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Saturday's Art Piece 
This one is super fun, I love the color - it's bright & vibrant - full of life & possibilities!
Found items on this piece are: the perfume bottle was stamped on a piece of plastic packaging, a half piece of cork for the perfume bottle that I dubbed as a stopper, a pompom that I made myself out of DMC floss, and plastic mesh/netting that I reclaimed from a bag of tomatoes.
Love how it all came together to make such a cool, unique piece and even more loving how inspired I am to try some of these different items in my regular everyday scrap book pieces.
It's kinda hard to see but I also did one other thing to the whole of this page before adding any of those previously mentioned elements.  A couple of years ago my older daughter got a memory game and all the little memory game pieces had to be punched out of the chip once I got all the pieces out I kept the negative piece and threw it in my stash to use as a stencil, so very faintly it's in the background with a square checker board pattern in very light pink glitter.
So there's Saturday's creation....I am super happy with it and hope that you like it as well.  
As I promised I will have the final creation from Sunday, up tomorrow, and then for the rest of the week I will be posting sneak peeks of a project I did last Fall that I am super proud of.  So until next time thanks so much for peeking and sharing with me all these crazy things I came up with.
just B


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