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today I have another project that I wanted to share with you. This is a mini book kit that I put together for my youngest daughter's birthday party just a little over a month ago. I had given her several options to choose from when it came to deciding what to do with her friends at the party - she could:
have a 'dance off' via Just Dance for Kids on the Wii
have traditional party games - ie - bean bag toss & spoon races
play outside - it was rather nice out that day
or make a craft whether it be a mini book or something decorative.
She opted for the last choice in the mini book fashion and so I set to work, I knew from my first attempt to do a craft that I would have to have a kit ready. So I spent a few nights getting everything punched out, die cut, and stamped and well...
This is what I ended up with and so then when I went to put the book together it took quite a bit of time and I'm a well versed scrapbooker so I knew that I needed to get even more done for them ahead of time because I couldn't assume that any of these girls would know what to do. Turns out it was a good thing I did, even though it was more work for me, there was no way they would have ever gotten close to done if I hadn't prepared several things beforehand.
But enough about that, let me show you what all I included in the kit the way I made 8 kits:
so each kit made an 8 page mini book, I had 8 solid color squares, 8 solid color half scallop circles, and 7 journal spots, plus we made each girl a 'thank you' card for them that could fit in their envelope along with a picture of themselves with the birthday girl as she opened the gift they brought for her (it also fit in the mini envelope).
Next we had each kit complete with that mini envelope (shown here as a die cut not folded up just yet) and then a mini letters sticker sheet that Tim Holtz came out with a couple years ago.
This photos shows where more of my prep work came from, I had the spiral binding that I ended up doing for them and then I had all the cover pieces, which when it came to the faux buckle using the pop tab...I put that together as well and went ahead and adhered it to the cover of their book for them. Then I also had a smiley face charm that I went ahead and added to the spiral binding as well.
For the inside pages I included several stamped and die cut pieces to decorate their pages with and then I also included the larger sequins - enough to put 3 (one of each color) on every page plus one of either a paper clip or blue gem. So that's what all the kits looked like and well...admittedly I still missed a few bigger details at the actual party (seating being my biggest oversite along with what to use for adhesive among 7 little girls) but all in all I'd have to say that it came off as a success. If you're interested in how I thought out the pages check out my video below, of course I only suggested my ideas to the girls, they were more than welcome to do whatever they wanted.
So there you have it, a mini book kit for a little girls birthday party, not the easiest thing I've ever pulled off but so worth it. I think they really liked being able to create it and then take it home and add to it some more, as it was also their party favor.
 Thank you for letting me share with you and have a wonderful weekend!
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