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What's going on? 
Nothing much here really...after my day today I have off for the next four days and I am looking forward to them. I am hoping that I might actually get something done, that'd be good for a change. I have been fighting a head cold for the past week and it's getting really old so I'm hoping it's on its way out.
So real quick here is another layout that I would like to share with you today. This is one of the ones I did when I went on my weekend binge and did like 7 or 8 in row. For having put it together so fast I still really like it, maybe that's a key *to not spend so much time on them* and therefore I won't have the time to get frustrated. Might have to keep that one in mind for future reference.
What I like the most about this layout is the fact that eventually when I get all my journaling done I will have the salsa recipe that I used copied on the recipe card and therefore always apart of the layout and apart of our history which is super cool since this is my mother-in-laws recipe that she taught me herself, also that it'll be accessible to whomever cares to read it.
Another thing I really like is the file folder, don't ask me why I just do. I added the twine to the outside and included one of my kitchen utensil's tag that I've had in my stash for several, several years. How ridiculous am I? But it totally works on this layout so it was worth the wait. Right?...
Inside the file I used a shipping tag so that I could add some other thoughts that I had about my experience making salsa. I liked this added tag element so I just kept going with it in a couple of other spots. Now whether or not I'll add some thoughts to them remains to be seen because I haven't decided yet but I'm thinking this would be a great place to include the date and maybe how much salsa I ended up canning for the season, that'd be cool. 
To finish it off I found an addition Instagram photo that helps support the story and added it on, next I inked all the edges with distress ink then went around the entire layout with my distress tool and roughed them up a bit. Yes this was after I used distress ink and the picture you can't see it very well but I assure you the ink still shows up and keeps those edges from being to much of a sore-thumb. Finally I added on one sticker...just one...and only because I liked the word and it matched my layout. That's matched!
That's it that's all I got, hope you like! Remember to document your story also along with those in your family because they're all important, including yours...yes you! Some great advice I heard recently is to sit down and flip through your scrap books and don't necessarily 'look' for missing pieces but 'feel' for missing pieces, you'll realize it faster that way what needs to be represented a bit more, whether it be yourself or your spouse, or maybe your oldest child verse your youngest. When you do this and make a mental note to document their story more often, eventually you'll have a very well rounded and true representation of your life right now. How cool is that?

Alright then hope you all have a fabulous week, make sure to jot down those stories that you want to remember - keep them safe until you have time to record them your way. Make sure to check back later this week I'll be sharing a few more layouts, wanting to get them wrapped up very soon so keep an eye out.
Thanks again!
just B 


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