either really enjoyed or that really made me think, to start with anyhow, then maybe if that goes well I'll venture into sharing more of the not-so-good reviews how does that sound?

So for today I'm sharing my review of What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, it's super short as most of my reviews are at this point but I hope that you enjoy this new aspect of my blog. By chance if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to listen and respond.
Hope all of you are doing something wonderful and enjoying the journey.

What Alice Forgot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I cannot stop thinking about Alice and Nick and all the trials they endured, how they each one in their own way never gave up or gave in and made their happy-ever-after come true. A very good read indeed; thought provoking and emotionally challenging.

Thanks so much!
just B

Thursday, June 30, 2016

All You Need Is Tea

Hello Hello
How are you all?
As grand as I, I dare hope. It's been a few months for me, finishing up the end of the school year and getting use to our summer schedule. Also we were able to get away for a bit, some call that a vacation, my husband however does not since we traveled as a "family" But all is well that ends well and getting away even for a bit was much needed.

Today I thought I'd share another one of my art journal pages that I art lifted from none other than Vicki Papaioannou, you can see her art journal page here if you are of the curious sort such as myself. 
I absolutely love the way my page has turned out, it started nothing like Vicki's page, she has a lot more texture on her background layer than I but the end results are very similar, with the title of course and the stacked cups. 
For my cups I used my Tim Holtz Sizzix die to cut them instead of free drawing them and what's nice about this particular die is that it makes them super easy to actually stack, there is a slit in the top of each cup to slide something else into it, so say you wanted a spoon in your tea cup...with that little slit towards the rim of the cup it will totally look like the spoon is inside the cup. This die also cuts out the tea bag tag which I think is absolutely adorable and why would you have tea without the tea bag tag? Or in this case a page about tea without a tag at the top of your page?
So that's my take on Vicki's art journal page. I love my end result as much as I loved Vicki's. Her process videos make following along so simple and after watching even one or two you really feel like you have learned something useful, enough that it made me want to try my own hand at a page so...there you have it, hope you like it and even more so I hope that you'll check Vicki's channel out and give it a go yourself.
Thanks for stopping in and have a delightful day!

