Friday, May 30, 2014

A Spot in Time

Hello Hello
How is everyone?
Good I hope and well into summer vacation already, I assume.
Yesterday was the last day of school for my oldest daughter (they had a ton of make up days due to all the snow days earlier this year) and she couldn't be more excited for summer. I'm sure she has visions of water parks and ice cream cones dancing in her head...hopefully I can come through on a few of these in the very near future. As for my youngest daughter - I'm almost positive yesterday was the start to a very long summer. Unfortunately for her being the little sister she gets left out a lot; she doesn't have many kids her age in our neighborhood and the few that are - have parents like us who don't feel comfortable sending their kid on a play date for any long period of time (if ever) when they aren't present.
I'm hoping maybe once she is able to start school, making her own friends, going to her own birthday parties/sleepovers - she'll have a better understanding of what's really going on and therefore be able to handle it a bit better.
Until then lets just hope that having mommy here to wipe away the tears will be good enough.

For today in my little creative world I wanted to share a card I made for my older brother. I used the Tim Holtz pocket watch die by Sizzix to create the entire piece then added some metal gears that I picked up at Michaels inside the piece. Using the leftover plastic packaging from one of my recent purchases I used the Sizzix' circle die in Tim's collection to create the 'glass' in my pocket watch. On the outside but within the circle where the 'glass' meets the 'frame' I added a beaded chain for aesthetic reasons then added a couple of sticker words and called it done.
I think next time I create a time piece with this die, I will make it a working watch, not sure how just yet but wouldn't that be super cool?
For the back of this piece I used a piece of pattern paper from my stash and then added the word life with some letter stickers. To finish it off I used an oldie but goodie...a Making Memories metal charm that says, 'celebrate' which paired with the word 'Life' makes for a fitting birthday sentiment if you ask me. To make the pocket watch look even more real I added a chain and a clip on the end of it so that you could hang it anywhere without worrying about losing it, just like the real thing.
So there you have it, if you have any questions you know what to do and I thank you for stopping in.
just B

Friday, May 23, 2014

Flipped Out Folio

Hello Hello
How is everyone on this fine day?
We're doing A-okay here so I can't complain...not that I would.
I'm only >>here<< to have FUN!!!
So speaking of which...what do I have for you today you ask?

This is a flip out folio, complete with a mini book for your thoughts, a dry erase spot for a quick jot of a quote or what not, and then lots of room for all the details that you want to remember.
To create this folio I started with 5 pieces of chipboard cut to size (5x7) to be my panels. Then I also cut 4 extra pieces of chipboard stair-stepping by an eighth of an inch width but each having the same length to use for each of my spine pieces.
The reason for stair-stepping the spine pieces is because when I fold the whole piece up, I want each panel to lay flat on top of the other panels...hopefully that makes since. After I had all my chipboard pieces cut to size I covered the outsides of them with different pattern papers, keeping in mind that all of these patterns have to 'go-together' in the end.

As for covering the inside panels, I did it a section at a time and used a solid color card stock so that the whole piece would not get too busy, then I just started layering over the top of that per panel.
When you open the first flap to the left, I adhered a card that can be tied shut, consider this a name card or title card-whichever you prefer. On the opposite panel that sits to the right, that is apart of the front cover that you see so I kept it fairly simple.
From this point on all the panels flip out to the right. The next panel you see is 'technically' the bottom of the folio and so on this panel is where I adhered a waterfall journal. (I apologize for the blurry photo) I made the front page of this journal a calendar for quick reference. On the opposite panel I added a black toole material to act as a 'sort-of' pocket but to no avail...
***note to self***
In the future I will have to use a different material for this.
Flipping out the right side panel once more you will come to an envelope pocket/paper pad. Not really sure how to explain this one, but if you'll notice in the photo above, the center panel is the one that I'm describing. There is a top 'flap' pocket which opens to the left to reveal the note pad that I made with vellum, then underneath the note pad is another pocket to hide secret notes in. 
On the opposite panel is a dry erase spot to jot down something super quick until you can add it in for good later.
The last panel flips out to the right once again. On the main panel is where I included a mini book full of blank pages for journaling or quotes or song lyrics or just whatever you want to remember. 
On the opposite panel - the final panel - I added a double library pocket with several tags already in them. Again another great way to keep all your favorite things together in one place.
 The collection line that I used through out the inside of this folio is one of Teresa Collins' lines called Everyday Moments (unfortunately it's discontinued) it has a soft, yet bold flare to it and is probably one of my favorites because of it's color line...deep navy blue and sunshine yellow (which you can't really see in any of these photos)...beautiful!
Thanks for checkin' this out and if you have any questions please let me know. As always, keep calm and scrap on!
just B

