Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vy's Recipe

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Happy Thanksgiving
Hope you all are filling your bellies full of some turkey and stuffing, maybe some mashed potatoes with gravy, gotta have some cranberry sauce and a sweet roll, then top it off with a piece of pumpkin pie first then a double helping of pecan pie.


Are you full yet? I am and I haven't even started. And by the way I think I just gained 'another' 5 pounds...
make that 10 (I just reread that list again) :O

So for today I thought that I would share with you, not another layout, but a house warming gift that I made for a friend @ work.
Mind you this is my very first attempt at this particular piece but I think that it has turned out quite lovely.

With all the cooking that's been warming up kitchens across the US this week and today being Thanksgiving, sharing this piece seemed fitting.

This is an altered recipe box...
 what do you think so far?
Pretty isn't it?
So for this project the first thing I did was to decide how I wanted to present it. I know that my friend likes black and gold...
!!Go Tigers!!
So that's where I began. I went to Hobby Lobby looking for a black and white paper pack, something really generic, but then I stumbled across this little gem. This gold and black patterned stack was like striking gold. Immediately I knew this was IT! so I grabbed it and then started brain storming.

At first several ideas came pouring in but gradually I narrowed them down. 
What finally stuck?
Well as you know I am an Instagram addict and so that's where the idea came from. My friend Vy loves to cook and it never fails that whenever I jump on FB for a bit she's posted a new picture of something she's made in the kitchen. So it got me to thinking...if she's already cooking (recipe box could get that base covered) and then snappin' a pic (photo mats for the pics ties that in) how would that translate into a house warming gift?
I'll make her an altered photo recipe box and she can use the photo mats for her FB pics of all the cool things she makes. So I created my own tabbed file folders and when they come out they open like a hanging file. On the inside I at the bottom of the file folder I added a 'recipe card' for notes that she may want to jot down and then at the top of the file I added a photo mat so she could tuck her 4 x 6 photos in and have the current food picture on display in that particular file.  

When I made the outside of the file folders I did think to add a blank label to each of them so that she could write in whatever pictures are going to occupy that file. So like this file in front could be labeled Beef...say she has a couple of photos: beef tacos, hamburger, lasagna - the most recent photo could be displayed in the photo mat and the rest could be sitting 'filed away' behind the file folder.  Point being, with twelve folders this surely ought to help her get and stay organized with all of her 'food' pictures. 

So how cool is that? Do you like it?
I freakin' love it! I think that it turned out super cool and hopefully she's grasped the concept of how I intended for it to be used but even if not, it's still totally usable
how ever she decides. If she wants to use it as an actual recipe box - she can - fact she could probably even fit a recipe card in the photo it actually has a dual purpose now, that is cool! if I do say so myself :) 

Well tha...tha...that's all folks!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday today, enjoying family & friends and all the blessings that mother nature bestows upon us.
I thank you so much for being apart of my world and taking time out to let me share with you. I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment anytime and I'll respond as soon as I can. 
Thanks again!!!

just B

Monday, November 25, 2013

Foretelling a Little Girl's Curl

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Are you ready for some turkey later on this week? I sure am, I love me some turkey - especially the way mom makes it, throw in some stuffing and some jellied cranberry sauce - oh yeah now we're talking.
Oh and on Wednesday mom's coming to my house to finally teach me how to make her amazing pecan pie...lucky know I can't hardly wait for that for sure!
but enough of that talk, you're making me hungry & I think I just gained 5 pounds so stop already :)
So I figured for today I'd share another layout...they seem to be center stage right now...last weekend you'll never guess but I did 8 new ones! For me that is insane! I don't think I did that many between 2011 and 2012 combined. I can't say that they are all 5* but I like 'em and usually that's half the battle for my critical eye, so I'll be excited to share those soon and see what you think.
 Now as for this particular layout, you'll notice that I actually have the journaling done, that's quite a feat in it's self. But honestly I like the simple journal blocks. The white journal spot is a digital product that I found @ Designer Digitals, this happens to be one of Ali Edwards - whom I go to lot for the simplicity of her work but there are a lot of other talented designers there to choose from as well; this one with it's rounded corners and simple prompts just felt right so that's what I went with.
Another element on these journal spots that I like a lot are the white paper clips, that I added on with a circle punch, because they somehow kinda remind me of the old safety pins that mommas used on cloth diapers...looking at it right now it just works. And the different ribbons with their muted tones add to the softness of the page, love that.
The last element of this page that really stands out to me is the corner curl, totally love this and have done it a few other times in other layouts. I try really hard not to use some of my favorite techniques (if you can even call this a technique) to often because I don't want to wear them out, I know it sounds silly (I'm laughing at myself even saying it) but it's true - at least in my hare brain. In this particular case though I like it because if there was a way to foretell of a baby's...look...down the road - this would be it, my daughter has a head full of curls now, has had them since she was about 6 months old but you'd never know that from this photo because she was only 5 months old, but how cool is that? As for the curls? Well you know...
(Secretly I'm hoping that she keeps them, they're just so darn cute-even if they are a pain-in-the-arse to brush out every night).

