Monday, December 22, 2014

December Daily 12 - 14

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I'm back again with December Daily, I'm still playing catch up of course but I am surprising only behind in getting it posted here on the actual album is for the most part right on track so that is good...very good for me, usually at this point I'm so far behind I wait to finish it at the new year.
For the opening of day 12 I just used lots of photos from throughout the day. 
 On the back I added in some screenshots that I had saved from the day too, often when I'm on break at work I distract myself in one of my many social media outlets be it: Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin', or Google +
In between these two pages you'll notice I also added in a copy of the DVD cover of A Christmas Story - in our Advent Calendar our activity for the day was 'movie night' with popcorn and hot cocoa, this is what the girls wanted to see. 
 For the following page I did a lot of journaling, just seems to be the best way for me aside from photos.
 On the next page I used a couple of the photo flips and added in a couple of photos from our day then added along the side a decorative element with some Christmas tags that I picked up at Michaels. The sister page is full of ephemera and a journal spot.
 As for these two pages I have dedicated them to our family tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree. We started this tradition in 2011 when we moved into our new house in a new town, we found a Family Owned Christmas Tree Farm not to far and so it seemed like the perfect time to start this annual tradition for our selves, the girls absolutely love it.
 On the back side of that I used a free printable that I found online and then also copied the cover of one of my favorite Christmas Albums to include.
For the start of day 14 I added in some photos that I took at our family Christmas gathering, plus a brochure that I picked up while we were there.
 On the flip side I have a picture of my mother-in-law and her sister which are the two reasons for this family gathering every year, love that we do this even if it is only once a year.
 In the journaling on the opposite page I included some of the happenings from our day and what I got for our girls to open at our family party.
On the back of it I really didn't know what to say or add so I added in two gift tags that had on it what we took to the party for our girl and guy gifts and then who ended up getting those gifts, never thought to include that until I didn't have anything to go on, funny how that happened.

Well that's all I have for today, hope you are enjoying this peek into my world and enjoying even more the telling of your own stories. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and the only thing we can truly count on is change, so it is important to remember the now because's a new day.
*thanks for everything*
Happy Holidays!
just B 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Daily - playing catch up

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Welcome back to my December Daily, today I am sharing days 9, 10, and 11 - attempting to play catch Above I have the opening page to day 9 with a mailing from Michael's craft store and being that we go there often I thought that would be good to add it in, plus maybe we'll get some new ideas or inspiration.
 On the back of that page we have an assortment of images, only the photo of the roses is mine, everything else is something I had kept from our daily life...ephemera.
 In between these two pages I added a clear sheet with 'BE MERRY' spelled out in large gold might be my favorite page...might be! On the page behind it I have 3 photos of the Christmas cards I was working on at the time, I really like the simplicity of this page the most. 
 On the back side of day 9 I have the daily overview from my younger daughter's preschool, then a sheet below it on how to avoid extra pounds over the holidays (something I should memorize-lol) then I included 3 photos of my daily routine that most definitely includes coffee. On the opposite page for the start of day 10 I have some random photos that I captured throughout our day.
 On the back side of it I included a bag from Starbucks that had two snowman cookies in it that I surprised my girls with and then in the bag I included some ephemera from our day.
 on the flip side I have some more 'stuff' from our outing that day - a receipt from an exchange, the sticker from the shirt that we exchanged, plus a muted photo of that a fore mentioned shirt. I also included photos from our Starbucks purchases because well...why not?
On the sister page for day 11 we have the packaging from some of my favorite chocolates! Yay!
 On the back side I included a few photos in the glasine envelope then kept the rest of it more decorative adding in just a few ideals that keep our Christmas Spirit alive. On the following page I did more journaling and included a couple of receipts.
For the back of day 11 I added an ephemera piece that I've had in my stash for quite's actually an advertisement for Christmas cards - I have always liked this picture and so when I decided to include it as one of my filler pieces I just trimmed off the advertisement portion and well...I love it...when I stop on this page it allows me a minute to take a deep breath and just be...

