Saturday, March 29, 2014

Arizona Mini Bind

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Sorry I'm late!
But better late than never right?
Here is my Arizona mini album I did back in 2012.
For the book it's self I used medium weight chipboard and covered that with October Afternoon's collection called Boarding Pass which I also used throughout the book on the pages along with their collection called Rocket Age. I do believe that both of these collections have been retired but you could certainly check on-line.
I think that October Afternoon is still probably at the top of my list for favorite paper lines, they have a vintage flare that I do love but with the bright, bold colors that sometimes I just need to have more of in my world, plus they do some wonderful 'old-school' paper embellishments that match too.
As for the binding of my book I used a 2-ring binder by the fabulous Tim Holtz and then punched all my pages to fit the rings. For the pages I cut a 12x12 piece down to 6x12 and then folded the 12" length in half so that it would be 6" square, therefore all my pages are 6x6 with my holes punched along the opposite side of the fold. 
On the pages I did several different things; I have photos that I die-cut then used as a corner tuck, I have tags that I did most of my journaling on, I have ephemera pieces from the two OA collections that I added tidbits to, and then lots more die-cuts. 
Since I did not make the pages themselves pockets in this mini - I used a lot of foam tape behind my larger photos, just around the edges, to make them pockets.
In the photo ^above^ you'll see that the 4 pieces that are laid out (1 die-cut photo, 1 mini Instax photo, a tag, and a 'postcard' ephemera piece) all tuck behind the
die-cut photo in the background. I wanted there to be lots of space for all the photos and I think was my best bet. I like that it makes this mini more interactive too.
I included a couple of these library pockets too because they hold my tags perfectly.
Here's pic of my larger photo dubbing as a pocket.
Above again I have a die-cut photo dubbing as a corner/photo tuck.
On this particular page, I have 3 ephemera pieces just randomly sticking out around my photo, they actually do pull-out and have a bit of info on's that for cute and interactive.
Another one with some pull-out pieces again.
So these next two pages in my book were a collage of 5 of my favorite photos of each daughter that I took throughout the week of our vacation. I numbered them off and then on the following page I used two tags (one for each girl) and wrote a little something about each photo and why it made it in my fav list.
Here's the collage page for my oldest daughter with each photo numbered in one corner.
And then here I have both of the tags explaining why I loved each of those 5 photos the best.
On the very last page of the book even though I have a ton of journaling throughout the book, I did add a typed out day-by-day account of our vacation just so that in the coming years I won't forget all the details. Plus it makes for a quick reference if I am looking through the book and want to know where something took place.
On the cover I added a couple of pieces from both of the paper collections that I mentioned earlier and for those of you wondering - (wishing I'd taken a photo of this) when I do use the binder rings from TH, I put my brads that hold the piece on with the finished side showing inside my book-does that make since? the back where the prongs are, are actually covered up with an extra spine piece that I cut a bit smaller than the spine it's self, still wrapped in the same line of pattern paper and then added over the top of my original spine on the outside of the book. Two reasons I do this: #1 - I like not having the 2 prongs showing on the inside (to me that looks tacky) and #2 it gives the outside of the book a more finished look which makes the whole piece look more professional.

So there you have it! I sure hope you like it and have gotten at least a little bit of inspiration going on. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you. Until next time I just want to say, "Thank You" for sharing your time with me and hope that you have a fun-filled weekend of scrappin'.
just B

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One for Mom

Hello Hello
What's up? Who's on Spring Break this week? We had ours last week. I'm curious, are all of you busy on Spring Break or relaxing on Spring Break? 
We landed somewhere in between I think, hopefully I got enough in there for the girls to feel like they had a good time - not completely bored but not completely worn out. Now granted it wasn't Hawaii or Florida but ya know...we did get to the zoo. (lol)
Anyways...for today I had one more card to share, this one I made for my mother-in-law for her birthday. I did happen to use the Tim Holtz frameworks again and I gotta tell ya, I am really, really liking these dies.
Also real quick I wanted to share this tip that I stumbled across a few months back when I was in process with all of my Christmas minis. I have the Round Arch Large Punch by EK Tools and as I started punching my strip of paper I had unconsciously decided to keep the negative punched out pieces too and low-and-behold they made the perfect photo tuck in my toilet paper mini books. In the photo above, they make a great decorative element, framing the "Happy Birthday" sentiment above and below it. That's what reminded me of the photo tucks - there are so many different ways to use what we already have we just need to look beyond what the product was intended for and move outside of the box.
So that's all I have for today, wanted to keep it short & sweet! Hope you have fun crafting outside the box this week.
Remember on Friday I'll be sharing a vacation mini book that I did back in the summer of 2012, I think you may enjoy it so be on the look out for that. And as always, "Thanks"!
just B

