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Finally I have a few more December Daily pages ready for you. Today it's days 6, 7, and 8.
I started my opening page with the Christmas card that I made for this year and kept the rest of it fairly simple so as not to compete with it's sister page.
 on the next page I added in a few Christmas tags that I made and included my own Christmas Wish list and then for the following page I did more of a journal entry.
On the last page of day 6 I finished up my journaling and then added a few photos of our girls working on their Christmas crafts.
 For day 7 our Advent Calendar had the simple phrase, 'it's the season of giving' - so what I had planned ahead of time was that the crafts the girls made the night before we would then take today to the nursing home in my husband's home town and pass them out to the residents there, my mother-in-law decided this was a wonderful idea and set to work making a plate of goodies for each resident as well - she included: a banana nut cookie, chocolate chip cookie, a potato donut, and a small square of white zucchini bread.
 It took us a little over an hour to get to every one's room and give them their goodies, their handmade craft, and wish them a Merry Christmas but oh was it worth it their faces just lit up and smiles were shared all around, this will certainly be on our Advent Calendar next year.
 So on the next page we have a few photos from our day going up the nursing home and then on the opposite page I have two tiny books where I can tell some other stories that I feel ought to be documented and shared.
 on the last page of our day 7 we have a smaller journal spot and the picture tag that we included with our craft, then as an addition I included a newspaper clip that was about the nursing home that we visited and in it our girls are mentioned bringing smiles and Christmas wishes so of course I had to include it. Also the girls had a 'thank you' note sent to my in-laws from one of the residents, so cool!
who knew?
For day #8 we put a copy of both girls 'wish list' to Santa, love seeing my older daughter's handwriting and next year it'll be super cool to see the little one's handwriting as she is learning to write now.
 Also on day 8 I have some more journaling and then in each of the square cards I have a photo of my oldest daughter writing out her letter to Santa.
 day 8 more journaling and then on the facing page we have the opening to day 9.
So there it is...hope you are enjoying this holiday season and documenting your own stories, thanks for stoppin' in and I hope you and your loved ones have a Happy Holiday!
just B


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