December Daily Day 17

Day 17, what a fun day that was, and is even today! Happy St. Patty's Day to those of you that are Irish and to those of you that are only for today! Liberty and I have baked green cupcakes with green icing to help celebrate, but I think I forgot to wear green, oh well, if only you were close enough to pinch me! ; p
For my album, today was the day I made all of my cookie jars, my mom and my younger brother had come over to help me as well, so I was able to get a lot of things done. The first page you see there, I have a place for some notes, of course I don' t have any written in yet, but all in due time. This page is also a CD envelope so the insert has another place for hiding something.

On the insert I put a copy of the recipe for everyone to follow, so that they would be able to enjoy their cookies, being that the original recipe was altered a bit, my mom was kind enough to figure out how to proceed and then printed them off for me. I think I ended up making 12 quart jars of cookie mix to go along with the other gifts that we had purchased. The process of it I rather enjoyed too, I might be making this simple gift idea a tradition.

On the back of the envelope I put this photo of all the jars lined up and then printed it out be a large photo, unfortunately it doesn't do, the look of all the jars lined up together, justice. But I really do like the larger photos, it makes a statement and reminds me of the fun times that we had during the holiday. I think this year if I decide to tackle this kind of album again, I will use mostly over sized photos and then journaling, leave out all the embellishments and extra stuff that makes this project more of a chore and not so much fun. Having this become so time consuming is not really the idea, the whole idea is to just document how we celebrate. As you've probably guessed by now, with how long it's taken me to finish it, I have gotten pretty frustrated with this one; I don't regret finishing it, but like I said if I tackle it again, it will be on a much simpler scale.

For the last page, I went back to the tried & true, using my square punch and punching out my photos, then arranging them into a box formation. Love this and it works with almost any idea. As you can see, for this I only used 3 photos and then also 2 pieces of patterned paper, behind the punches I stamped a few swirl images to give the plain white cardstock some flair. I think it works well together, using the green ink to stamp with and then having the green patterned papers.
Well this is all that I have for today, but stop by tomorrow for some more of my album pages. Hope you are enjoying this little peek back @ the holidays.
As for today, please if you will, have a GREEN BEER for me!
Thanks.................just B...........................IRISH for's fun!!!!!!


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