December Daily Day 22

For Day 22, I used another CD envelope and inside hid a special note to Liberty. On the cover of the envelope I made a corner pocket and tucked a simple little card in it that says, "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" - I mean what's Christmas if it can't be a 'white' one- right?

On the opposite side of the envelope I used a green paint strip, since it matched the color of the season so well; then I added the square stickers to it to give it a more festive look and to hid the pre-printed paint colors. Along the right side I used the dreaded 'rub-ons' to finish it off. I am really trying to give rub-ons another strong attempt, but I'm still having trouble liking them even a little bit.

For the last page I just threw somethings together hoping that they would all mesh, and well I don't know if they really do or don't, but I like it. I used a couple of other paint samples, some rub-ons, some gems (for sparkle), some ribbon, some patterned paper, and finally some sticker words (which I'm quickly loving).
Well that is all for now, tomorrow we'll get a look at a few more pages, so take a peek!
Thanks again for stopping in, take care and enjoy your time doing whatever it is that you love.
just B......................................content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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