Alright there you have it...
hope you are enjoying your holiday season and taking a few moments each day to really appreciate the Spirit of Christmas, for I believe it is in these moments that we can truly find a moments peace.
thanks again!
just B

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Daily

 Hello Hello
Finally I have a few more December Daily pages ready for you. Today it's days 6, 7, and 8.
I started my opening page with the Christmas card that I made for this year and kept the rest of it fairly simple so as not to compete with it's sister page.
 on the next page I added in a few Christmas tags that I made and included my own Christmas Wish list and then for the following page I did more of a journal entry.
On the last page of day 6 I finished up my journaling and then added a few photos of our girls working on their Christmas crafts.
 For day 7 our Advent Calendar had the simple phrase, 'it's the season of giving' - so what I had planned ahead of time was that the crafts the girls made the night before we would then take today to the nursing home in my husband's home town and pass them out to the residents there, my mother-in-law decided this was a wonderful idea and set to work making a plate of goodies for each resident as well - she included: a banana nut cookie, chocolate chip cookie, a potato donut, and a small square of white zucchini bread.
 It took us a little over an hour to get to every one's room and give them their goodies, their handmade craft, and wish them a Merry Christmas but oh was it worth it their faces just lit up and smiles were shared all around, this will certainly be on our Advent Calendar next year.
 So on the next page we have a few photos from our day going up the nursing home and then on the opposite page I have two tiny books where I can tell some other stories that I feel ought to be documented and shared.
 on the last page of our day 7 we have a smaller journal spot and the picture tag that we included with our craft, then as an addition I included a newspaper clip that was about the nursing home that we visited and in it our girls are mentioned bringing smiles and Christmas wishes so of course I had to include it. Also the girls had a 'thank you' note sent to my in-laws from one of the residents, so cool!
who knew?
For day #8 we put a copy of both girls 'wish list' to Santa, love seeing my older daughter's handwriting and next year it'll be super cool to see the little one's handwriting as she is learning to write now.
 Also on day 8 I have some more journaling and then in each of the square cards I have a photo of my oldest daughter writing out her letter to Santa.
 day 8 more journaling and then on the facing page we have the opening to day 9.
So there it is...hope you are enjoying this holiday season and documenting your own stories, thanks for stoppin' in and I hope you and your loved ones have a Happy Holiday!
just B

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Birthday Book

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How's your Christmas shopping going? Are you done or just getting started? I actually had most of mine done before December only because I really wanted to focus on our family time and celebrating the season. I do believe I am really enjoying this too so this may become the norm for me, getting things done early.
Today I want to do a follow up post from a couple of days ago when I shared a mini book kit. 
The kit I made for my youngest daughter's fifth birthday party and well it ended up being pretty darn cool - if I do say so myself.
I wanted to show you how I envisioned all of the supplies put is what mine looks like all finished.
I wanted there to be a journal spot on each page plus some interest, thus the 'decorative' side opposite the journaling.
I like all the small embellishments, one of my long time favorites has always been metal so you know I love the paper clips.
I love stamps too and wanted to be able to get more use out of them so that's what made me think to add in a few sentiments too.
I think just the act alone of jotting down bits and pieces from our day is a very good way to document - or rather 'scrapbook' our stories because really everyday is essentially our life.
Adding in the photos just enhances what is already substantial it gives a solid base...color.
On the last page here is where I added my mini envelope and eventually where I will put a picture of the birthday girl.
Inside along with my photo I will have the party details, in our guest's book this is where we added in a little 'Thank You' card.
So there you have it...what do you think? Pretty cute don't you agree? I'll tell ya - it was quite a bit of prep work on my part but I will do it again if either of my girls wants to try it again. It ended up being a fun little project that all the little girls were excited about so yeah...I'd do it again.
Thanks for taking a peek and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Today I will finally be getting some photos taken of my December Daily up to this point and I hope to will get them up this
Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season and thank you once again!!!
just B

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Birthday Party Mini Book Kit

