'P' is for PLAY

Hello Hello
**Hooray for the Weekend**
Got any big plans?
We have a couple of little girls looking forward to the trunk-n-treat @ the YMCA...yep
and then Sunday evening my mom and step dad are coming over for a spell...oh...I mean for dinner. 
 But for right now what better is there to do? hum...
Play you think?
Oh yes...lets
 I will start by telling you that the only reason I ever even did this layout is because I am in love with this adorable little girl in this really cute picture.
*now granted I am bias*
 I am totally happy with the way this layout came together, I love the vibrant colors and the bold blocks. Again with the journaling - one day that'll be the first freakin' thing I do...lol.
Now if I had it to do over again there would be a few design choices I would make differently but as I am only just now learning and incorporating design principles into my layouts I guess I really can't be to hard on myself. No matter because it's still a really cute layout.
 One thing that I am really proud of is that I used some of my older pattern papers and I think I did a rather nice job of pairing them together. Also I think it's a bit ironic what with the pocket scrap booking being so popular right now that the 'play' card - which looks like a lot like the Project Life stuff - is actually close to 8 years old...so old I can't even remember the manufacturer.
Pretty cool huh?  
Alright well then that's all I got for ya today...short and sweet...but I hope you did in fact like it as I thought you might.
As the picture suggests this little one is hard not to like and even harder to say no to - so it's rather quite often I get suckered into 'playing' with her and well what better way to spend the day?
Hope you all are having fun this weekend getting your own playtime in, enjoy it!!!
And thanks...
just B


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