just B

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Filed Away

Hello Hello
How are you lovelies today?
Fabulous I hope to imagine.
Today I have the perfect project  for you to try, it's a great gathering place for all your memories and photos. I created this piece well over 2 years ago and am having the notion to make another one.
What is it you ask?
Well this is my own version of a file folder or box (as in this case) of memories or rather in this particular file, books that I have enjoyed reading.
The way that I began this project is by using an older Sizzix library pocket die and cutting out 12 pockets. Once I had them all cut out I folded them up and glued all the sides to make my pockets, then I cut about 1/8 of an inch off the bottom of each pocket, which of course opened the end back up...this is where I will attach my binding.
Next I pulled out a medium weight chip board and measured out what pieces I would need. I made sure of course that my files would sit easily and that they would have some breathing room between each one; once all the measurements were settled I went to cutting out all my pieces: the front cover and  the back cover which were basically the same size, the bottom and the top which were the same size as well and then finally the front flap which had just about a two inch overlap on the cover. I covered all the pieces with some patterned paper that I had chosen beforehand.  
As for the files? I decided the best way to attach them is with a hidden hinge binding system that I learned from none other than the great Kathy Orta over on YouTube. If you haven't checked her out you should, she has some wonderful tutorials that you might be interested in. Anyways so that is how I attached my files and it worked great, my biggest challenge was getting the whole design to stand up properly which I suppose I finally figured out by accident.
In order for that happy accident I decided to make an expandable box, so to create this I punched four holes, two on each side - one front and one back directly across from one another and finished each of them with an eyelet (more for appearance than performance) then I added a piece of elastic through the front and back hole, crimped a bead on the outside of  each hole to hold the elastic in place then did the same on the opposite side, the key here was to get my elastic pieces the same length on each side which was harder than I thought it would be but the results were fantastic.
To finish the file box itself I added a knob to the top panel and then on the front inside flap I added a Velcro dot so that the box would stay shut when not being used - this worked out great by the way because I think by making it remain closed it actually helps keep the balance and therefore standing up - see I told you that was a happy accident.
Now what did I put in the files themselves? Well I used Google Images to find and save all the book jackets to the books I'd read. Once I had several of them copied I used my printer on the wallet print size (it puts 9 photos on a letter size page) then printed those onto regular cardstock, cut them all out and added them to the back of my homemade library index card. It turned out pretty cool actually and I have used this idea again and again when I am wanting  to keep track of books I've read.
This is the book jacket printed off and added onto the index card and below is the back of the index card where I used one of my stamps to create the look and give me the spot to document all the information. 
Now for me since I have the book jacket featured on the front I needn't worry to include the author or the title obviously but things I did include were the dates that I read it, my overall summary and then a final rating that isn't based on anything other than how I liked it. In the years since I've done this project the only thing I've changed is that I now print on Everyday Photo Paper instead of card stock for the simple reason that the glossy paper is a bit more like the actual book cover and I like that so much better.
So here is a top view looking into my files and I'd dare say it is certainly time to make another of these I believe, especially considering the amount I've read since then. But until I make a new one I have come up with a couple of ways to keep track of all the books I've read: for one I still print out the book jacket and use my library index stamp, also recently I purchased a stamp set from Kelly Purkey that has become a favorite of mine when documenting books read but probably the most useful way for me, which I've used for a while now, is Goodreads. I can find pretty much anything and everything and it keeps it all on their website for me, including what I'm currently reading and where I'm at in that read, plus when I added it, when I started it and then when I finished it. It's a great tool for me since it's become important to me. Last year I did my first reading challenge through Goodreads and it kept me updated via email on my progress which was pretty cool but even better is when it told me I'd met my goal. 
I'd never been a good reader growing up (ironic that my first job was at the local library) but my mom always had a book in her hands and even read to my brother I throughout our childhood so maybe by her example I thought it important. Several years ago after having kids, I quickly realized that television was out of the question so I turned to books and although I was slow going at first I felt very comfortable in my new found freedom and dare I say that since then have become an official bookworm

Well there you have it, I hope that this inspires you to create or least of all maybe to read. I thank you for stopping in and spending a moment with me. 
Until next time...
just B

Monday, May 2, 2016

Cup-o-Joe and BOOKS

Hello Hello
I'm back today with another art journal page that I quite literally lifted from one of my favorite art journalers,  Vicky Papaioannou on You Tube. She has such a unique perspective is most definitely more realistic compared to most art journalers and I think this is why I like her style so much, there is a focus on a particular idea and for so long this is what was missing for me with other artists. I like to document about the things and hobbies that I enjoy and she has completely transformed the way that I want to capture these bits and pieces about myself.
The downfall on my part is that I am not a very good art journaler therefore I took one of my favorites of Vicki's and copied my own version of it, so I owe this awesome inspiration to her for sure. The good news is that in doing a page similar to hers and following along with her video, I was able to grasp her motive behind how and why she does certain techniques the way that she does. In many of her videos she not only tells you what she is doing and how but she mentions also...the why of it and I find I am really curious about that so I am thankful that she shares this part of herself. Like her I want my pages to reflect my personal style and my daily routine so that it is rather an extension of my reality, my life.
Now as I mentioned there are lots of journalers out there that do a ton of great work but most of the older styles of art journals didn't really do much for me. Some were too busy with color and imagery and then some were too quiet without any focus so when I found Vicki on YouTube about a year ago, I fell in love with her vision and most certainly her style so...don't be surprised if I do a few more lifts from her and then hopefully I will take what I have learned and run with it. 
Another point I want to make real quick is...I think Vicki and I would get along quite nicely, we have very much the same interests: coffee, books, travel, art...
So there you have it, an art lifted journal page that I love. Thank you Vicki...please keep sharing all of your inspiring work the way that you do it because really you are quite amazing and I love it. For those of you who haven't seen Vicki's videos on her art journal pages, I have posted the link below to this page that had me so inspired, check it out if you wish and here's to a wonderful day!
thanks again for takin' a peek, until next time...
just B

