December Daily Day 8

December Daily Day 8, well the first thing I did for this day was put a picture of our tree with some of the gifts that we had wrapped by then. The night before after finishing Liberty's tree in her room (a tiny one) we decorated the family one which we set up in the living room. I cropped the photo to make it appear more like a panoramic photo (even though it's clearly not). I just love the look of the living late in the evening when every one's already gone to sleep and all that's been left on is the Christmas lights, they give such a warm glow to the atmosphere. Definitely note worthy!

One this page I kept it real simple, and actually used a scrap piece that I love; on the left side over lapping the green tag is a scrap that was left over from a really big Christmas card from the previous year. I loved that card, the bulk of it ended up on a scrapbook layout, but I had kept these sides because I just couldn't part with them, so here I found the perfect home for it and with all it's sparkle I think it adds just enough.
On this last page, I went totally to just documentation. On the left you'll see the receipts from Walmart, I included several of them from when I purchased Liberty's gifts. Then on the right, I included a little journaling note, that is actually written as a letter to Liberty. Mostly this page is for her, so that in 10+ years from now she'll know what went on and have a record of some of the things that she received. I hope that that's something she'll find important, like I do.
Okay well that's all for now. For those of you in the Midwest like myself, I hope your weekend is taking it's own sweet time so that you are able to enjoy the springtime weather we've been having, for the rest of you, I hope you are able to just enjoy your time wherever you are.
Thanks for seekin' a peek!
just B


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