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How's your Christmas shopping going? Are you done or just getting started? I actually had most of mine done before December only because I really wanted to focus on our family time and celebrating the season. I do believe I am really enjoying this too so this may become the norm for me, getting things done early.
Today I want to do a follow up post from a couple of days ago when I shared a mini book kit. 
The kit I made for my youngest daughter's fifth birthday party and well it ended up being pretty darn cool - if I do say so myself.
I wanted to show you how I envisioned all of the supplies put is what mine looks like all finished.
I wanted there to be a journal spot on each page plus some interest, thus the 'decorative' side opposite the journaling.
I like all the small embellishments, one of my long time favorites has always been metal so you know I love the paper clips.
I love stamps too and wanted to be able to get more use out of them so that's what made me think to add in a few sentiments too.
I think just the act alone of jotting down bits and pieces from our day is a very good way to document - or rather 'scrapbook' our stories because really everyday is essentially our life.
Adding in the photos just enhances what is already substantial it gives a solid base...color.
On the last page here is where I added my mini envelope and eventually where I will put a picture of the birthday girl.
Inside along with my photo I will have the party details, in our guest's book this is where we added in a little 'Thank You' card.
So there you have it...what do you think? Pretty cute don't you agree? I'll tell ya - it was quite a bit of prep work on my part but I will do it again if either of my girls wants to try it again. It ended up being a fun little project that all the little girls were excited about so yeah...I'd do it again.
Thanks for taking a peek and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Today I will finally be getting some photos taken of my December Daily up to this point and I hope to will get them up this
Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season and thank you once again!!!
just B


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