Wednesday, March 23, 2011

December Daily Days 1-5

Hello Everyone
A made a promise a while back that I would share with you my December Daily album when I completed it and well.... finally I have it complete so for the next couple of weeks I will be sharing several pages @ a time.
So for today I will be covering days 1-5 of my December Daily, hope you enjoy taking a peek into what our holiday time is like and how it is spent.
For the 1st day of the month, we actually pulled out our Christmas trees (3) and started unpacking Christmas boxes.  In this photo I took pictures of my 4 (almost 5) year old decorating our living room tree, she was having such a good time.
On this page I have a couple of pictures of our completely decorated tree and on the right side of the page I made a pocket for some journaling cards where I will (always the last thing that gets done - if ever) jot down a few random facts, luckily I am very good about keeping a daily journal throughout the month so that I will be able to go back and reread and then recall specific details. 
Here is a photo of my oldest daughter's Christmas tree and yes before you even ask, she does have a small tree for her room, a gift from her grammie a few years back and a tradition we have decided to keep.  She absolutely loves her Christmas tree and knows exactly which ornaments are hers to put on her tree.
On this layout I made another pocket to jot some more notes about the day on and as much as I'd like to be able to do this project every day throughout the month of December, it just isn't possible so as I said before if anything @ least I try to keep a consistent daily journal of our where abouts and happenings that way I am able to go back and hopefully recall the day & it's events enough to remember what it was I had thought to write @ the time.
Ahhh Yes!!! Our 3rd and final PINK Christmas Tree!!!
If you were sensing a story behind the Pink tree, you are correct, there is certainly a story behind that one!
Just a cute photo of me & my baby girl - she is so sweet - I also made the photo a pocket so I could add some journaling in later.
Can't have a photo of one girl and not the other so here is a photo of Bill & our oldest daughter.
On this page I made the whole thing a double pocket page and added all sorts of papers, receipts, tags, and misc. from our month.
A picture of my dad & his new wife - thankful that maybe he wants to be apart of our lives!

Okay there's our 1st couple of days in December, later in the week I will post the next set of 5+.  Remember if there is ever something you would like to ask me please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks for stoppin' in!
just B

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grads Rule

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope everyone is enjoying their week.  I am in the middle of packing up our house because this weekend we will be moving.  So excited but it's kinda surreal, I have never bought a house before so this waiting period, although I understand is necessary, it is also torture in the only way that torture can be good.  
: )  LOL 
So being that about half of my scrap supplies are already packed, I decided to share with you one of my Design Team projects.  In the wake of doing Graduation Cards, Carolyn thought that I was on a roll and wanted me to continue in that direction, so in the spirit of 2011 Graduates, I give you a Graduation Mini Album.  This album represents Shawnee Mission North West High School, which is the area HS closest to The Scrapbook Page here, located in Shawnee Mission, Kansas.
Although I am far removed from high school and the colors couldn't be further from what my HS colors were; I gave it my best shot and this is what I came up with.  Now before we go any further I will admit that the chip board letters and all the card stock to match the letters, were die cut for me.  The only thing that I had to do was adhere the die cut pieces to the chipboard letters.
That and of course make it look pretty!!!

