December Daily Day 4

For December Day 4, I decided to use a CD envelop as the page itself and that way I would also have another hiding place for either a photo or journaling. In this case I used the hiding space for a photo of my very first Christmas card and some of the bows I had purchased for wrapping presents with. It helps to get me in the Christmas spirit when that first card arrives in the mailbox, so definitely note worthy.

On this page I did two photos of some of our decorations around the house. Then on the right hand side, I stamped an image so that I could fill in a very important fact. The information I provided was our address, I would hope to remember within the next few years where we spent this Christmas season, but I imagine that in 50+ years I might not, and I can't expect anyone else to remember either, so I thought that it might save some frustration in the years to come.

Well that's all for now, hope all is well.

Just B!


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