December Daily Day 20

Hello Spring - So glad to see you!

Today I did something totally different, I used my snowflake punch and used the snowflakes to make a punched art piece. Seemed fitting enough what with all the snow that we had throughout the month. Of course it is nothing like when I was a kid, we'd be out of school for weeks @ a time due to snow - least that's how I remember it. : )

On this page I kept going with the unusual and did another punched art piece - sort of. I had the two large square shapes already and wanted to go ahead and use them but figuring out what to do with them was tricky, so I went back to the punch. In the top right and bottom left corners I have several 'stamps' - that was the punch I used, then I layered the one in the top right corner with another 'stamp' punch. I have a couple of lines of journaling that I did with stickers, so all-in-all, not to bad. I like how all 3 of these pages flow together with the blue & brown color scheme.
And this is where the other brown page comes in, I used another large photo and printed it in the sepia tone to go along with the other 2 pages. I actually took this photo too and for being my first attempt @ our Family Christmas picture, I think I did a pretty good job.
Well more tomorrow, this is all I have for today. Hope everyone had a happy Friday, have a great weekend.
just B...........................HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!


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