December Daily Day 10

For December 10th, I did the over sized photo again, one of my favorites of Liberty w/a candy cane, I also used a stamp (another thing for documentation purposes) to remember in the future what things cost. Of course they way that we're headed, there may not even be 'stamps' one day, who knows. The lace trim down the left side of the page gives it more of a feminine touch and adds a bit more to an otherwise plain page.

One this page I was able to use one of my new Stampin' Up roller stamps (the number line) and I think that I really like it. There are two strips of fabric underneath the # line and the bottom one is actually my own creation. For it I used a printable paper-backed canvas fabric, I opened a word document, typed "everyday life everyday routines", then printed @ home on my HP printer. I actually did several of these and was really pleased with the results. On the one above I stained it with a 'walnut ink' so that it looked a bit more distressed and therefore coordinates with the paper better.

In this page, you can see that I really did like that design layout using the square punch; but on this one instead of painting the background, I used cardstock and backed that even further using a pink ribbon criss-cross fashion. I like the dominance that the square repetition has, it is pleasing to the eye, I think.
Well, my hope is to get something done today so in order to do that I ought to get busy. I'd like to have something "extra" for tomorrow's post, but we'll see what the day brings. Have a good one!
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