December Daily Day 29

As like yesterday, there isn't a whole lot to say. Day 29, I used another paint strip sample that had Christmas colors and then printed the same photo of Liberty 3 times in different hues (one in sepia, the second in black & white, and the third in color) and then added that to the bottom of the paint sample; kinda like a picture sample I guess. I used a transparency to print off the word 'smiles' and then stapled it over the whole thing. I used a strip of ribbon at the top and a few buttons down the side to put it all together. Again the over all look is simple with just minimal embellishments and I like it a lot. I also like the 3 different shades of photos sitting next to each other, but I can't really tell you why (turned out better than I thought), I may have to try that idea again on a scrapbook layout.
Well tomorrow I'll have day 30 for you and then on Tuesday I'll have the last post of the December Daily. Not sure just yet of what will be coming after that, but hopefully here before to long I'll get some new stuff finished so that I'll have something to share with you. Until then, thanks again for stopping in and enjoy your week ahead!
just B


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