Falling Leaves and Welcome Signs

Hello Hello
How's it hangin'?
Me...well...I'm a bit excited...
I finally get to share these beautiful banners that I made over a month ago. Better late than never right?
I started making my own banners only a couple of years ago because before we moved into our new home I really didn't have a place to hang them up, as of the last 3 1/2 years I have.  
So for myself the first one I made was a Halloween pumpkin banner (actually it was mostly for my girls who at that time were still fairly little), then the following year at Christmas I made a holiday one, last but not least last year on my youngest daughter's birthday I made yet another one that had the Polaroid picture look...I think it was my favorite.

So this year I decided that I would try my hand at a few Autumn banners and add them to my Etsy store, of course that is after I picked out one for myself...hee hee.
So that's where we are now, I started with a few simple words then added in a second word to a couple and then went to work. They are a mix of chipboard and burlap and cork and ribbon and more chipboard and some ribbon and some faux fall leaves and then strung together with a jute twine.
Honestly...they turned out better than I imagined, they are fantastic and elegant and absolutely perfect hanging just below my mantel. I did ten in all, five different sayings, doubling up on each set. 
There are two that say, "Welcome" 
- two that say, "Harvest" 
- two that say, "Hello Fall" 
- technically one that says, "Autumn" 
(only mine says 'Hello' as well)
- two that say, "Give Thanks"
(this one above is the one that I claimed)

So what makes these even better is that if there is a second word banner I have that banner strung separately and then just added it into the larger banner. I did this on purpose and although it seems like a no-brainer...I assure you it was not the first time I ever did one and talk about having a freakin' headache trying to un-string it and then re-string it seperately, it makes a huge difference I think especially in how it layers and lays on top and against one another.
(a sold banner that my neighbor bought from me at our local "Ladies Night Out" - my first public show)
Another thing that I am really happy with is that I used larger double sided eyelets, they are 1/4 inch in size which allowed me to use a more natural material such as the jute to string them together with and then having the back eyelet gives the whole piece that finished look that I crave so much in my own handmade items. And speaking of which, I did essentially 'finish' the backs of these banners too. They are not decorated but they are covered so that if perhaps you are hanging them in between two rooms the side that the back is facing isn't just an eye sore.
(this banner sold before I even had it done, my sitter who was over one day claimed it as hers and well...)
So there you have it...my take on the whole - 'to banner or not to banner' that is the question. I say, 'banner away-they are fun and friendly-you can buy one from me'.
Hee hee ha ha...no but seriously you really can buy one if you are interested, I will have them listed in my shop no later than Friday the 17th just head on over to my Etsy shop and pick which ever one you like. I will remind you that the two that read, "Give Thanks" and the one that reads, "Hello Autumn" are already sold.

So that's all I have for today, hope you are inspired to try a banner, something simple and easy and then let me know how it turned out for you. I thank you for stoppin' in and spending a few moments with me, hope you have a fabulous day!
just B 


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