Ice Skating Anyone?

Hello Hello
How's it go?
Wonderful I hope. Anyone close to the Midwest I hope is bundled up tight these days. It is nothing but cold cold cold. I apologize for being absent, there's been a lot going on around here...had one girl sick two weeks ago, I got sick on Thanksgiving which then followed into the weekend, then my other girl got a milder case of it the beginning of this yeah fun fun!
I think we are all back on the mend though so we should be good to go. In fact we've been on a roll with all the Christmas crafts that we've been doing, soon I will be sharing those as well. For today I want to share with you another one of the Ice Skates that we created using my Pazzles Electronic Die Cutter this one belongs to my oldest daughter and her favorite color happens to be teal like me. 
For the boot strings I used a metallic looking cord and for the eyelets I used just a simple silver metal eyelet. For a sock I used a corrugated cardboard and then topped it with a piece of lace, then across the top of the boot I added some festive tinsel to help convey the Christmas/Winter season.
Where the boot meets the skate, I added a string of pearl trim just as an accent piece and to help define that line, then I added in a messy bow with a few added embellishments and a gemstone.

Along side the back of the skate is where I added a box to hold some goodies and it also dubs as a brace to hold the entire skate up so that it can sit squarely on a shelf. Had I thought about it sooner I would have made the box out of clear plastic instead of cardboard because being noticeable from the front distracts me but oh well.
I really do like this project, it was a good idea even though poorly executed and for this next birthday party I will know better what to prepare for ahead of time. Now just if I can remember how to use my die cut machine, it's been
That's all I have for today, again I apologize for the late post. I do believe that we are all on the mend so long as we can keep our wits about us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping in an takin' a peek. Tomorrow look for the first pages of my December Daily as I am finally getting around to that
Have a fabulous weekend!
Keep Calm
Be Merry!

just B


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