Friday, October 31, 2014

Haunted Shadow

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!!!Happy Hauntings!!!

*Today a Haunted Shadow's Box for your Halloween Treat*
 I decided to keep a wooden box that my oldest daughter had received a few years ago that had a Doug & Melissa wood stamp set in it and well I finally was able to put it to 'good' use.
I started with some fall leaves pattern paper that I cut to size to fit in each of the cubes, then distressed the edges and inked them up before adhering them down. Next using Tim Holtz's letterpress I spelled out Haunted and adhered them down using Beacon 527 (just what I had on hand) Once that dried I hung the skeleton next which I had picked up last year @ the Family Dollar (he was part of a banner - I have 3 left for next I used a screw eye that I had in my stash after I touched him up with some white distress stain - he was a bit to tan to be spooky.  
 I then worked on the porch area which is actually the two bottom sections on the left hand side of my box. I started with the 'window' that I had in my stash, I think you can find these in the doll house section at Hobby Lobby - I'm fairly certain that's where this one came from. So I painted the frame with a light 'house' color of paint then added a piece of acetate to act as the 'window pane' then on the back of it before adhering it to my box I used a small pattern paper that looked like 'wall paper' then embossed the black chandelier on it to make it look like an entry way into someone's home. Once that was in place I hung the 'porch light' using Tim Holtz's mini lantern (totally in love with these little guys) and another screw eye 
 Off to the side of the porch is where I added in my owl because nothing says Fall time to me more than owls - don't ask me why - besides he looks really good right here and I needed something more to fill in this space besides the little pail of fallen leaves which I distressed using black paint.
Now back to the porch, along the bottom I had a larger area to work with so how cool is it to actually have a white picket fence? Again I think you can find this in the doll house section @ Hobby Lobby. I literally painted them white and then used some of my distress stains and the spritzer tool to grunge them up so they would appear to have been outside for awhile. Love the way they came out then added the skull on the fence to 'ward off' evil The broom is part of the doll house furnishings once again.
 Now all the leaves you see I did using some older punches that I've had in my stash for years, luckily I have them in 3 different sizes and so I was able to use the smallest one to accommodate the size that I needed. Using different colors of card stock I punched out several of them and then used distress inks to grunge them up as well. Using some of our Halloween decorations that we got @ Walmart I used just a bit of the 'spider web' to spook it up a bit more.
And so there we have a
Haunted Shadow's Box!!!
Sure hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it, can't wait to do something more like this next year! Thanks...for everything 

!!!Happy Hauntings!!!

just B

A Haunted Hallow's Eve

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!!Happy Hauntings!!
It's Halloween so what better way to play then to share a couple of my spooky creations for this year.
This is the mini book that I created for my girls memories this year. It is a file blank mini book with 5 tabbed pages that I altered and embellished with lots of spooky elements 
First page has a photo mat on the back side of it and then the tag on the second page is a spot for me to include some details
On the back of the tag I can add another photo in of their costume or maybe the pumpkins we carve later this afternoon
On the back of the second page is another tag that I embellished and then on the back of it another journal spot
For the third page I just kept to embellishments and it being decorative rather than functional
But on the back of it I included another photo mat
As for the fourth page I did the tag thing again and so I have another photo spot, another journal spot and then on the back side of the page yet another embellished tag with another journal spot
You may notice that within these 'tag' pages I did some stencil work on the page it's self - I love how those turned out - then I also did an embossed fence on a piece of acetate so that it could act as a pocket of sorts for my tags and you could still 'get' the scene with the fence showing over whatever is in the pocket
On the last page I did one more photo mat and then called it quits, I felt that it was just perfect at this point and didn't want to alter the overall feel of it any more than need be 
My covers are embossed and then painted over with a metallic copper/gold color, I added two book rings and then tied up some different pieces of ribbon and tulle on them.
Here is the mini book as a whole, 5 tabbed pages with inked up edges and lots of bits & pieces all over and within so that it makes you want to pick it up and look at it, that's 'what' a mini book is for in my opinion, to be picked up, flipped through and admired
Hope you and yours have a happy and safe Halloween full of spooky hauntings and screams of delight!

