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Sunday's Best
Finally we've come full circle, here is the last entry in my two week long 'week in the life of art journaling' series.  This is what I did for Sunday's piece and it's very close to being my favorite....of course yesterday's is pretty darn close's so hard to say.....I really kinda like them all......which is surprising, the idea wasn't so much to create something beautiful but just create and not really put to much thought into it, funny how they have each taken on a completely different meaning of beauty.... in their coloring in their meaning in and of themselves
This one hits me first and foremost because of it's colors, I absolutely love these two colors: 
        teal = ocean 
green = life  
Even more so I really like the contrast of the white crochet lace on the smooth ivory paper, it's that tone on tone and it's just elegant looking and reminds me of all things vintage.
Now as for the 'lost things' I actually didn't use any on this particular piece, but I still love it.  As I mentioned with this one its all about the color for me and then of course the border punched edges that I used.  I do think that the fiber wrapped at the bottom gives it a lot more texture and softens up the whole piece even more.  I did of course add my stamped day and date.  I thought about adding something tiny to the metal stamp in the upper right hand corner of the teal card stock but I haven't decided what yet so until then... I suppose it'll remain as is..... and I'm okay with that.
So there you have it....a completed art practice attempt anyways.....I have to say I really did enjoy this's very much like creative writing.....where you don't think you just write; well same principle, you don't think you just create.....I will definitely have to do this again, very soon, and often - as anything the more you practice the better you become....and I am definitely still becoming......

Thank you everyone for following along with me and bearing with me....I really am determined to post more often and admittedly it is a challenge....I really don't know how some of you out there in the blog world do this every single day....I applaud you...and thank you especially for committing to it - it gives me hope to dare think that maybe someday I can aspire to that level.
Here's to creative endeavors!
just B


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