So to start off I decided that the card stock was just too plain, so for the orange pages I distressed the edges with vintage photo here, and then for the black pages I had to get a bit more creative.  I took a piece of bubble wrap and inked it with clear embossing ink here and then stamped it all over each of the pages, then I used clear embossing powder here, heated it up, and voi·là.  The shiny dots against the flat black adds depth without taking away from the integrity of the color.
Here is a close up of what the distress looks like on the orange card stock and then the black page behind it (not a good close up but you get the idea).  Also in this photo you see the mini banker's clip that I embellished and then clipped to the W.  The silver tassel is one that I made myself using silver cording that I unraveled, then I cut several 5" lengths, folded them in half, then added a thin piece of striped ribbon to hold it all together, attached a jump ring and hung it off the clip.  It's rather cool I think.
Here is the front cover, the clear embossing technique is obvious in this photo, giving you a very good idea of how much it added to the textured card stock.  I decided to keep this front page pretty simple only for the fact that it will be the one that is most exposed to everyday elements and trust me it is very frustrating when all the little details that you've taken the time to make continue to fall off or just disappear altogether.  Now granted on this type of book, there is not just one front cover that you have to worry about there are several so as you scroll down you may notice that most of my 'covers' don't have a whole lot on them. 
Looking @ this photo you're probably thinking, "Ok.....did I miss something?"  No you didn't miss a thing, I left this page plain as well because as small as the letter S is, there wasn't really a whole lot of room to do anything noticeable. And @ this point I am still working on drawing you in, so in this case less-is-more.
Here I did step it up a bit, added a few stickers, one in which I popped up with pop dots here.  Then I used a couple strips of ribbon underneath the popped up sticker.
On the back side of the letter M, I added one of the paper borders except I cut it down to fit on the page.
On the opposite page I added the 1st interactive element, a coin envelope that holds 2 journaling tags.  Over the years that is the one complaint I had with mini books, there was never any room to even jot down a few thoughts so in this Grad book I wanted to make sure that there were plenty of places to write thoughts.
Because the supplies I was given to work with were limited, I used my Tim Holtz design ruler here and my black Sharpie Pen here to draw the lines on.
The back of page N, I did a matted postcard and stuck 2 more journaling cards in it.
Had to get the 2011 in there a few times!!!
For the front of the W I had quite a bit more room to work with so I added in 2 more interactive journaling spots, or for that matter photo mats. 
 I suppose if it were my book I would have a photo on the blank side and then have whomever the picture was of write a message on the back, like a photo/autograph book.
On the bottom of each pocket I used a piece of the pattern paper, punched a couple of holes in the design, weaved some ribbon through it and then added it to the top of the black card stock piece using pop dots to give it some dimension and to make the pocket for the journaling cards.
On the back side of the W I did another journaling mat (or it could be for a photo or even a favorite quote) and another coin envelope to add a few more spots for journaling; topped off the page with a few stickers and several ribbons.
Here another look @ the journaling
The mat has a ribbon that goes over the top of it so in case you have several quotes or photos or whatever they will all tuck together into it and it will stay in place.
On the last page I made 9 wallet sized photo mats for friends senior pictures.  Obviously if you have more than 9 pictures, you could either do pictures on both sides or add however many more mats you may need.
The mats are just card stock and I inked the edges in black soot here to define them a bit more.  Inset the corners and called it good.
The back cover of course signed by yours truly.  : )
Another look @ the front of the mini
Here is close up of the mini banker's clip that I clipped on the side of the W
On the spine of the mini I made 3 little double sided tag charms and attached them with jump rings
The opposite side of the charms, the middle one could even be used for another short quote or maybe the name of the graduating senior who is keeping the album.

So there you have it, my 2nd Design Team Project.  I had fun with this one but I love minis so that is no surprise.  I will say though that it was still a challenge because as I mentioned early I am not given a lot of product to work with mostly pattern paper(s), card stock, ribbon(s), stickers, and a couple of odds & ins.  Of course most would tell you and I would have to agree this is when your 'creative' side truly shines, when you let your imagination take over to solve whatever problems arise.... and that really is what it is all about for me..... the creative imagination!!!
So have a wonderful week, enjoy the wonderful weather nature has bestowed upon us and just b......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Rules

Good Morning Everyone!
Just a quick post, I want to share with all of you my first Design Team project.  Carolyn asked me to do 4 or 5 graduation cards, and then gave me several sheets of patterned paper, some stickers, ribbon, and a few extra embellishments....this is what I came up with.
This first one is a tag card. I used one of the pattern papers and folded it into the pocket, lucky for me it was a double sided paper and therefore I didn't need to worry about making a second layer, the stripes were already there. 
For the pull-out tag, I used a black card stock as the base then added a square of white card stock so that you could write your message to the Graduate.  For the top of the tag, I punched a small white square to give the hole some re-enforcement, then once I had the hole punched I also attached an eyelet to give it a finished look.  I tied a piece of tulle through the hole to soften the look a bit and then using a strip of pattern paper and one of the word stickers, I made a paper tag embellishment and attached it with a couple of jump rings.