Hello Hello
How are you today? 
Just dandy I presume...
today I have another project that I wanted to share with you. This is a mini book kit that I put together for my youngest daughter's birthday party just a little over a month ago. I had given her several options to choose from when it came to deciding what to do with her friends at the party - she could:
have a 'dance off' via Just Dance for Kids on the Wii
have traditional party games - ie - bean bag toss & spoon races
play outside - it was rather nice out that day
or make a craft whether it be a mini book or something decorative.
She opted for the last choice in the mini book fashion and so I set to work, I knew from my first attempt to do a craft that I would have to have a kit ready. So I spent a few nights getting everything punched out, die cut, and stamped and well...
This is what I ended up with and so then when I went to put the book together it took quite a bit of time and I'm a well versed scrapbooker so I knew that I needed to get even more done for them ahead of time because I couldn't assume that any of these girls would know what to do. Turns out it was a good thing I did, even though it was more work for me, there was no way they would have ever gotten close to done if I hadn't prepared several things beforehand.
But enough about that, let me show you what all I included in the kit the way I made 8 kits:
so each kit made an 8 page mini book, I had 8 solid color squares, 8 solid color half scallop circles, and 7 journal spots, plus we made each girl a 'thank you' card for them that could fit in their envelope along with a picture of themselves with the birthday girl as she opened the gift they brought for her (it also fit in the mini envelope).
Next we had each kit complete with that mini envelope (shown here as a die cut not folded up just yet) and then a mini letters sticker sheet that Tim Holtz came out with a couple years ago.
This photos shows where more of my prep work came from, I had the spiral binding that I ended up doing for them and then I had all the cover pieces, which when it came to the faux buckle using the pop tab...I put that together as well and went ahead and adhered it to the cover of their book for them. Then I also had a smiley face charm that I went ahead and added to the spiral binding as well.
For the inside pages I included several stamped and die cut pieces to decorate their pages with and then I also included the larger sequins - enough to put 3 (one of each color) on every page plus one of either a paper clip or blue gem. So that's what all the kits looked like and well...admittedly I still missed a few bigger details at the actual party (seating being my biggest oversite along with what to use for adhesive among 7 little girls) but all in all I'd have to say that it came off as a success. If you're interested in how I thought out the pages check out my video below, of course I only suggested my ideas to the girls, they were more than welcome to do whatever they wanted.
So there you have it, a mini book kit for a little girls birthday party, not the easiest thing I've ever pulled off but so worth it. I think they really liked being able to create it and then take it home and add to it some more, as it was also their party favor.
 Thank you for letting me share with you and have a wonderful weekend!
just B

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Ice Skate

Hello Hello
How's it go? Great I hope.
How is everyone doing December Daily keeping up? I am doing better this year than I have in years past and I think it has to do with how I am tackling my photos, they are being processed faster and so therefore I can get them printed and in the book faster...I like it.
So for today I want to share the final Ice Skate that I made for my youngest daughter and if truth be told I just finished it about a month ago. As I mentioned when I decided on this project to do at my older daughter's birthday party I didn't really think it through very well and what I thought we'd get done in a matter of a couple hours ended up taking about 3 1/2 to 4 in total time. This particular one took me 10 months to finish because I have a really hard time going back to something once I've put it aside. Anyone else have that same problem?  
But eventually I do finally get back to them and this is what became of it. I think this one is my favorite of the bunch but I can't really say for sure why. I think my girl did a really good job picking out her paper and then paired with the silver and the seam binding, I just really like it.
I mentioned in another post that I needed a way for this skate to stand on it's own and so to make that happen I used a cereal box die and assembled it and adhered it to the back of the skate - it's meant to hold a couple of packages of fun dip because well...who doesn't like fun dip?
Well that's all I have for today, hope you like it. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment. I thank you for stopping in and taking a peek, hopefully this weekend I'll have some more of my December Daily pages ready to share, until then...
keep calm
be merry!
just B

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our First Few Days of December Daily

