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Wednesday's Art Page
 So by now you've all seen a couple of my journaling pages, you realize that I created with whatever I had in mind to use, and then threw it all together and tried to make sense of it later.  Well one thing I haven't explained yet are all the paint samples that I have added to each of the opposite pages of art.
 After I finished with the pages I decided I wanted to try to understand my color choices a bit more, so I grabbed my box of odds & ins and started digging through it...what I found were all these paint samples that I have picked up here & there for years.  I can't say for sure why - I think originally the idea was to make a color combo book but of course who has time for such things, so instead I opted for adding them into my art journal.
 Ironic enough to say that I usually tend to stick to only the colors that I like especially when picking up those paint samples because ultimately that is what I what to use & see in my scrapbook pages, well just so happened that in all the pages I created I also had color combos to match them in the paint is that ironic or what....?  
So just goes to show that no matter what you have on hand at some point it could just be useful.  

I want to encourage all of you to start somewhere, with something small and make it your own.  You can do it and you'll be all that much more inspired to attempt something else later on, so go on - give it a go!

just B


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