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Good Morning World
How is everyone doing this morning?  Fabulous I am hoping...
TGIF.....I do apologize for this post being a day happens.....
I have another art journal page to share with you all this morning from my 'Week in the Life of Art Journaling' album.  For those of you that missed Wednesday's post I talked about my take on the 'Week in the Life'  project that Ali Edwards  does on her blog annually.  As much as I value that series I have a really hard time keeping with it throughout the week, probably due to the fact that I have no idea how to simplify the entire process, so instead of stressing myself out on it this year I decided to take a different approach. 

 A couple other things that I have realized about myself throughout this process is that I have a really hard time journaling, the goal was to not only play and experiment with lots of 'lost things' but to journal after each day's completion about what thoughts were going in my head at the time I was creating.  
Turns out I didn't journal even one day's worth of thoughts and trust me...I had lots of thoughts going at the time.....What might you ask was the problem?  

Well for starters I use to be a really deep thinker....completely out in left field, so I'd write down those thoughts, then I'd also do some poetry here and there to help my heart & my head come to terms with the ending of relationships and to work through some depression that was on going throughout high school & college, then I'd do the typical type of daily intake of my days as they would drag on....and well....I really don't care to detour down that road again.  My perspective has changed so dramatically and my thoughts now revolve so much around 'mommy' stuff that I fear that I'd bore myself to death or revert back into depression which is what my writing helped pull me out of.  
So even as much as I love the written word and all that it brings about, I can't for the life of me remember how to write anything worthwhile or that would be of any interest to anyone else.  So for now I will continue to just create and follow the rhythm of my heart while trying to listen to the reasoning in my head as much as I dare.
Thanks to all of you for sharing in my creative passion that maybe someday someone would dare say is ART!
just B....


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