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Happy Day to You!!!
I know this week there are many of you following along with Ali Edwards in her Week in the Life, I think that is fantastic. I have done that project 3 times I think because I alternate my years between that and December Daily and well I guess you could deduce from that statement that yes I will be doing December Daily this year and let me tell you I am excited but first things first.
 I have a hard time not playing along when Ali does these sorts of things on line and so to participate in my own way I am doing my own very tiny mini version of Week in the Life. In fact I am making this mini book dub also as my Gratitude Book for this year so essentially when it's finished I will have a Mini Gratitude Book - Week in the Life style...?...I think...
yes most definitely
 So my week actually started on Sunday but as many of you know I am absolutely horrible about getting my photos done in a timely manner so you'll excuse me if I don't post them until tomorrow or possibly later on today but my guess is tomorrow. However I have been taking photos and that is the main element aside from the documentation side.
 That is where my mini version will be different, I won't be documenting things into detail, but what I hope to do as the week continues is to really pay attention to the times when I am frustrated, what I can bring to recall as a blessing. Does that make sense? I find it hardest for me when I am angry to really grasp the concept of 'feeling blessed' because I can't get beyond the red but this is where the 'practice of being grateful' is most powerful. 
I believe this, sometimes it doesn't show but I do believe it. I think it kind of goes along with positive thinking, if you put your mind to what you want, give it some hard work and effort, believe in it with your heart and trusting in it's fertility...then anything is possible. This is how we find joy and with joy comes whole heartedness and I don't know about you but I certainly would rather live with my whole heart so that those that I hold dearest can truly know me and I can experience life at it's fullest.
So whether or not you have a cute little mini book already made doesn't matter, grab a notebook or a sheet of paper and take the journey with me or with Ali and document your life, your story because it matters. Trust me once you get the details recorded and the photos printed you can go back and make that cute little book to store it all in.
So will you? Come along and share your story?

just B


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