December Daily Day 3

Okay so here is day 3, on the tag in this one I wrote down all the things I still needed to do to get ready for the holidays (i.e: make x-mas cards, write family letter, take family picture, decorate tree). On the next page I kept it very simple, Bill & I had a date that night so I put in a little reminder of it (those are rare these days so they are special to me, definitely note worthy).

On this last page, I included the gift card that Bill & I used for dinner and then several receipts; one from dinner, one from Quik Trip where we buy our gas, then one from Target where we bought pull-ups for Liberty. To me those are all a reflection of our life here, and gives great documentation as to what things cost. Can you imagine say in 10 or 15 years how cool that will be to know.

Well that's all I have for now, tomorrow I'll be back with some more photos.
Enjoy the day wherever you call home, and thanks again for stopping in!

Just B


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