December Daily Day 24

Christmas Eve!
Day 24, I kept Christmas Eve simple just to ease my frustration, by this point I was just ready to be done with the whole album. I had an extra gift card envelope that I didn't use, so I put it in the album and used it to hide something else.

In this ph0to you can see that I added the 'Happy Holidays' card to that gift card envelope, I like that it has the hiding place. On the back of that little note card there is some journaling that tells about how Liberty & I started out our Christmas Eve morning while dad was @ work.

On this page I used another rub-on, a piece of fabric, and the circle element. I kept it very simple again, but more because that's where my inspiration was leading me. I like this page simple, it helps me to focus on the concept of Christmas, not just all the hustle & bustle that we face throughout the entire month.

For this one, I used just one photo of Liberty with her new camera, I thought that conveyed the entire meaning for me. As a parent, we're so focused on getting the perfect picture and getting all the 'surprised' looks, so this was funny to me - role reversal - if you will.

As for the journaling, I think that I have mentioned that I did do the journaling throughout the month and I never let myself get more than 2 days behind because I wanted it to be fresh when I typed it all out. It was to be a true reflection of our month and the things that took up our time and also how we celebrated, so everyday of December has a page like this, with a ton of information that I wanted to remember. Some of it is the great stuff and some of it is the not-so-great stuff.
Well this is all I have for today, hope you are not getting to bored with this series, we're almost done......yeah!
Tomorrow I will have the pages from Christmas Day!
Hope everyone is getting off to a great start to their work week, thanks for letting me share.
just B!


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