Also on this page that I just really noticed is the Disney clothing tag...I've always liked keeping things from 'real life' to add in but then I rarely actually add them in but this time I did and now I realize completely matches the entire! ...who knew right? Love that so keep this in mind, especially if it's from a favorite outfit because not only does it work in this sense it would absolutely work on a 'teen' page, think about it...they are already crazy about clothes so why not add the tags in, could even keep the price tag (in a hidden pocket) that'd be fun to find a few years from now
...or maybe not :o

(heeheehee-I'm not laughing while you're crying...nope not me)

I'm just saying is all :)

Alright well there you have it, hope this gives you some ideas to try - let me know how they go. I always enjoy learning new things and certainly I love to share them so here's to you, take what you will and make it your own. I thank you for sharing your time with me for just a little while, hope you'll stop in again from time to time, until then...
Keep calm and scrap on!
just B

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Scrap Art Layout

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How is you? I's just fine!
Thanks for stopping in today, I wanted to share with you a layout I did about a year ago to document my scrap hobby. This particular layout is actually really simple there isn't a whole lot going on but I think that it conveys the message well enough.
This layout was also the first time that I worked with kraft cardstock - after all the rage I had to give it a go and well I really like working with it now when I use to not like it one bit. It is a very neutral back drop for lots of color but has enough depth to provide the weight needed to support lighter color pallets as well.
And lastly I had also decided to try a different kind of pattern paper (more so because of the kraft card stock I chose). Using the printed material to my advantage I made sure not to cover up the parts I wanted to use to tell my story. I really enjoyed not having to stamp up some journal cards because it was all already right there even though I was a bit nervous that I was going to screw up my spelling or something...all ended up well so take from this what you may and try using some of your other pattern papers, the ones you've been sitting on for a while and give one photo with lots of journaling a might find that you are okay with it just as I did.

just B

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pretty in Pink

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Okay gang I'm back again with another older layout - this one is of my youngest daughter when she was just a little over a year old, I believe, playing with a balloon from my older daughter's birthday party.
After having looked through some of these and trying to pay attention as to why they are some of my favorites I have come to the conclusion that it's all in the coloring. I vaguely remember now several years back hearing somewhere, to pay attention to the colors in your photos and tying that into your layout...well in these most recent layouts that's exactly what I did and I really do believe now that that's what makes all the difference. 
Now before you go and call me 'late to dinner'
remember I did disclose that I am not a traditional scrapper and so therefore a lot of the rules that apply to layouts don't apply to me...or so my theory goes - so - I should be allowed a handicap...or maybe at the very least a mulligan...(hee hee)
Another aspect that I really like within these layouts is that I've only used one or two photos-maybe 3 if they're smaller, but anything more makes it feel crowded and really what's the point of that if one or two tells the story...right?
Other wise in my opinion you'd either need to do a double layout (which I refuse to do anymore ever) or if you really have that many photos - why not make it a mini book - isn't that what a mini book is for? Especially if those photos all have stories attached to them...
I'm just saying asking?
So it's become obvious to me after studying these layouts that I love, my 'wing-it-and-see-what-happens' attitude that I adopted for years just wasn't working out so well for me. So that's why I decided a few years ago to run with this new-to-me philosophy and try the color approach to creating layouts...sure glad I did too because I have really enjoyed liking what I'm seeing around here lately. Not that I'm complaining about the way that I do my thing (scrap art) but on occasion it would be nice to feel more comfortable with a more traditional style and for now...
 it's just FUN!
So I hope this helps you, any of you, if you're struggling with finding your own flow. Go with what feels right and look at the things you create, the ones that really make you smile...make you deep down inside proud, run with that. Study it, figure out what's speaking to you and RUN...that's you GUT telling you that you're on to something.
Something Great!!!

just B

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Layout...What?

Hello Hello
How we doing? Good?
I sure hope so, I have had a great weekend so far-happens like that when you take an extra day off from work. But I assure you I was still working...
in my craft room that is.
Not sure what has gotten into me lately but I have been itching to do some regular 12 x 12 layouts so that is what I worked on all day yesterday...
I didn't get very far unfortunately - out of practice I guess but no bother because I have an older one that I would like to share with you today.