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mixed Media Waterfall Album

Hello Hello
What's up? Hope all of you are having a fantastic work week. Here on the home front, my oldest daughter is back to health and I got back to work earlier this week; plus recently I have been contemplating some unfinished projects and pieces on my very long 'to do'...or rather 'over due' list. It's time I really ought to decide if some of those unfinished pieces/projects should just get canned or if I should actually finish them, especially before I start anything else new.
But of course...
have I decided any of that?
the one thing most on my mind that I am really trying hard not to think about to much is...

a for real one where we actually go somewhere else and do what we want to

 and what's even better...I get to introduce our girls to the Pacific ...they've never seen the ocean and I can't wait to see each of their reactions. My soul's essence was born of water and to share this fundamental part of me with them is a milestone for me on an emotional level, probably not something they will understand until they are older if even then and probably nothing I would ever be able to explain with words. Anyhow...
who's ready for the beach?
Lucky for you I have just the thing...

This is a waterfall style album that I created. On the cover I did some mixed media techniques that I will share with you in a moment and then on the inside I did a pocket with tags and a double spread of waterfall style pages. 
For the cover:
 first of all I bound this book differently than I normally do, I still used a medium weight chipboard but instead of covering it with a pattern paper I covered only the front with canvas which ended up giving me the perfect surface to work the mixed media on. Then on the inside covers where I would normally add another piece of pattern paper, the pocket and the two waterfall pieces dub as the cover piece so I actually saved myself a step this way.
Starting out with the mixed media, my first step was to gesso the entire cover, next I added on the lace with some gel medium then moved on to the stenciling once everything was dry. I waited a bit longer then added on some color with the idea of sky and water in mind, once I was happy with that I added on the fishing net using a heavy gesso, then just because I could I added on the sand while the gesso was still drying and you know looks awesome!
It wasn't until after I finished the entire cover that I realized I had no way to close the book...damn!
So I improvised...I punched a hole in each of the finished covers, on the left side I used a hair tie that I looped through an eyelet which then catches the hitch post that I added to the right hand cover. So far so good but I am worried if it will hold once all the photos are added in...but I'll jump off that bridge when I get to
Here is a closer look at all the texture - do you see the lace at all, it's so subtle and I think that is what I love the most, then towards the top you'll notice the stenciling, then finally the most obvious - the net with the sand bunched up within it.
Fantastic - I really had no intentions of this becoming an actual piece, my fear was that I would end up with just a huge glad I didn't let that stop me from trying.
For the inside:
So the first flip out opens to the left and this is where I included an expandable pocket, being that it is expandable I decided to use the string closure so that it would be able to accommodate any extra bulk and still be able to close correctly. This pocket is where the journaling goes, I made several tags that fit into it and they are each double sided with one side being a large photo from the paper line and the other side being journal lines that I created on my computer.
The next flip out brings us to the main double spread waterfall pages. Before I started this project I asked my friend several questions: How many photos do you normally print, what size of photos do you want and what orientation do you usually prefer? It's a good thing I asked because a lot of people still don't understand what 'orientation' means photographically speaking ...all I was asking her was is if her photos are tall and skinny or short and fat when they are in a photo her printed photos look right at 4 inches in width and 6 inches in height or the other way around. A  4 x 6 is typically considered 'Portrait' style so therefore a 6 x 4 is a 'Landscape' style.
Hopefully all that was clear as
Anyways her preference happens to be landscape style and so what I did is I made my waterfall pages large enough to orient them in a landscape fashion {6 x 4} also I made sure to have enough spots to accommodate the amount that she normally has printed {36} and then finally to have them all matted with a half inch border all the way around which actually makes the pages 7 x 5 
Let me tell ya...this sounds crazy having spelled it all out like this...but really it wasn't difficult in the least once I had all my measurements down.
Let me show you what I mean.
 So in the photo above you get an idea of the way I oriented the pages and why the 'waterfall' style was the best way to approach this particular project. I was able to get 36 photo spots in this whole thing, she asked for somewhere between 30-40, so by making a waterfall style not only do I have photo mats on the front/tops of the pages - when they're flipped up I have a photo mat on the back/bottom of that same page giving us more bang for our buck and then what with that pocket on the far left to document the makes a pretty sweet little album with all the important bits and pieces tucked inside it.
I'm gonna have to back up a minute - go back to that initial question/answer thing that I did with my friend about the photos...yeah...I also asked if there ought to be a theme... 
'the beach'...
that was the response I got so the two paper packs that I used are by Paper House - one called at the beach and the other is Nautical I believe. In fact the two pieces that are in the place of photos at the top of each waterfall, are actually 6 x 4 cut outs from the pack.
Now finally we are getting to the end...this is the final element that I added in at the end of it all. I got to thinking, sometimes that happens to be a good thing, and decided that with this many photos there wasn't going to be enough journal spots to document it properly so I added these two ephemera pockets at the end of both waterfalls to catch any of the remaining bits and pieces from their adventure. So receipts, clothing tags, ticket stubs, photo booth pics, postcards they happen to grab along the way...all of those little extras can fit into these pockets, fancy that!
So there you have it...
Whose ready for the beach?
besides me me me me
thanks for taking a look
hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead
color your world and live creative
just B

Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Year in Review

Hello Hello
How are you this fine chilly morning? Hopefully great with a cuppa java to boot!
I am good...with said coffee in hand and find myself with an unexpected day off today due to a sick kiddo. I figured it would be a good idea to keep her home from school since she is running a fairly high here I am again...finally I should say...after being gone from the blog for a bit.
So what to share?
I'm thinking that I will share 2015 highlights mini waterfall booklet. I was on burn-out bad last year and did not hardly do any scrapin' of any sort, nor did I really take any everyday photos. I took quite a few on our 'staycation' but that was one week out of the whole year and an accurate account of our year it does not make so I had to come up with a way to capture our year in the simplest format and this is what I ended up with. 
Essentially I made a booklet and down both sides I used the waterfall technique to create the pages. Each page has one month assigned to it, along with a photo and a journal block, so the left side of the booklet is January through June and the right side is July through December. I am actually quite fond of this booklet because although simple - it is a more accurate account of our year, plus being super simple it also lends it's self to that fact that I did not do a whole lot in the scrap booking realm either.
For the photos I used my Instagram feed and just printed those at home at 3 x 3, then cut them out and added them in. For the journal blocks I printed off the sheet of journal lines I made about a year ago, cut them down to size also so that they would fit in my photo mats as well. I think if I were to do this type of booklet again, I would keep it the same size for sure, which is roughly 3 and a 1/2 inches wide by almost 6 inches tall by about 1 inch thick, but I'd flip flop the card stock colors. Instead of doing white mats on a black base, I would do black mats on a white base.

The reason I think that I would switch it up is because not only would the photos pop out a bit would my journal blocks, I am just not caring for the white against white even though it is the same card stock. Also I would use just one color to document the moments in instead of using all different colors...reason being...some of the darker colors are hard to read because my journal lines are fairly small. I should have stuck with an in between color throughout
live and learn.
At the end of the waterfall on both sides of the booklet I added in these little bitty pockets that have the string closure, thinking this is just another simple layer of interest in our year review.  Inside of them I included a couple of clothing tags, a ticket stub, a receipt or two and quite possibly a few other things as well and that pretty much sums it all up. As I said I had a fairly simple year last year, not doing much beyond a few big projects and lots and lots of reading so... 
Last but not least here is my front cover, I kept it fairly simple as well since that has been the style throughout. I did however add a  few charms along the spine of the booklet...I have a couple of watch hands plus a philosophy tag that says, 'simplify' and a word token that says, 'moments' both of which of course are totally fitting for this book and my whole year to be completely honest. For the closure I had added the seaming binding on the inside covers before I added on my waterfall pieces and so it just ties closed...again...simple.
Hope you like it and I hope you have a wonderful day. If you have any questions please comment me and I'll be happy to answer.

