An Everyday Occurance

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!!Happy Friday!!
Today's layout represents my take on the 'everyday' for just one precise moment in time because even though this photo is maybe a little over a year old, nothing in this picture is current in my 'everyday' now...
I still use a really small purse 
(if I have to at all)
and most everyday I have a book bag of some sort with me full of some of my favorite things.
 inspiration magazines
notes for my blog
a note book and all sorts of pens
maybe my current read
my shopping list(s)
whatever else strikes my fancy
 Now this is how I documented my 'career' or rather my job...
being in the casino all day long dealing craps doesn't really give me any opportunity to photograph me actually working so this comes in a really close second because I normally spend my 20 minute breaks outside relaxing napping in my truck or sometimes reading and/or writing down thoughts and ideas for my next project. 
(**hence the bag**)
Now sooner or later I will get my journaling done and I can talk about this and also go into more 'job' related details but... eh...whatever.
 In the star peek-a-boo frame I did add in a selfie of me in my work shirt while sitting on break one day and then in the other peek-a-boo frame I added in a photo of my hair-do; now that may seem strange to some especially considering this is a 'job related' layout but in the casino we have many rules to follow and one just so happens to be how we wear our hair. For me because mine goes half way down my back it is required to be pulled back so many days I just throw it up in a bun and that's what the photo is of...
my bun!
Now I have to admit I did this layout begrudgingly. I know the importance of documenting life in the here & now but when it came to  documenting work I would rather have skipped it because quite honestly - I don't like my J-O-B - now don't get me wrong there are days it can be really fun but after 16 years in the is just that...a job.
So I went ahead and did the darn layout, fortunate for me I figured out a way to high light the better part of my days which is 'break time' no matter where you work right?...
Alright well I hope this inspires you to go ahead with some of the more difficult 'everyday' things in your life, see if you can find an alternate view point that maybe makes it more meaningful for you like I did above. For myself I realize that the day may come that I'll regret not having documented this 'work' side of my life in more detail but for now it is what it is and I'm okay with it.
So try it and see what you come up with - the good news is - if you don't like it...don't keep it.
There you have it...thanks for poppin' in and check back tomorrow I'll have another layout to share with you that I think you'll like.
Until then...
just B


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