December Daily Day 11

Day 11 - another CD envelope, and on the insert this time I used it to record all the families' last names that we celebrated with. Which is ironic in the since that my mom, myself, and my in-laws all have the same last name, so the only names left were my brother & his family and then my sister-in-law & her family. I think that is just another way to document our everyday life. But I'm just now thinking as I write this, that maybe I will do a mini album or scrap layout on the people of our everyday lives. Unfortunately for myself, my everyday doesn't included my family as much as I would like for it to, but it does include a lot of my friends & co-workers, I suppose I should somehow document that as well. Humm!

For this page I used the ledger paper to look like my bill record; although I don't keep a budget, I do keep track of all the bills & payments as I make them throughout the month. If anything, I think this is probably one of the most important pieces of documentation that anyone can offer. Not only does it show the whole cost thing again, but it also shows where our money goes and what we spend our money on(things that we deem important). One of the bills on here (though you can't really see it) is our Time Warner Cable, that one I couldn't live without now, because that's the one that provides our life-line to the outside world. So you see all of these things and more are important to remember and to keep track of, if not for yourself, then the next generation. I have a great-grandmother that will be turning 100 years old this year, I can only imagine what her & Grandpa's bills would have read when they were in their 30's, but because there is no record - we can only assume.
Okay so I'm done with my 'soap-box' and so far today this is all that I have. Unfortunately my idea to have something more today didn't flow so well with my 3 year old yesterday, so if I happen to get anything more done today, I'll try to post it later this week.
Thanks for peeping!
just B


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