Thanks for taking a peek!
just B

Monday, March 7, 2016

Travel Accordion Book - cover redo

Hello Hello
How are you fine peeps today? Lovely I hope
Today I want to share with you a mini accordion book that I made in...gosh probably 2009 although it's been long enough that I can't honestly
The reason I am sharing it today is because it's finally ready to share.
Although it's technically done and has been done since whenever it was that I made it, it never seemed 'finished'...not sure if that makes sense to you but if you are a crafter in any form of the word then I will assume that you do in fact know what I mean, but for those of you that do not know please allow me to show you.
Here is a 'before' photo, the mini that I will be sharing is the little book that says, "postcard". When I created the book I used that stamp (which I still own) and had stamped it on both the front and the back covers. At the time it worked for me as an ending point so that I wouldn't have to do anything further but here lately I've been noticing a lot of my older pieces seem to me to be 'unfinished'. Quite honestly it's probably more to do with my personal tastes changing but I couldn't resist the opportunity to 'finish' this one if you will.

Here is the same mini but with the unfinished covers reworked...
I started with gluing down wadded up tissue paper to create the background texture, then I added on a die cut piece to add interest, once it dried I painted both sides with black gesso and then used a stencil with texture paste - painted the final piece with some metallic paints.
A close up of the front cover where I added a trinket pin and a metal sentiment that says, 'journey' over the top of all those layers, adding on the belt and buckle seemed to make it even more fitting for what the inside pages contain...
fond memories
In total this mini has 8 photos, 6 of which are of some of the places that my husband & I had traveled to thus far. There are two in the bunch that are from right here in our home town but represent a past time that we both enjoyed; one is of us at the lake celebrating a friend's birthday (an annual event that lasted for several years) and the other is the two of us at the Royals home opener back in 2003 I believe, our 1st time together doing that (but since then we've gone to home opener 4 or 5 times). 
Here's a look at a couple of our photos: the one on the left is in Las Vegas in 2003 celebrating my sister-in-law's 40th birthday and then on the right - in Chicago in 2007 at Soldier Field watching the Chiefs/ Bears game. There was a time when a group of our friends would travel out of town at least once throughout the season to watch the Chiefs play and oh my did we have some fun but as family life has gotten more demanding and all of us getting older it's become harder and harder to 'get away'.
Here we are on the left in Charleston in 2003 on a family trip with my brother and his wife before either of us had any little kiddos - then on the right there we were on the Oregon Coast in 2004 when we got married at Heceta Head Lighthouse. By the way this is one of the most beautiful parts of our country and one of the most famous lighthouses in our nation, if ever you get the chance to stop and revel in it's so!
Now I realize that these photos don't mean a thing to you but what I do want you to notice is the photo above, do you see how when the white tag is removed from it's pocket the photo disappears almost? This is my genius from back whenever... 
I was messin' one day and decided to play with something new...I printed my photos on transparency. Once I had them I realized belatedly that there was no real good way to adhere them to anything so...I sewed them and turned them into pockets for the tags. Pretty cool huh? Well maybe not so much nowadays but back then I sure thought so because I hadn't seen anything else like it...granted that was before we scoured the internet looking at Instagram and Pinterest and what have
Here's a glimpse of the pages with the tags completely removed, the photos are still noticeable but much less so without the tags in place...and I just now noticed that I put the wrong info on the Charleston tag, we actually started in Savannah and so I guess I wasn't paying much attention when I wrote that down - I must fix that soon so it won't drive me
Finally here is a quick look at the back and how the belt fits all the way around. Before I glued it down I added on the brads to make it appear that they held the belt in place, they do not they are merely decoration but I like the final result quite so and hopefully you do as well.
I thank you for looking and hope that you have a great day!

