December Daily Day 27

This is the last day where I have 4 pages just for the day, but something totally cool happened: My best friend and her family came in town and spent the evening with us. Their daughter is about a year older than Liberty and so the 2 of them got along really well after awhile. Here in the picture they're playing Liberty's new 'Elefun' game and having a heck of a time trying to catch the butterflies, so totally cool to watch them playing together.

In this photo, our husbands are playing 'Golf' on my husbands new Wii, talk about funny, these two were quite a site. For 2 guys that really don't have much in common this was the perfect solution, they were havin' fun...actually. Totally cool!
As you can see I didn't do a whole lot with any of the pages, here it was more important to me to have the photos tell the story. I do have a couple journaling spots where eventually I'll fill in some bits & pieces, but overall the story I chose to tell with the pictures.... I think it works well.

This would be the true nature of the beast here, these 2 cheese balls, with their goofy grins. Love this photo! Aisling & Liberty had such a good time together, I think Liberty talked about Aisling for a good 2 weeks after she left. We're going to have to get to St Louis more often to see them, I miss Tami all the time, but even more - I'd really like for our girls to become good friends (if at all possible).
Anyways, this day was certainly I highlight for me & I think for Liberty as well, so there was absolutely no question about documenting it, years from now I think this memory will still be with me. Thanks Tami for all the great memories and for being my dearest friend for so many years....I love you!
Well this all for today, but there is more coming tomorrow. Happy Friday!
just B


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