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Fridays Art Journal
Okay I am bound and determined to finish up this journal for you all within the next couple of days.  I have been up to no good in my scrap room and have lots & lots of scrap to share with you over the next few weeks. But without further ado...
Fridays page started as a mish mash of washi tapes and paper tapes that I have had in my stash for awhile which was part of my own challenge, to use things that I've had on hand for a long time.  Once I got those down I dug a little bit more in my closet and found these puzzle pieces, so I grabbed a couple of them painted them black then added them to my piece.
  I also found this brown bag envelop so on the inside tag I added a quote and several other words that tied into my theme.  I wrapped a piece of green twine around the bag and then tied one of the puzzle pieces to it, stamped a word on the opening end of it and called it good. On the other two puzzle pieces I added two more words that related to the piece, I stamped the day and the date and was done.
So there you have it - my art journal entry for Friday.  Out of all the pieces that I created I think that this one is very close to my favorite only because of the message that is underlining within it: which is that life is full of lots of surprisingly different pieces and that no matter how you try - life more times than not - just doesn't always fit together, but then as this piece suggests - we seem to make it work together anyhow the best way we know how and in that we weave the fabric of our own individual lives making us all very unique.

Hope you have been enjoying this series, I will have Saturday & Sundays pieces up on Tuesday and so then I can move on to something else later in the week.  Thanks again for sharing with me, here's to another great work week.
just B


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