I promise this will be super quick!

I believe this layout was done in 2011 and the photos must have been from around 2010, because my youngest daughter is barely sitting up in these photos and she just turned 4 a week ago. But this one still happens to be one of my favorite layouts - lets take a look.
So what I like most about this layout is the fact that I was able to repeat some elements, but one in a different way. So if you look in the photo above you'll see the white die cut piece there on the left, well in the photo below you can see the negative of that die cut image in kraft which I then used as a frame around my quote. 
Talk about striking, well that's just cool.

Also you'll see that I repeated a couple of the paper doilies beneath the photos, I did this to bring in some more texture since I knew that all these light colors might not give a lot of visual weight. It certainly did the trick and that was exactly what I had hoped.
My last favorite is the kraft color with the lighter cream and yellow. I really like the neutral palate for the softer photos, I think it works rather well because it allows the photos to still be center stage, just as they should be.

So there is my layout, hope you were able to gain a bit of insight for your own projects - using those die cuts as well as their negatives will essentially give you twice as many options - so give it a try.
Thanks for sharing my creative side today - hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

just B

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prayers & Spells Tiny Mini

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How are you today? I am busy but in a good way. I am in full craft mode right now trying to beat the holiday rush. 
I try every year to make as many gifts as time allows and to create a new Christmas tree ornament too for everyone in my family. So far though I haven't quite nailed down my thoughts and well if truth be told I haven't a clue what gifts I'm making this year either, least not yet.
Actually for a while now I've had difficulties in keeping a train of thought. It couldn't possibly have any thing to do with the two little monsters...I mean these two adorable girls who insist on calling me mommy...not at all. (lol)
Any who...this is what I thought I would share today. I was certainly inspired when I decided to do this piece. I was stalking one of my favorite places on line, a site called Pinterest...ever heard of it? (heehee)
And I typed into the search box mini mini books and it brought me to this, and well...
I completely fell in love!
I have always had a thing for miniature things, in fact wasn't it an 80's thing to have a miniature shelf full of miniature treasures? Well if so then I was certainly a girl of the times because I had one loaded with stuff-I believe I even still have most of the stuff, just no shelf now **note to self: miniature shelf**.
Okay so this being my first one attempted a couple of months ago, I think that I still like hers better, but that isn't going to discourage me because as I got to reading further into her post she points out that her covers she did with polymer clay and I did not and she also incorporated some jewelry pieces that currently I do not own and don't know that I will...but more importantly I'm thinking...
how cute would this be as an ornament idea for this year?; add a couple of famous quotes from some great Christmas movies - in my family A Christmas Story is a favorite - that would be funny to add in. Also my personal holiday favorite is It's A Wonderful Life so a few quotes from that would be fitting as well I think.
I could certainly change up the cover to make it fit the season, do a different closure and voila la...Christmas ornament for 2013! I like. I believe also, just in the past few days, I have found a site on line that featured a really great tutorial on how to stitch the entire book from scratch, so I may even go back to that and revamp this one with a newer version if I can figure that out. So we'll see, it's pretty bad when I don't even know what I'm going to do until it's done. But that's the whole point-getting it done-so which ever.
Alright well I hope everyone is inspired to get their Christmas on. I will be posting later this week with some not-so-Christmasy things, just other things I would like to get out there. And then hopefully next week I can get you all up to speed on what's been crafting so feel free to stop in again soon and thank you for spending a few moments of your day with me. I always aim to please so do leave me a comment or a suggestion anytime you feel the gumption.
Have a lovely day!

just B

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pink Paislee Heidi Swapp 6 x 6 mini