The final outcome, I added one of the chip board stickers to the front of the pocket and on it a message to the Graduate, a quote I believe.  Each card I created had one of these quote chip board stickers.
For this card I started with the window cut-out, then added the double eyelet holes @ the top & the bottom of the cut-out that suspend the chip board sticker quote in the window.  For that, I matted the sticker on pattern paper then punched the double holes, added eyelets, then used jump rings to attach the whole piece.
For the inside I matted a piece of patterned paper with white card stock, then added a band of silver ribbon around the top of the white piece and put a word sticker in the middle of it leaving the bottom half of it blank to write a personal message to the Graduate.  
Here is a close up of how I hung the cut-out in the window, I really like how this one came out, quite unique.
On this card I was curious about an idea I had seen several years back and thought to try it.  I am very happy that I was able to make it work.  The entire base is one piece and the cut-out is done with a craft knife. The way the piece is folded is how the cut-out is able to set out apart from the rest of the card, very cool.
Here is a side view of what it looks like.  On the one side of the cut-out I did a double mat of white card stock & pattern paper, on the top I added one of the chip board quotes.  The black brads in the 4 corners give it the finishing touch.
On the opposite side of the cut-out I did a triple mat, white card stock, pattern paper, then white card stock again.  Along the top of the white card stock I added a piece of border sticker and left the rest of it blank for a personal message.
Card #4: This one is more traditional in it's overall appearance.  I used white card stock as the base, did an overlay of pattern paper (just on the front), and using repositionable adhesive I cut out the window from both pieces @ the same time so that they would be identical.
I added a twist, in between the layer of card stock & pattern paper (after I cut out the window), I sandwiched a wide silver ribbon in between them.  Unfortunately it is hard to see.  My lack of know-how when it comes to taking really good photos shows unmercifully in many of my blog posts, forgive me.
This photo shows the wide silver ribbon a little better if you look close enough.  On top of the ribbon, centered in the middle of the window, I added the chip board sticker quote.  On the inside I decided to spice it up a bit with a black card stock mat to write your message on, plus it helps that silver ribbon really stand out.
For card #5 I did a tri-fold card that sits up on it's self.......did that make sense?  I'm sure there is a name for this type of card I just don't know what it is, so bear with me.
For the entire base of the card I used black card stock and scored it @ 4 inches from both ends(my base was 12" by 4"). For the front of it I added a piece of tan card stock to trim out the pattern paper piece so that it wouldn't get lost in the black background; then topped that pattern piece off with the chip board sticker quote.  On the inside middle section I added another piece of the same pattern paper and topped it off with one of the border stickers that says, "congratulations".
For the inside bottom section I added another piece of the tan card stock, trimmed it off @ the top with another of the word border stickers, then added the half back pearls in all 4 corners leaving the center of the page for a personal note to the Graduate.  In this picture I was able to capture just how this card stands up on it's self, the half back pearls act as a stopper so that the top section can fold down on to it and remain in place.
Now looking into the card, you'll see even more of the tone on tone in the pattern paper, and the white goes so well, now that you can see the card as a whole.  I finished trimming around the middle of the inside with the same border sticker and then made a faux piece of school notebook paper to write a personal message on.  
That chip board sticker quote....well we just couldn't call this card done without it, so there I added it to the bottom right corner of the notebook paper.  It adds a nice touch.
So these are the 6 cards I came up with and I have to admit, although the design ideas came quickly enough (my background started in card making), the construction was quite challenging.  I am use to scrappin' with lots of tools & even more product, so to be limited as far as what I 'can' use....well that's hard for me.  In my scrap booking, I really don't like having 'rules' and although I understand the need for them in this 'role', it does challenge me and well I suppose that was the whole idea so..... so far so good!!!
Well folks that's all I have for you today hope you have liked what you've seen.  Feel free anytime to leave me a comment, I'd be happy to hear from you.  Up next is the Grad Book I did for my 2nd creative project, hoping to have it posted within the next couple of days, thanks for stopping by and come again....anytime!
just B ......