December Daily Day 19

Day 19, well here is a real good example of me being just plain lazy! I used an over sized image from one of my digital kits, then added the simple saying to go along with it.

On this page I used an old envelope of my husbands and tucked one of my grocery lists inside of it. Plus I added another receipt from one of my Christmas mail orders; all of which are important to document, especially the grocery list, who knows what that list will have on it in a few years from now much less in 10 ten years from now.

This page is one of my favorites, I used the negative strip to frame 3 of our family pictures. The first picture is of the Christmas tree, the second is of our little girl, and the third is of our deck out the back door covered in snow. All 3 photos I think are a great reminder of what was going on during that time.
Well this is all I have for today, hope you've enjoyed this series so far. I am trying to keep them short and sweet, so that I don't bore you. Hopefully after this month I'll have some new things to share with you.
Until then, thanks again and Just B!


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