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mixed Media Book

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Good Afternoon from the Midwest! And I suppose I should also say Happy Springtime, even though there are traces of snow melting on my back deck.
In celebration of Spring, I wanted to share this little gem that I did last year probably right around this time, I am in love with this one still. This is a mixed media piece that was a little daunting to begin with but in the end, oh so much fun!
I absolutely love all the texture and layers, and it's even more amazing when you start out how each and everything still somehow manages to show through everything else piled on top of it. My favorite is the cheese cloth, I think it creates the most interesting texture, my next favorite is all the metal. I have loved using metal since I first started scrapbooking, and it remains as one of my most favorite still - in fact I horde most of my metal pieces - sad to say but it's true. I do also like the trim that I added along the side of my piece, wasn't sure if it was going to work out but as it turns out - anything goes when you do mixed media.
I think that the funnest part to watch is the transformation that the piece takes when you paint on the gesso, then once it dries adding on the color sprays - it's absolutely incredible - it's like the whole piece comes to life.
Some of my other favorite elements within this piece are the huge flowers and also the vintage key.
I find my color choices interesting - I'm not much for the brighter warmer colors, usually my 'go to' colors are the cool colors, a combination of blues and greens, but as I said I think I did this one right around Springtime last year and so the colors of the season must have been on my mind. On my next piece I will most likely do the cooler colors that I love so much.
So what do you think? Are you curious? Do you want to try something like this? I say, 
"Go For It!"
There is a video that I found on youTube from Arlene that inspired me, and I am so happy with my results that I will no doubt be doing this again very soon. I think that if you are inspired to try mixed media this is the video to watch for sure.
As you can hopefully see from all of my photos, there is so much you can do when it comes to MM - there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can add pretty much whatever you'd like to add, everything from fabric to metal - chipboard to plastic.
Well this is all I have for today, I sure hope you like.
Thank you for stoppin' in today, hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fabulous week. Stay tuned later this week, I'll be sharing a vacation album from summer 2012, so you'll want to check that out.
Thanks again!
just B

Monday, March 17, 2014

A little upcycling

Hello Hello
and good day to you all
Hope wherever you are at the weather is warm and the sun is shining!
Happy Spring Break To All
We are celebrating Spring this week and my plan is to make a Spring Banner to hang in our living room where I normally hang the Christmas Banner. Also we're planning a trip to the zoo later this week when the weather is suppose to be warmer, there is also a Birthday Party included in our week and my oldest has another slumber party and then...just... whatever else we can think of to do. And because our oldest is on Spring Break - I took the week off from work. YAY me! 
Would you like to know what I got? I got a whole bunch of toilet paper rolls and with that the possibilities are endless.
Ever done a TP mini?
Well now is the time. They are fun, fast, affordable, convenient, and the 6 x 6 papers work well with the size (meaning there is not a whole lot of waste-usually). Not to mention this is good for the environment, up-cycling at it's best, for sure.
Here in the coming weeks I will be sharing some mini books that I have made with a handful of our toilet paper rolls, but as of right now they are still in the works and are undergoing a major transformation. Not sure if I've mentioned that I have a huge project going on right now? But I do. Nothing that I can share as of yet but soon and I hope you won't be disappointed. So far with this project I have made over 20 mini books...yeah...crazy right? Well I have more than 20 more to goal is to have 50+ ready for a certain event that will be taking place in our community coming the first weekend of May. Just in time to celebrate 'International Scrapbook Day'. Needless to say I am super excited to see how my mini books go over and to see if this is an endeavor that is worth while. I sure hope so! 
(keep your fingers crossed for me) 
Now as for a peek, I think I can manage that! This is what I have accomplished so far with my TP rolls, do they look anything like a mini book yet? They will I assure you, just give it some time. Until then get your craft on and thanks for stopping in.
just B