Hello Hello
Finally I have a few December Daily pages photographed and ready to share, these pages are from the first few days of December. The way that I went about setting up my pages is as follows:
a Kraft card stock page with the date followed by either a pattern paper or a lined paper, the 3 ring binder is a Ditto product that I have had in my stash for a while.
So my album starts with our calendar of Events (which I have a lot to fill in still) and also reminds me of what is happening with the Advent calendar which is a new tradition that I have started this year (more on that later). Plus this page gives me a spot to jot down all the ideas that may come up throughout the season that maybe I want to remember and use for next year's Advent activities.
My December 1st actually starts on the right side on the Kraft card stock, my photos this year I am doing using Instagram because it is so much easier for me to remember to use my phone camera rather than drag out my DSLR and then processing them through IG's app I can get something I like fairly quickly, upload it to Drop Box and then have it automatically on our desk top to print off 
So far this has kept me up-to-date, not blog wise but that's a whole other Also thus far all of my photos that I am using I am printing in either a  4 x 4 size or a 3 x 3 size, only one has been a 4 x 6.
This year I am also attempting to use less 'stuff' and focus more on the photos, I have done more of a journal type within some of the pages as you will see but I really like and want the photos.
I am also using screen shots to help me tell our daily story, so if it's an email or an IG photo that speaks to me or something else entirely I can still incorporate it into our album. I have lots of digital printable items too that I have on back up just in case say for one day I don't take as many photos as normal I will have something to fill in those gaps.
Quite honestly though everything and anything goes, that is the best thing about this project I actually use my everyday items (ephemera) that collect throughout the day and add them right in.
So above we can see the end of day 2 and then the start of day 3, on day 2 I included in the pocket the top of the packaging from some craft item I had picked up and then on day 3 I have lets see:
a screen shot of an email from the Principle of my daughter's school, I also have a screen shot of my Pandora stations and highlighted is the one we were listening to that day, and then I also included a couple of tags from some new dress shirts that my husband received for his birthday several weeks ago that I just now got around to (which is a job in and of it's self). 
Here is a close up of the package top from the craft item we used from our Advent calendar.
And here is the close up of the tags that I kept from my husband's new dress shirts.
 Here I included a piece from my blog dashboard and printed it off also I added another piece from one of the dress shirts and wrapped it around the whole page
 On the left I have the girls working on some Christmas crafts because in our Advent activities it had Christmas crafts as our daily celebration. Then on the right I included the sheet of paper that my five year old was practicing tracing letters that her older sister had written out for her.
 On the back side of that same sheet of paper my five year old was practicing writing her name. I kept the bag from my banana nut bread from Starbucks and then used it to keep some other pieces, including my inventory cards that I use for my Etsy shop - since I donated five scrapbooks to the Elementary School I didn't need those to be in with the rest so I added them in here.
 Just a close up
As you can tell I am a huge fan of the square photos, I may regret it later but I was brave enough to even include a selfie...crazy! The envelope on this page has my older daughter's lines from her 3rd grade music concert on it plus a few photos from the concert. 
 Of course I also had to include my Starbucks goodies because know
 Here is a page that is more journal based and I plan to do this a least a few more times throughout the album.
 On the back side of the journaling I included my favorite photos from my daughter's music concert then on the opposite page I went to smaller square photos so that I could fit them on the page and have a bit of 'white' space. These types of albums can get really busy so I like just having a few simple pages.
 Here is an example, just my oldest daughter decorating her Christmas tree and then the final outcome of her beautiful decorations.
 From the opposite side hiding underneath my Persnickety Prints Christmas Card Sample is my one and only 4 x 6 photo of our baby, Miss Siren although she is only about 8 months I think she may be the size of a small horse.
One more simple page of my youngest daughter decorating her Christmas tree as well and then her final piece which was about the third time through taking all the ornaments off and then 'decorating it again'

So there it is, the beginning of our December Daily!
thanks for taking a peek and enjoy your own celebrations of the season.
just B