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Welcome to my blog my name is Bethany, it's nice to meet you! 
If this happens to be your first visit here let me get you up to speed, this week I am sharing my Gratitude Mini Book - Week in the Life style. 
What makes this a mini book you ask? Well this is just my opinion but anything less than 8 x 8 I normally consider a mini book but not everyone thinks that so keep that in mind.
What makes this a Gratitude Book you ask? Well throughout this week I am documenting people, places, and things that I am thankful for. The idea is that these particular people/places/things would be a regular everyday treasure but rarely do they get acknowledgement so that's what this is for.
An example: one would assume that I am thankful for my husband's sense of humor, which sometimes I am and sometimes maybe not-so-much but...I can't recall ever having written that down...anywhere...so here is a great place for me to do just that - acknowledge that most of the time I am grateful for it because he keeps me in-check to not take things so seriously all the time.
What makes this a Week in the Life style of book? Well the fact that I am documenting for a whole week and not only am I jotting things down that I am grateful for but also I am journaling a recap of each day as it completes, so in my mind it's closely related to Ali's Week in the Life just not near into as much detail...my details come from the things that bring me joy, which in turn 'is' my gratitude. 
The way I set up my book is that each day has it's own page - front and back - then because this is an envelope mini each day also has it's own extra little flap that flips open to reveal a pocket. Having these extra surfaces allows me the opportunity to add in more details from our everyday.

This is a look at my first day of documentation which was this past Sunday. On the left is a picture from the day and the gratitude is in having a big, warm bed that we occasionally get to sleep-in in...lol...with the added bonus that it's big enough for both of our girls to cuddle up with us if need be. On the right is the extra flap and here it is open to share what my gratitude is.
This is a closer look at my journaling and what other things from the photo that I happen to be very thankful for: from the photo here -a book on my nightstand so a love of reading -the window which is full light so all the natural light from the other photo (on the back of this first page) -our dining room table so the opportunity to invite family to dinner -and a lit candle from a favorite company so that I am able to indulge in simple pleasures. 
Here is where my hidden pocket is and inside of the pocket is where I added a journal spot. Here I've documented a recap of our day, just the highlights nothing really to specific. When my week is all said and done I am thinking about adding a few more photos maybe to the cover of this piece using 'contact' sized photos which on my printer print out at roughly 1 x 1 when I use Instagram photos.
Here is just a close up of that journaling, some of the highlights that I thought might be of importance later on. The fact that we had my mom and her husband over for dinner and that one of my husband's friend's little girl stayed with us most of the day while he and his wife went to the Chiefs game. In the photo below I included on the back of the first page one more photo from the day and it is a picture of our dining room table all set and ready for dinner with the two extra place settings for my mom and step dad. As I mentioned above, on the flap where I wrote the things I am grateful for, this is the other photo that I referred to.
So there you have it a look into my first day of Gratitude practice all documented and recorded in this beautiful mini book. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me/or comment here on the blog and I'll see what I can come up with. Thank you so much for visiting and come by again soon.
just B


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