just B

Happy Hauntings

To All the Little Spooks
!!Happy Halloween!!
Here's a sneak peek at what's coming later today for all you spooks out there!
I'm hoping to have the post up by noon - once I get some more photos taken! Hope you'll stop back in and take a closer look then have a Happy Haunted Halloween!

just B

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wednesday's Gratitude Practice

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I'm back and I apologize for the late posts today just really wanted to get this one and Tuesday's up today so if you missed Tuesday's it's because I just posted it this evening. 
Here's a look at Wednesday, photo on the left and then for today just one blessing that I wrote down on the right. For the photo on the back of this page well I figure it speaks for it's self and I think you'll understand when you get to it.  
I had to take the recycling up to the Community Center because it was almost to the point of overflowing and ended up being one of my blessings. As much as it gets in the way sometimes I am so thankful that there are companies out here who think it's important to recycle and take care of Mother Earth, this is something that even our girls have gotten in the habit of so I am very proud of that.
Plus not only that but our Community Center provides us a really nice gym, pool, and workout area so we are very fortunate to be apart of it. My husband would be considered a gym rat by many, he could live there if I'd let him, me...not so much but I do try to make it a habit (although it's harder and harder everyday to find the energy) because I think the best way to teach our girls is by example and if they see me at least trying to make exercise apart of my routine then maybe someday they'll see the benefit and make it apart of their routine as well and we could all stand to live a whole lot healthier. 
As for the highlights from our day some of the things I mentioned was the fact that it was my day off so I was in charge of getting the girls up this morning and getting them ready for school and then that I didn't get a whole lot accomplished except that I did get a care package in the snail mail to my best friend, also I think I mentioned that I had Parent/Teacher conference last night with my oldest daughter's teacher and then after that while I watched a movie (because I swore I wouldn't watch the baseball game) the Royals unfortunately did not win the World Series.
As for my other photo, do you agree it kinda speaks for it's self? This was the movie I picked up from Red Box on my way home from my P/T conference. I have recently read the book, which this is based on and decided that it would be a good distraction from the 7th game since I did promise a few friends at work that I wouldn't watch it (seems that that would have been a bad thing) Anyways that's what I have for yesterday's gratitude practice, hope you're enjoying this little adventure with me and documenting it as you go along. As I've said before if you have any questions please feel free to comment on this post and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.
Thanks again for peekin'!

just B

Tuesday's Gratitude Practice

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How's it going? Any of you practicing gratitude this week or maybe more of you are following along with Ali and doing her Week in the Life album? Either way good for you!
Here is my practice from Tuesday, again I have my opening flap that I'll eventually figure out what to do with and then here is the main page, with the flap open we see on the left a picture of my husband and our 4 year old. Then on the right you'll see where I documented some things from each photo what struck me as being a 'blessing' of sorts.
So lets start there, in the photo I see of course my wonderful husband and I also mention what a great dad he is and even though these sound almost generic to me, it is no less true. The magical part of scrap booking is that if I decide to later on I can delve deeper into what it means to be a good dad and how I feel about being his wife. Also from the other photo (on the back side of this page) I mention how awesome it has been for our Kansas City Royals to have won the Pennant and to be playing in the World Series...people this hasn't happened since I was 11 years old...that was 29 years this is a very big deal for all of us even remotely close to Kansas City (my hometown) Then also from the first photo I mention that we have had some wonderful sunny days here in the Midwest and well I don't know about you but I love sunny days when I can throw open a couple of windows and let the fresh air in so that's certainly been a blessing in my book.
Now on to the journal portion of our day, as I mentioned in earlier posts I am only writing down the highlights from our day. So in here I have that my husband & I got up early for work and had to get our girls up to so that we could take them to the babysitters; then I also mention that after work we had to go back to the sitters to pick up the little one because the older one will come home on the school bus. I mention what time I had dinner ready and then that we got "booed" by one of our neighbors and so now it was our turn to go "boo" a few other neighbors.
Here is the other photo that gives the Royals 6th game final score, I have to say that even though I am disappointed that our boys lost the final game I am very proud of their accomplishment this year as a team. They played tough, they played smart, but most importantly they played as a 'Team' and that really is what matters most.
So there you have it, a look into my 'Gratitude's' for Tuesday. Now I realize that there are a dozen more things I could have written down, probably even should have written down but this is just what was on my mind (our mind's) as I sat down to write it out and so that's what I went with and well it's good. Next year I have no doubt that there will be some things that are the same but then again maybe not, but I'll decide then what is important to capture at that time just like I have done here.
Hope you are enjoying your own adventures into 'practicing gratitude' and getting them written down somewhere, I honestly do believe that it does the body good...heart-soul-mind
Thanks for stopping in again today and make sure to check back this weekend where I'll be wrapping this up and sharing some other goodies with you.

