December Daily Day 12

Day 12, above I used a pocket die-cut and taped it down so that it could really hold something. In it I have stashed the receipt from a mail order that had a Christmas present in it for my younger brother, a guitar t-shirt that I thought he'd get a kick out of. If @ all possible this is the way I shop, on-line or by mail, so much better than getting out and fighting with the crowds and the cold.

On this page I used that same paper-backed fabric and printed a photo of Liberty on it, then I sewed it on to the page. Again I like the large photo, but this one especially because the fabric gives a lot of texture that a regular photo can't give. In the top left corner I used a paper pin (similar to an old hat pin-I think) that looks like a candy cane, attached a small tag that says 'candycane' and also tied a ribbon to it for extra flair. All in all, this is one of my favorite pages of the whole album.
Okay that's it for today. As like Tuesday, my daughter didn't let me to get a whole lot done, so sorry. But soon I will have something more for you. Thanks for checking in!
Have a great day!
just B...............................FUN!


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