Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fairy Art

Okay everybody here it is, my 1st canvas piece.  I did this early last fall and have been enjoying her everyday since, she sits quietly in my scrap room and is by far the best of my work.
As I said in yesterday's post, The Daisy Fairy is the inspiration behind the entire piece and so I built everything around her.
 The caption says: Write me a line or two and I'll pick a few for you.

So there is my finished piece, sure hope you like it.  Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  Hope all of you are having a fabulous holiday weekend, thanks for peeking.
My little 'extra' that I mentioned the other day will be coming later in the week so be sure to check back in, thanks again.
just B

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello Again

Okay so here's the final peek before tomorrow's reveal.  
Thought that I'd share this image with you, I found her by accident a while ago doing a Google search and fell in love.  She is the reason behind my entire piece.  Wondering if you'll be as enamoured as I was when I first came across her....?
just B

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hint #2

Okay everyone here is your next hint!
The full reveal will be on Sunday so make sure you check back then so that you can Finally see this gorgeous masterpiece I created (well if I do say so myself).....
Also this weekend I hope to get a little something 'extra' posted - to find out you'll just have to take a peek.
Until then...TGIF and have a Great weekend!
just B

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hint #1

Good Day Everyone 

Alright as promised, I am going to share a sneak peek from a project I did last fall that I am so super proud of - it's the first one of it's kind for me but I am so ecstatic over it still that I haven't even bothered doing another until the giddiness of this one wears a bit more thin.  Hope you enjoy and have a great day - the full post will be up on Sunday so make sure to stop in so that you know what I'm talking about.
just B

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Art Journal

Sunday's Best
Finally we've come full circle, here is the last entry in my two week long 'week in the life of art journaling' series.  This is what I did for Sunday's piece and it's very close to being my favorite....of course yesterday's is pretty darn close's so hard to say.....I really kinda like them all......which is surprising, the idea wasn't so much to create something beautiful but just create and not really put to much thought into it, funny how they have each taken on a completely different meaning of beauty.... in their coloring in their meaning in and of themselves
This one hits me first and foremost because of it's colors, I absolutely love these two colors: 
        teal = ocean 
green = life  
Even more so I really like the contrast of the white crochet lace on the smooth ivory paper, it's that tone on tone and it's just elegant looking and reminds me of all things vintage.
Now as for the 'lost things' I actually didn't use any on this particular piece, but I still love it.  As I mentioned with this one its all about the color for me and then of course the border punched edges that I used.  I do think that the fiber wrapped at the bottom gives it a lot more texture and softens up the whole piece even more.  I did of course add my stamped day and date.  I thought about adding something tiny to the metal stamp in the upper right hand corner of the teal card stock but I haven't decided what yet so until then... I suppose it'll remain as is..... and I'm okay with that.
So there you have it....a completed art practice attempt anyways.....I have to say I really did enjoy this's very much like creative writing.....where you don't think you just write; well same principle, you don't think you just create.....I will definitely have to do this again, very soon, and often - as anything the more you practice the better you become....and I am definitely still becoming......

Thank you everyone for following along with me and bearing with me....I really am determined to post more often and admittedly it is a challenge....I really don't know how some of you out there in the blog world do this every single day....I applaud you...and thank you especially for committing to it - it gives me hope to dare think that maybe someday I can aspire to that level.
Here's to creative endeavors!
just B

Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Journal

Saturday's Art Piece 
This one is super fun, I love the color - it's bright & vibrant - full of life & possibilities!
Found items on this piece are: the perfume bottle was stamped on a piece of plastic packaging, a half piece of cork for the perfume bottle that I dubbed as a stopper, a pompom that I made myself out of DMC floss, and plastic mesh/netting that I reclaimed from a bag of tomatoes.
Love how it all came together to make such a cool, unique piece and even more loving how inspired I am to try some of these different items in my regular everyday scrap book pieces.
It's kinda hard to see but I also did one other thing to the whole of this page before adding any of those previously mentioned elements.  A couple of years ago my older daughter got a memory game and all the little memory game pieces had to be punched out of the chip once I got all the pieces out I kept the negative piece and threw it in my stash to use as a stencil, so very faintly it's in the background with a square checker board pattern in very light pink glitter.
So there's Saturday's creation....I am super happy with it and hope that you like it as well.  
As I promised I will have the final creation from Sunday, up tomorrow, and then for the rest of the week I will be posting sneak peeks of a project I did last Fall that I am super proud of.  So until next time thanks so much for peeking and sharing with me all these crazy things I came up with.
just B