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lead On

Hello Hello 
 So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had something under wraps, well today is the day that I can finally let you all in on my secret...
for one- because it's no longer a secret and two because- it took place on National Scrapbook Day (which at the time I thought was really fitting).
So this is what I did (on the advice from a friend) I made...65 mini books from scratch in about 2 months that are all themed (in colors only) to our local school district.
Every year the Pirates Cheer Club has what they call 'the Early Bird Breakfast' where parents can enroll their student(s) into next year's cheer leading squad for a little bit cheaper. My friend who had the idea that my mini books would sell very well at this event, has two of her own girls in cheer being that I've been wanting to establish my name a bit more locally I decided to take her up on her advice because you all know me well enough by now to know that I like a good challenge.
So I set out in early March to figure out what exactly I was going to do. I needed an idea that would be easily 're-created' in case someone else wanted to order it. Idea upon idea started coming to me and after much deliberation I came up with the idea to do several different mini books because not everyone likes the same thing.
In total I made 8 different styles of mini books which is what I want to share with you today, each of the styles that I made. Later on in other posts I will follow through with each style individually.
So if you'll scroll back to the beginning of the pictures, you'll notice that the 1st style of mini is the infamous toilet paper roll mini album with a ribbon closure. So far as I can tell, these seem to be the favorite of lots of people.   
The next mini that I came up with is a 2 ring binder with the clear CD envelopes as the pages. In my mind's eye I can see this one being perfect for Instagram photos so it happens to be my favorite of all the minis that I made. Along the same lines and keeping with the 2 ring binder, I made a second style with the pages being made from regular office envelopes. Now as for making these pages, I have to give the credit to Laura over on YouTube @ Follow ThePaper Trail. I followed along one of her tutorials awhile back and so that is where the inspiration for these pages came from, they may not be exactly like Laura's but close enough.
The next mini that came along was just a standard spiral bound mini with white card stock pages, this one is the typical 'old school' scrap book with blank pages to add all your ephemera in right along side your photos. What followed behind that was another Laura inspired envelope mini, I think the closure on this one is my favorite of all of them...when I get into each style specifically I will go into more details on that. The next style I created I had actually learned several, several years back - in fact it was one of the first mini books that I had ever made and bound with ribbon - I guess it just stuck with me because once again it is right up there with a few of my other favorites. I call it my ribbon bound mini and like one earlier that I mentioned, this one is set up as an 'old school' scrap book...blank card stock pages to add in anything & everything. The next to last mini that I made was once again a Laura inspired book, can you guess what the binding is? Ironically enough, other than the beads, it is bound by ribbon also except that each page has a bead in between so that you can fit all the stuff on to the pages themselves leaving the pull-out pages for photos and/or ephemera only. And finally the last mini book I created is my version of 'pocket-style' scrap booking that is so popular right now. I used two book rings to bind the book and once again when I get into the details of each style of book I will explain my idea of 'pocket-style' to you better.

For now though this is it, thankfully. This project was definitely a challenge and completely time consuming...was it worth it...? Not so much, but do I regret takin' it on, not for a minute - it has made me figure out what is more important to me, so for a 'lesson well learned' I am grateful.
Thanks for stoppin' in!
just B

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Hello Hello

Just wanted to drop in real quick to wish all the mothers out here a fabulous day ~ wishing you a day of love & laughter ~ along with lots and lots of relaxing! 
    →NOW GO & RELAX←

just B

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Altered Vacation Album

Hello Hello
Good Morning to Ya!
I thought that for today I would be sharing another layout but I have decided to share my altered vacation book with you instead.
With summer right around the corner and my mind continually going back to the coast, this seemed fitting for today.
Not sure about many of you but I'm itchin' to go vacationin' - is that a word? um...'er...well it is now...
So here is my altered book!
 I used 6 vanilla file folders and folded 'em this way and that until I came up with a flow that I liked. My thought was that for each day we were on vacation I'd have a place to document our day and a way to keep all the little extras that I'd pick up along the way, all together.
So with all my files folded up I used a hinge binding system to bind them all together, at first I was afraid that this wouldn't be strong enough because the files are fairly heavy but I used a separate file to cut my hinge from so that it would have the same weight and be sturdy enough.
The page works as follows, it opens like a regular book but once on a page there is a right hand flap that also opens up revealing more photos. Some of the pages on the main center have hidden pockets to tuck in my travel cards and some pages do not have them.
This photo above shows the travel journal cards I used, they are a product by Ali Edwards and can be found here. I have had these in my digital stash for a while now but since I don't do digital hardly this seemed like the next best thing, print them up-cut them out-and use it 'as is' in my book. As it turns out I do a lot of this with lots of Ali's products, love that she creates it this way. Gives us the best of both worlds!
On those certain pages that don't have those hidden pockets, I did add photo tucks to keep everything at least in it's place. I love the tucks for the simple fact that they keep the photo easily accessible, no trying to pull it out of a pocket or an envelop. And when the book gets as big & fat as this one this is even more important - you wouldn't want to rip up your picture or your ephemera trying to get it in and out.
So when you open to any given day you open the page just like normal, the right side has the extra on the back of that page I created a pocket to finish off the previous day and then on the opposite side - to start the next day. Does that make since? So for example in the photo above, the left hand side of the book is actually a very large pocket and it is stuffed full of all the ephemera that I picked up along the way for that particular day.
The flap in my right hand opens up to this page which starts the next day of our vacation. On this particular day, the flap is a full page instead of just a half page like the ones we've seen already. This happened because of the way I folded the files and then bound the book; but for me I like books that keep things interesting, the more interaction I have the more I remember what was being documented.
Maine will be a vacation that stays with me for a very long while I think. Besides this really cool interactive book I've created, I was able to visit several of our Nation's Lighthouses while visiting and you know I love them, they are a very large and important part of our country's history.
one of the brochures I included
the tide chart because it fascinates me
a few random ephemera pieces