just B

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday's Gratitude Practice

Hello Hello
Welcome Back!
I am on day 2 which was Monday for me, of my Gratitude Practice. This is the start of my page/day, I forgot to mention what I will do with this negative film strip... honestly I'm not sure just yet but maybe inspiration will strike sometime within the week while I'm working on this. As for our Monday, lets take a look.
I had to work Monday and quite early I might add. I am technically part-time but it sure doesn't seem like part-time most days...anyways because my day starts so early I usually take a bit of a cat nap when I get home so that I can make it through dinner and then the remainder of our evening. So here is a photo of our couch and the warm, fuzzy blanket that always lays on it and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have both of these things, not only for my after work cat naps but most certainly on movie nights with my girls, those are the best.
Here is a close up of my Gratitude list from Monday and remember it is including some things from the second photo from our day which is on the back side of the page.
Here's my journal spot and it just highlights some bits and pieces from throughout our Monday, this time I am trying to grasp the whole of our family not just my perspective although it is all written 'from' my perspective.
The journaling from our Monday does include some details from the girls' day and both my husband's and my day. It helps me when documenting projects like this because my husband and I both work at the same company and on the same shift. Now granted we hardly ever 'see' each at work because unless we just happen to end up on a break together we are not allowed to be in the same pit together. But how cool is that? As I said it makes documenting from his perspective a little easier because I know his job as well as my own.
Here is the second photo from our day and looking at it now I am realizing just now that I oughta get the girls or my husband to tell me what else to capture through the lens this week or else all the photos will be purely from my perspective, which is okay but I'd rather it be from our family as a whole. 
**This is where I add in my mental note** I'll have to make sure I ask for their advice and input for the remainder of our week so that I can get their perspective as accurate as possible.

So there you have it and thanks for your help, I appreciate it, even though you did it unbeknownst to you. Hope you are inspired to question your own daily blessings that maybe don't get the recognition that they deserve and then jot them down somewhere.
I have it on good authority that if we make a habit of this 'gratitude practice' then we will invite more Joy into our lives which will certainly affect our everyday and who can't afford more JOY on a daily basis?
That's what I thought...that's why I am 'practicing gratitude'!
I want more JOY in my everyday...
care to join me?

Thanks for stoppin' in
just B

A Peek Into Sunday

Hello Hello
Welcome to my blog my name is Bethany, it's nice to meet you! 
If this happens to be your first visit here let me get you up to speed, this week I am sharing my Gratitude Mini Book - Week in the Life style. 
What makes this a mini book you ask? Well this is just my opinion but anything less than 8 x 8 I normally consider a mini book but not everyone thinks that so keep that in mind.
What makes this a Gratitude Book you ask? Well throughout this week I am documenting people, places, and things that I am thankful for. The idea is that these particular people/places/things would be a regular everyday treasure but rarely do they get acknowledgement so that's what this is for.
An example: one would assume that I am thankful for my husband's sense of humor, which sometimes I am and sometimes maybe not-so-much but...I can't recall ever having written that here is a great place for me to do just that - acknowledge that most of the time I am grateful for it because he keeps me in-check to not take things so seriously all the time.
What makes this a Week in the Life style of book? Well the fact that I am documenting for a whole week and not only am I jotting things down that I am grateful for but also I am journaling a recap of each day as it completes, so in my mind it's closely related to Ali's Week in the Life just not near into as much details come from the things that bring me joy, which in turn 'is' my gratitude. 
The way I set up my book is that each day has it's own page - front and back - then because this is an envelope mini each day also has it's own extra little flap that flips open to reveal a pocket. Having these extra surfaces allows me the opportunity to add in more details from our everyday.