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art Journal

Fridays Art Journal
Okay I am bound and determined to finish up this journal for you all within the next couple of days.  I have been up to no good in my scrap room and have lots & lots of scrap to share with you over the next few weeks. But without further ado...
Fridays page started as a mish mash of washi tapes and paper tapes that I have had in my stash for awhile which was part of my own challenge, to use things that I've had on hand for a long time.  Once I got those down I dug a little bit more in my closet and found these puzzle pieces, so I grabbed a couple of them painted them black then added them to my piece.
  I also found this brown bag envelop so on the inside tag I added a quote and several other words that tied into my theme.  I wrapped a piece of green twine around the bag and then tied one of the puzzle pieces to it, stamped a word on the opening end of it and called it good. On the other two puzzle pieces I added two more words that related to the piece, I stamped the day and the date and was done.
So there you have it - my art journal entry for Friday.  Out of all the pieces that I created I think that this one is very close to my favorite only because of the message that is underlining within it: which is that life is full of lots of surprisingly different pieces and that no matter how you try - life more times than not - just doesn't always fit together, but then as this piece suggests - we seem to make it work together anyhow the best way we know how and in that we weave the fabric of our own individual lives making us all very unique.

Hope you have been enjoying this series, I will have Saturday & Sundays pieces up on Tuesday and so then I can move on to something else later in the week.  Thanks again for sharing with me, here's to another great work week.
just B

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art Journal

Thursday's Creation
 Of course I had to include my paint samples and just to give you an idea of how old these are, I picked them up when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, she is 6.
 Of course I also had to include the date, I like having a common element throughout, especially when a mini is so random, such as this one.
 Then of course I had to include something totally unexpected, I really like the texture that these ringed eyelets brought to the entire book, much less to the page itself.
 Last but not least of course I had to include a quote that I love.  Quote reads: "to be all that is possible, we must attempt the impossible. to be all that we can be, we must dream of being more."
And there you have it, Thursday's art page....hope you like it and are inspired to try something creative yourself...
thanks for peeking...until next time....
just B

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Art Journal

Wednesday's Art Page
 So by now you've all seen a couple of my journaling pages, you realize that I created with whatever I had in mind to use, and then threw it all together and tried to make sense of it later.  Well one thing I haven't explained yet are all the paint samples that I have added to each of the opposite pages of art.
 After I finished with the pages I decided I wanted to try to understand my color choices a bit more, so I grabbed my box of odds & ins and started digging through it...what I found were all these paint samples that I have picked up here & there for years.  I can't say for sure why - I think originally the idea was to make a color combo book but of course who has time for such things, so instead I opted for adding them into my art journal.
 Ironic enough to say that I usually tend to stick to only the colors that I like especially when picking up those paint samples because ultimately that is what I what to use & see in my scrapbook pages, well just so happened that in all the pages I created I also had color combos to match them in the paint is that ironic or what....?  
So just goes to show that no matter what you have on hand at some point it could just be useful.  

I want to encourage all of you to start somewhere, with something small and make it your own.  You can do it and you'll be all that much more inspired to attempt something else later on, so go on - give it a go!

just B

Friday, May 11, 2012

Art Journal

Good Morning World
How is everyone doing this morning?  Fabulous I am hoping...
TGIF.....I do apologize for this post being a day happens.....
I have another art journal page to share with you all this morning from my 'Week in the Life of Art Journaling' album.  For those of you that missed Wednesday's post I talked about my take on the 'Week in the Life'  project that Ali Edwards  does on her blog annually.  As much as I value that series I have a really hard time keeping with it throughout the week, probably due to the fact that I have no idea how to simplify the entire process, so instead of stressing myself out on it this year I decided to take a different approach. 

 A couple other things that I have realized about myself throughout this process is that I have a really hard time journaling, the goal was to not only play and experiment with lots of 'lost things' but to journal after each day's completion about what thoughts were going in my head at the time I was creating.  
Turns out I didn't journal even one day's worth of thoughts and trust me...I had lots of thoughts going at the time.....What might you ask was the problem?  

