December Daily Day 6

December 6th, well apparently I did not get a least 2 photos of day #6, so I decided I'd show you the actual picture I used on one whole page. Above I had printed this photo and then cropped it down to roughly 5X5 so that it would cover the entire page. First, because I liked the photo, with the Christmas Cactus in full bloom; then also I liked not having to come up with yet another idea to fill the space (for this project creativity is pushed to the limit @ times).

So then on this photo, once again you can see the actual page. I left it simple but elegant with the lace going up the center connecting the two patterned papers. I did add a few stickers and gems, but even as simple as it is, this is probably one of my favorites. Sometimes less is more!
Okay that is all for today, but I do hope you are enjoying this album. For me it's nice to finally be done with it and showing it, I have put a LOT of work into it and well, not sure that I would do this project again. If so I'd have to seriously consider cutting it in half, between all the holiday events and work, it was just to much for me. This one will certainly be a treasure in the years to come. Alright, well if there's anything you want to know or ask, please be all means, leave me a comment!
Thanks again,
Just B.................................................................


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