December Daily - playing catch up

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Welcome back to my December Daily, today I am sharing days 9, 10, and 11 - attempting to play catch Above I have the opening page to day 9 with a mailing from Michael's craft store and being that we go there often I thought that would be good to add it in, plus maybe we'll get some new ideas or inspiration.
 On the back of that page we have an assortment of images, only the photo of the roses is mine, everything else is something I had kept from our daily life...ephemera.
 In between these two pages I added a clear sheet with 'BE MERRY' spelled out in large gold might be my favorite page...might be! On the page behind it I have 3 photos of the Christmas cards I was working on at the time, I really like the simplicity of this page the most. 
 On the back side of day 9 I have the daily overview from my younger daughter's preschool, then a sheet below it on how to avoid extra pounds over the holidays (something I should memorize-lol) then I included 3 photos of my daily routine that most definitely includes coffee. On the opposite page for the start of day 10 I have some random photos that I captured throughout our day.
 On the back side of it I included a bag from Starbucks that had two snowman cookies in it that I surprised my girls with and then in the bag I included some ephemera from our day.
 on the flip side I have some more 'stuff' from our outing that day - a receipt from an exchange, the sticker from the shirt that we exchanged, plus a muted photo of that a fore mentioned shirt. I also included photos from our Starbucks purchases because well...why not?
On the sister page for day 11 we have the packaging from some of my favorite chocolates! Yay!
 On the back side I included a few photos in the glasine envelope then kept the rest of it more decorative adding in just a few ideals that keep our Christmas Spirit alive. On the following page I did more journaling and included a couple of receipts.
For the back of day 11 I added an ephemera piece that I've had in my stash for quite's actually an advertisement for Christmas cards - I have always liked this picture and so when I decided to include it as one of my filler pieces I just trimmed off the advertisement portion and well...I love it...when I stop on this page it allows me a minute to take a deep breath and just be...

Alright there you have it...
hope you are enjoying your holiday season and taking a few moments each day to really appreciate the Spirit of Christmas, for I believe it is in these moments that we can truly find a moments peace.
thanks again!
just B


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