This is a look at my first day of documentation which was this past Sunday. On the left is a picture from the day and the gratitude is in having a big, warm bed that we occasionally get to sleep-in the added bonus that it's big enough for both of our girls to cuddle up with us if need be. On the right is the extra flap and here it is open to share what my gratitude is.
This is a closer look at my journaling and what other things from the photo that I happen to be very thankful for: from the photo here -a book on my nightstand so a love of reading -the window which is full light so all the natural light from the other photo (on the back of this first page) -our dining room table so the opportunity to invite family to dinner -and a lit candle from a favorite company so that I am able to indulge in simple pleasures. 
Here is where my hidden pocket is and inside of the pocket is where I added a journal spot. Here I've documented a recap of our day, just the highlights nothing really to specific. When my week is all said and done I am thinking about adding a few more photos maybe to the cover of this piece using 'contact' sized photos which on my printer print out at roughly 1 x 1 when I use Instagram photos.
Here is just a close up of that journaling, some of the highlights that I thought might be of importance later on. The fact that we had my mom and her husband over for dinner and that one of my husband's friend's little girl stayed with us most of the day while he and his wife went to the Chiefs game. In the photo below I included on the back of the first page one more photo from the day and it is a picture of our dining room table all set and ready for dinner with the two extra place settings for my mom and step dad. As I mentioned above, on the flap where I wrote the things I am grateful for, this is the other photo that I referred to.
So there you have it a look into my first day of Gratitude practice all documented and recorded in this beautiful mini book. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me/or comment here on the blog and I'll see what I can come up with. Thank you so much for visiting and come by again soon.
just B

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Attitude of Gratitude

Hello Hello
Happy Day to You!!!
I know this week there are many of you following along with Ali Edwards in her Week in the Life, I think that is fantastic. I have done that project 3 times I think because I alternate my years between that and December Daily and well I guess you could deduce from that statement that yes I will be doing December Daily this year and let me tell you I am excited but first things first.
 I have a hard time not playing along when Ali does these sorts of things on line and so to participate in my own way I am doing my own very tiny mini version of Week in the Life. In fact I am making this mini book dub also as my Gratitude Book for this year so essentially when it's finished I will have a Mini Gratitude Book - Week in the Life style...?...I think...
yes most definitely
 So my week actually started on Sunday but as many of you know I am absolutely horrible about getting my photos done in a timely manner so you'll excuse me if I don't post them until tomorrow or possibly later on today but my guess is tomorrow. However I have been taking photos and that is the main element aside from the documentation side.
 That is where my mini version will be different, I won't be documenting things into detail, but what I hope to do as the week continues is to really pay attention to the times when I am frustrated, what I can bring to recall as a blessing. Does that make sense? I find it hardest for me when I am angry to really grasp the concept of 'feeling blessed' because I can't get beyond the red but this is where the 'practice of being grateful' is most powerful. 
I believe this, sometimes it doesn't show but I do believe it. I think it kind of goes along with positive thinking, if you put your mind to what you want, give it some hard work and effort, believe in it with your heart and trusting in it's fertility...then anything is possible. This is how we find joy and with joy comes whole heartedness and I don't know about you but I certainly would rather live with my whole heart so that those that I hold dearest can truly know me and I can experience life at it's fullest.
So whether or not you have a cute little mini book already made doesn't matter, grab a notebook or a sheet of paper and take the journey with me or with Ali and document your life, your story because it matters. Trust me once you get the details recorded and the photos printed you can go back and make that cute little book to store it all in.
So will you? Come along and share your story?

just B