Well for starters I use to be a really deep thinker....completely out in left field, so I'd write down those thoughts, then I'd also do some poetry here and there to help my heart & my head come to terms with the ending of relationships and to work through some depression that was on going throughout high school & college, then I'd do the typical type of daily intake of my days as they would drag on....and well....I really don't care to detour down that road again.  My perspective has changed so dramatically and my thoughts now revolve so much around 'mommy' stuff that I fear that I'd bore myself to death or revert back into depression which is what my writing helped pull me out of.  
So even as much as I love the written word and all that it brings about, I can't for the life of me remember how to write anything worthwhile or that would be of any interest to anyone else.  So for now I will continue to just create and follow the rhythm of my heart while trying to listen to the reasoning in my head as much as I dare.
Thanks to all of you for sharing in my creative passion that maybe someday someone would dare say is ART!
just B....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Got Art?

 Good Day Everyone!
Hope all of you out there are having a great week.  Today I want to share with you a project I have done a few times over the years and's one of those very involved kind that take a lot of time and effort so I tend to like the completed version rather than the very long process of actually doing it.  The reason I do these Pain-in-the-A** types of projects.....? well because I do believe they have a ton of value.

So anyways this year as Ali was kicking off her Week in the Life project (a series that she does every year) I thought about whether or not I even wanted to participate this year and if so to what extent, what I came up with was unusual to say the least but.....I totally loved the process and came away with a greater amount of understanding.  A better understanding of myself and a different outlook on my passion for all things creative....what I realize is that I don't like to follow the rules....I never have (which is why "traditional" scrapbooking is so difficult for me); also along with all the cool 'new' stuff that's available, I enjoy playing around with 'lost things'.....(as Tinker Bell would say) so within my Art Journal you will find lots of 'things' that appear to have gotten lost within my pages and I have to tell you....this is probably one of the coolest looking minis I have done for myself in awhile.  So for the next few days I will be sharing with you my unusual take on Ali's 'week in the life' project and show you the Art Journaling pages that I created throughout the week.

 First up...Monday
 trying my hand at some collage, I like the look but I'm not very good at it.....Yet.
I used a decorative border punch along the bottom of each page and also stamped the day & the date to each layout as well.
 In this layout the 'lost things' are....cheese cloth and medical tape
on this I also used a couple of new things: the bicycle stamp, the red spray, a template, and liquid pearls

I really like this layout with it's tone on tone coloring, wasn't sure what it would turn out like but I think it's fairly cool.  The main goal of this project for me was to just play and experiment, see if I could make something out of a whole lot of stuff.  The underlining lesson I learned is that it's OK to play and that I should do it more often as a battery recharge to my inspiration, felt totally free by the end of the week to just do whatever makes me happy and I LIKE that feeling.  Especially when it's about creativity....isn't that why we call it ART?

just B.....creatively free

Friday, May 4, 2012

On Holiday...I Wish

Good Morning Blog World

Today I have a little something to share with you, a project inspired by Laura Denison from The Paper Trail, I caught an episode of hers on You Tube on how to make these little beaded match books and was instantly inspired because they are so freakin' fast to make.
I was in need of something quick and easy and so when I stumbled across this I knew it was perfect.  I think it was last month sometime I shared a wedding book that I did for a very good friend of mine, well this is the companion to that; this is a mini honeymoon album with just enough room to add the most important details: a handful of photos and some journaling about where they went and what they did.
So being that this is a travel album I wanted to find something to go along with the theme, just so happened that I had a *not-been-used-yet* travel theme paper pack along with the matching journaling spots ....SCORE!!! This is extremely rare for me when I work with my older papers because that was before I ever cared about stuff coordinating.
But alas I have seen the light and try - at the very least - to match my project even if I'm using stuff from different collections.  I assure you it is *challenging* at times!
But as for this matchbook mini, I had a great collection to work with that had bright, bold colors that I knew my girlfriend would appreciate.
Now if you're not familiar with the way Laura does this, the pages are actually pockets which I used to stash a tag photo pull-out; on the pages themselves I did one side as a decorative side and then the other side with a journaling spot to add the little details either about the photos or just something random that they don't want to forget.
I did make all the pocket pages out of red cardstock and then the pattern paper is from the Miles Away collection by Colorbok....yeah that collection is so old I couldn't even google it....that's pretty sad....
But what a great mini book it made!
I love to travel and so therefore I typically like a lot of the travel papers.  My current favorite is by October Afternoon called Boarding Pass and later on this summer I will be using it in an up coming mini so you'll have to be sure to check that out.
Well this is all I have to share today I hope you all like what I have done with Laura's match book album.  I do have several more of these to share with you in the up coming weeks so I hope that you'll take a peek again soon.  Later this weekend I will begin sharing my Week in the Life album that I participated in last week with Ali Edwards.  
Thanks so much & have a great weekend!
just B