just B

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mini Traveling Book

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How's it going with all you lovelies today? Consider yourselves encouraged and inspired to live your life creatively and thoughtfully. It has served me well over the years.
For today I'm owning up to a  promise that I made. I said I would share this mini book in another post and so without further ado that's exactly what I will do. But first for those of you that missed the sister post let me give you a little back story. Our family, over the course of many years, has had the opportunity to get to know a certain young lady who graduated high school last May and is now on her way to becoming her own woman. As a mother of two young daughters I can not express to you how important it is to us to have this wonderful role model be such a part of their lives. She is very dear to all of us but our two young girls adore her greatly so for her grad gift last year I made her a unique handmade gift...this happens to be just a third of a three part gift (The second and third parts I have already shared in another post).
This is the mini book that I created for her. 
My she was only a month and a half out from heading out of the country on a school trip for two that was the theme I ran with for her gift. 

The beginning of this started with a Tim Holtz mini book kit (shown above) and I'll tell you it is well worth the price of admission. I think the regular price is $20 but I used my 40% off coupon at Michaels and therefore didn't even pay that much. Seriously though Tim has jammed packed this little kit full of all kinds of bits and pieces from his very long line of trinkets and bobbles so in my opinion this is one of the best in mini kits out on the market today. Now having said that I will also admit that I added quite a few extras to my mini book.
It's not so mini
So when you first open your kit I suggest you get into all the pieces and take a look at the overall scheme because quite literally - anything goes. Tim did have the thought to add in an instruction booklet so that anyone could figure out how to put the book part together so I just followed his instructions but where mine differs is with an extra journal tag that I made myself. I used one of the tags from the kit and traced it onto a creme colored card stock, cut it out about 8 times, then stamped each tag with journal lines using a stamp that I have in my stash.
I believe that every other page in my mini book is a journal page.
Oh and I made them double sided so that there was a ton of writing space. As I mentioned in the sister post...I have done my fair share of traveling and I am always jotting things down and trying my hardest at the end of each day to make (at the very least) a simple list of all the things we did, all the places we went, some of the food we tried, etc. Those are the things I find the most interesting to me over the years...of course that is not to say that my feelings about certain people, places or things don't get documented too, I just do those in a separate journal or notebook that way I can add in that emotional side of it later and as I see fit.
so here's what a few of the pages look like, nothing to crazy. 
Now one other part to this mini book will be her photos of course so you are probably wondering what size this is...
well the third part of the gift it's self was a gift certificate to Persnickety Prints, if you haven't heard of this online photo printing company I suggest you check them out the next time you need photos printed...they are wonderful. Now typically I print at home but I have done a couple of orders through this company and I am happy not only with their pricing but their available options as far as sizing. More specifically for this mini book I needed our dear girl to be able to print in a 2 x 2 or a 3 x 3 or even possibly a 3 x 4 and yep you guessed it, Persnickety Prints can do all of them.
One last thing I wanted to mention, not really sure if you can see it from any of my photos but this kit (another way Tim designed it in my opinion) is super interactive if you have the mind set beforehand on how you put the pages together and adhere things down. I made sure that there were lots of photo tucks and lift ups and fold downs, plus a few other things for this to become very much a conversation piece in the future and what another great way for our dear friend to relive the moments of a lifetime.
It's the gift that keeps on giving...right? 
So there you have traveling mini for a dear friend traveling.
thanks for stoppin' in and takin' a look, if you have any questions please feel free to comment me and I'll be happy to get back with you as soon as I can. I've included the link to my YouTube video on this mini book below if you're interested in watching that.

Hope you have a wonderful day and remember to live creatively and thoughtfully!

just B