So there you have it, one very large and bulky altered vacation journal/memory book. I will encourage all of you to try something different with office supplies: file folders,the index card's tab blanks, composition books, envelopes of all sizes and uses...see what you can create and then post a picture for us to see what you came up with, how fun would that be?
Alright well...hop to it...and then check back in over the weekend when I'll be sharing a few new things...not sure exactly what just yet but it'll be good.
Thanks for taking a moment to spend with me, I do appreciate it very much!
just B

ps: there is a video on my youTube channel         that describes this book in visual detail, go check it out!
video here 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Unique Perspectives

Hello Hello

Welcome to my Blog!
Today is...
National Scrapbooking Day

I know, I know...
what in the world does that mean?
It means for you & I to get our craft on!

So let's do this
Here is another layout to share with you. But before we get into it I have a confession to make, this layout makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it because the main color is pink and I am a reformed pink hater. 
What's even funnier is that the project in the photo isn't even pink, it's red but because of the way my printer interpreted the colors I could only match the photo to my pink paper.
I do love the paper doily in the background, it's larger than most of the ones I've used before. I like that it helps almost make the photo appear larger. I also really like my hot pink holey paper backed with the black card stock, I think that huge pop of color helps make everything jump off the paper and with the lighter pink chevron underneath it all it's still grounded.
So as far as layouts go, this is probably one of the loudest ones I've ever created. I am typically not drawn to the bright colors but for some reason the photo in this layout just wanted 'loud' so that's what I went with. Also in this layout I used lots of stash stuff, using what I already have and let me tell you, that is a really darn good feeling.
 Hope this helps all of you to liven things up, use colors that you wouldn't normally use and maybe even some louder patterns that you don't normally pick up. 
I thank you for stoppin' in and hope you have a wonderful day gettin' your scrap on.
just B

Friday, May 2, 2014

Starbucks in my Cup

Hello Hello
How is ya? Me...I'm good - bit nervous for my weekend coming up but hopefully all goes well.
Here's today's layout that I wanted to share with you. Obviously documenting my love of coffee and that includes Starbucks. I decided a couple of years ago that if it means I get a moment of quite time (usually I have my iPod with me) without any interruptions so that I can enjoy my freakin' cup of coffee then I'm okay with paying 5 or 6 bucks for that cup-o-joe. So that's what this layout represents, is me taking the time to find my own voice again. 
I used a tab card to hide my journaling and even though my journaling isn't done, I know in my head what really matters to me enough to convey that when the time comes to write it out. I used several die cuts but only to add some interest, they really don't have any meaning other than that. The 'think' card is for me for when I do get the opportunity to sit for a spell, I like to ponder all the possibilities: things that I could make, books that I want to read, words that I may want to write (I use to write all the time but since having kids I find writing to be very difficult).
The stencil I used kinda helps me to focus a bit more on what I want to accomplish in my life, goals that I've set and conquered and ones that have yet been defeated. I am a very self-reflective type, always re-evaluating emotions, beliefs, the path I'm on. I've been taking an on line course that is teaching me some solid practices to living a whole hearted life and that is something that I strive for constantly. So this is really about all of that and more.
I find it ironic now as I'm typing this that one photo, one simple picture on a fairly simple layout can invoke such a deeper desire within me to look at life, really look at life from a truly unique perspective. And yes even though there are many many people out there who are on the same path as you and or me, we are still completely unique in our understanding and interpretation of it. Amazing!
Okay so there you have it, a way deeper insight to my layout that I just today in typing this up realized was happening in an under current. The power of our intellect still intrigues me and the fact that we have a means of capturing even just a smidgen of it in a creative way is dumbfounding. Here's to creative endeavors! 
Don't forget tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day - in celebration of our unity and our individuality lets get our craft on!
just B