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Quickie

Hello Hello
Good Morning from the Midwest! I'll tell you the weather here is crazy, yesterday it was in the mid 60's, this morning there is a light dusting of snow covering most of the roof-tops in our neighborhood. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind.
Anyhow for today I wanted to share another of the Frameworks by Tim Holtz in his Alterations line. This particular one is called Courtyard and is probably my favorite one of the bunch but I haven't tried the Honeycomb, Chevron or the Lattice yet so I'll get back to you on that when I do. 
On the card front and inside on the back of the card front I used an older Quick Cuts die that is called Las Vegas I think, it's been discontinued as far as I know but it makes for an interesting detail within my card. My favorite way to use this die though is to take the smaller diamond cut-out shape and fold it in half and stick it to a tooth pick and make it a pennant. 
For the 'Happy' sentiment I used one of my letter stamp sets, stamped out H-A-P-P-Y on creme card stock then used two different sizes of small circle punches to punch them out. The letters I punched using the smaller circle and then I punched the larger circle out of black card stock so that I could layer the letter circles and have them stand out. For the 'Birthday' part of the sentiment - the black connected circles is all one piece and one of the dies so on this one I only had to use the smaller of my circle punches to get my letters...then I added them right to the die-cut piece using tiny glue dots. Doing either of these methods is a go-to for me, I like the results a lot and it's quick and easy. I get the use out of both stamps and punches and I don't have to purchase any tiny letter stickers if I don't want to. I'm thinking of maybe trying to find a small square punch for this purpose too but I haven't yet.
Anyways that's all I have today, hopefully I've given you a couple of ideas on how to think outside the box and use those older things in your stash. In my opinion so long as you continue to try to find ways to incorporate those items into your new processes they will never become a 'waste of money', it's only when we 'give up' on certain products that they become a burden. So this week I encourage you to pull out some of those older tools and/or embellishments and see if you can think outside the box and re-invent new ways of using them. I would also love it if you'd come back and share what you've figured out. 
In the meantime, thank you for droppin' in, I appreciate it. Hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead, and make sure to check back in later this week...
I'll be sharing my very first mixed media piece that I did several months ago, totally love it still and I think you will as well.
Thanks again!
just B

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Projects in Process

Hello Hello
How's everyone today? Fine and Dandy I hope. Over here in our neck of the woods, we have blue skies and some much needed sunshine warming up our day and brightening our spirit.
As for the craft room, I have a ton of 'in process' right now. Nothing I can share as of yet but soon. Let's keep our fingers crossed that I didn't bite off more than I can chew. In the meantime I thought that I'd share some of the items I've been messing around with.
Let's me see, on my desk right now I have three stacks of pattern paper, by stacks I mean the packs you can get at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's, that have like 80+ pages. I went with black & white stacks because the 'ton of stuff' I'm working on needed to be neutral and well...this is as neutral as I can get right now because I also want contrast. I also have lots and lots of card stock, mostly black and white as well but then I threw in an orange just to shake things up. There is also a pile of chip board that is not only on my desk but all over the floor beside me. I have file folders, clear CD sleeves, 2 ring binder mechanisms, some orange/white chevron bags, orange/white twine, lots of ribbon, AND
and lots of it. I have loose glitter in orange, black, white, even silver I think. I have bling in black and gun metal, and I have a whole roll of light silver bling mesh. What more could a girl ask for?
What's up? you ask
Lots and lots of projects getting 'done up' in here, and hoping to get this all 'wrapped up' soon so that I can share.
Until then I hope you all are inspired to try whatever your big-ol-heart desires.
thanks for stoppin' in and enjoy the rest of your weekend, get creative!
just B

Monday, March 10, 2014

Just a Quickie

Hello Hello
How are you lovelies?
I know it's the start of another work week but I want to brighten your day if I may.
My husband's cousin is getting married this weekend and so I thought to make a wedding card. Besides I've been looking for an excuse to play for a bit with these new Tim Holtz's 
Let me just tell you...
they are fabulous!
For the card here I punched the Trellis die out of textured card stock, then used the die cut frame as a template so that I could place the pieces correctly on the front on my card face. Once I had the pieces adhered I lifted the frame part off since I only had it held down with washi tape.
I added a thin silver ribbon, placed a spray of black pearls, then used a couple of other embellishments, including a paper doily from my stash and called it good. I think that for wedding standards this is a must-do, this die is not only fun but has a ton of opportunities. Depending on the type of papers/materials that you can think to use with it, it completely takes this card to the next level (and unknowingly I covered up half of it-lol). If you are looking for an elegant addition to your stash, you've found it with these little gems.

Well that's all for today...     
                short and sweet! 

Hope all of you have a great Monday and a fabulous work week, we'll hope it goes quick right?
For those of us gearing up for Spring Break, lets take this opportunity to politely ask for some nice warm sunny weather...
I figure this way mother nature has about a week to work on the Spring part of it.
Okay now seriously that's all...
thanks for checkin' in!
just B