Hello Hello
How is every one's weekend so far, hopefully full of fun & laughter. I have had a pretty good weekend I must say - my youngest daughter turned 4 on Friday so yesterday we had her birthday party. We ended up having a house full of friends and family with lots of cupcakes thrown in for good measure.
As for today I have another Christmas mini to share with you (originally I had 7 to share with you but 5 of them have sold this past week) this one however is still looking for a good home so I thought that I'd share it while I still have time. 
This one is also a chipboard album, it is a 6 x 6 which I think is probably one of my most favorite sizes to work with and to scrap in, they are well suited for a shelf and you can get a lot in them all the same. I covered the pages of this one with Pink Paislee's Heidi Swapp line, the colors in this pack are bold but traditional. And the patterns sport a fresh, young look to grant an overall appeal.
This album has 4 chipboard pages and then I also added in a couple of white tabbed CD envelops as well so that there would be extra room for all the holiday photos.
There are several journal spots and to keep with the times I added in more than a few Insta frames that are so popular right now. I did also include a couple of cut guides so that someone who doesn't scrap would have an idea of how to cut their photos down so that they would fit properly in the frames.
This book also comes with a couple of double sided photo mats that I included in the CD envelopes - and of course I added in the cut guide for that one as well. It'd be a shame to have such a cool little photo scrap book and not be able to get your photos to fit right so I have hopefully taken the difficult part out of the equation.
Last but not least I also added in a couple of my extra large photo corners to provide safe keeping of those extra photos that didn't get the prime spots. I know that if you are anything like me, you always end up with way too many holiday photos and not a clue as to how to pair them down, so in this album it is possible to over fill it with the ones you really, really like.
Here's just a close up shot of the Insta frame and the journal spot that I made using one of my dies and a clear stamp.
Here is a peek at one of the inside pages; the extra large photo corner on the left that I made and then the CD envelope on the right that has the double sided photo mat in it. As you can see from the photo above there is also a journal spot that came with this paper collection that I've included as well, I think I added in 2 or 3 of those.
Here is a close up of this Insta frame which  is from the paper collection as well. I think it came from the embellishments pack that coordinates with this line.
I simply love all the papers in this collection, as I mentioned they are bold but they have a very traditional flare still that I like a whole bunch.
So check it out and see what you think, try one for yourself. Again I think that the 6 x 6 chipboard books are simply one of the best to scrap - they are usually fast and can be as simple as you make it. If you are not sure where to find the chip board, Michaels usually carries a few blank books in the 'impulse' bins that line the front of the store, just be warned that these do get addictive if you're not properly supervised... (lol-just kidding-that's just me)
Okay well, there we go. Hope you'll give this a try and let me know what you think. 
just B

PS-if you are interested in the purchase of this mini book, scroll to the top of the page and click on my Esty tab, that will take you right to my shop.

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Christmas Special Edition

Hello Hello
How was everyone's weekend?
Simply wonderful I hope. I had a fantastic weekend with my best friend and her family; getting to catch up and relax, we even paid a visit to a well-known scrap store in the St. Louis area called Red Lead - here's the link to their blog, check it out.

As for today or rather tonight since I am a bit behind, I have another Christmas Mini Album to share.
This one is 6 x 6 and made out of medium weight chipboard. I covered all 6 pages using the My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Christmas Special Edition paper and then inked all the edges with black soot.
I also included a couple of clear CD envelopes that are essentially two extra pages. They both have a double sided photo mat with a cut guide to help with getting photos down sized correctly so that they will fit properly in the mats...that's important you know.
The green mat helps the photo mat stand out against it's facing pages and then that piece just tucks into the CD envelope. What a great space for the extra special photos that need their own light. 
Love it!
On these pages I did something completely different, I added two small pockets with a few journal spots in both and then on the opposite page I added a couple of Polaroid frames - the thought was that those would be perfect for a couple of Instagram photos - since this is all the rage right now. (I included a cut guide for these as well to make it super easy)
Here's just a close up shot of the journal spots that tuck into those two pockets on the left page.
Here is yet another spot to journal on, this one is a double sided tag attached together giving you lots and lots of room to document your holidays. A few of them do have a sentiment stamped at the top, like this one above with the 'Christmas Joy'.
That double tag that I just showed tucks into this pocket on the left. And of course as you can see that pocket has another journal spot. Love that there are so many opportunities to record the details, I also find it ironic because that's always the part that I personally struggle with...'what to say?'
I did make some extra large photo corners for a couple of the pages so that you could add in lots of extra photos, ones that are important to you or to the story but maybe just didn't win a prized spot. These corners would also be great for adding in your ephemera. For example, one year I kept the tag off of a pair of fuzzy socks because(well they're my favorite in the cold seasons)it was Christmasy and because it went along with my why not right?
So some finishing touches are the ribbons that are on the book rings just to help soften up the edges a bit, and then of course the cover that helps define what the book is about. My favorite on the cover is the December calendar, because it's not just Christmas Eve or Christmas Day that's the whole month that make this holiday what it is, all the parties and family gatherings, all the decorating and planning...that's what makes it so special and these moments are worth documenting and remembering.

So there you have it - I hope you like what you see.
If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer as soon as I can or if you have any suggestions, by all means voice them and let me know - I can always benefit from sound advice.
Thanks for stoppin' in!

just B

 If by chance you are interested in this, it is currently available for purchase in my Etsy shop, just click the link in the tab up at the top and it will take you right to my store front...mind you that is still under construction (lol) so it's nothing fancy.